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Status Updates posted by The_Golden_Wolf

  1. <p>Keraph! /stranglehug</p>

  2. <p>Miss you too Mort, thanks for the sentiment.</p>

  3. <p>Hey, nice to see you. Yeah, I just haven't logged in in months. Once in a while someone requests membership to the Villains group so I finally decided I better hand it off to someone who's active. If I ever got a faster connection, I might actually play. I still fiddle with story writing for some of my old characters.</p>

  4. <p>Hey, thanks for taking on the group Lys. I know it is in good hands with one of the original Villains of TNG.</p>

  5. <p><span>I am definitely going to be using the salts. Thanks again, sweetie. /smooch</span></p>

  6. <p><span>Lauren, I received a package with a camera inside and mineral salts. I just want to say that the thought was incredibly sweet and I appreciate it immensely. I've been feeling </span><span><em>really</em></span><span> awful lately and it was nice to receive something from a friend. </span></p>

    <p><span>I would have said this just privately, but people need to see that you are a generous and giving person so it's going up public. <3</span></p>

  7. <p><span>Help me understand why you told me this.</span></p>

  8. <p>So. How was your Hallows Eve?</p>

  9. <p><span style="color:#808080;">The shape is similar, only the bridge looks different to me.</span></p>

  10. <p><span style="color:#808080;">You do not?</span></p>

  11. <img src="http://www.derbyshireuk.net/colin_firth.jpg" alt="colin_firth.jpg" />

  12. <p><span>Thank you so much dear, it meant so much to have that waiting for me when I woke up. It shows me that you are never too busy for me. I hope the stress passes soon and you can relax.</span></p>

  13. <p><span>I can't do it cap'n! I don't have the powerrrrr!</span></p>

  14. <p>Communal relationship? We would be a <em>very</em> interesting family that is for sure!</p>

  15. <p>I'm interested to know the correspondence that took place to reach this decision.</p>

  16. <p><span>I thought you might enjoy those pictures. By the way, I'm sigging that.</span></p>

  17. <p><span>Sam </span><span><em>is</em></span><span> pretty awesome.</span></p>

  18. <blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-contentapp="core" data-ipsquote-contenttype="members" data-ipsquote-contentid="39476" data-ipsquote-contentclass="core_Statuses_Status"><div>You're an idiot, Swerto. When I say visually impaired, I mean nearly legally blind.</div></blockquote>

    <p><span>I laughed out loud.</span></p>

  19. <p><span>Your avatar is a bust of Mahler, yes?</span></p>

  20. <p><a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Poobah" rel="external nofollow">Poobah</a></p>


    <p><a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pupa" rel="external nofollow">Pupa</a></p>

  21. <p><span>I can see this. /warm sake, miso soup</span></p>

  22. <p><span>I think it also helps that Utena was originally written by a female who used her own personal experience to write the series.</span></p>

    <p><span>I hear that </span><a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milk_Morinaga" rel="external nofollow"><span>Morinaga Milk</span></a><span> (sp?) has some very popular pieces.</span></p>

  23. <p><span>Yes, I believe I have heard of it on the shojoai forums. I'll have to read that one next, I recently read one of the Strawberry Panic volumes and wasn't too impressed with it.</span></p>

  24. <p><span>/waves- Good afternoon. : )</span></p>

  25. <p><span>Buon cumpleanno Signore Barr!</span></p>