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  1. Empti's paw made her flinch as he brushed aside the intruding hair. At the news that she was not fel tainted, her lips screwed themselves into the most confident smile, "Invincible as always... heheh, bastards." The girl seemed to simmer into a strange calm, taking self inventory. "Hmmm," she hummed and peered closely at one tiny but muscled arm and then the other, flexing repeatedly and running her fingers over different scar terrain. "Brown you say?" she confirmed more than asked, further examining her body for who knew what. She was now standing, pressing and flexing her chest, abdomen;
  2. ((Taking her to the Goblins? LOL. /initiate bloodbath! I was going to have her mention them eventually... I will post a response later but I'm loling at that.))
  3. <p>Keraph! /stranglehug</p>

  4. Tumbling onto the ground mid-thought, she holds her head and screams,"NO! I have to help Quinn! Two-blade Pete has 'im!! There is an attack on Southsun!" Her eyes bulge out of their sockets as she looks up at the talking bear. A talking bear. A talking... bear. Frozen in stance, she looks at each item as its dropped at her feet, and then back to his furry face in horror. "A TALKING BEAR!" ...but he speaks words I understand. She clambers over to him, not touching any of the items. Who knew what hidden enchantments they might possess. Empti was wrung again at his neck fringe, and shaken o
  5. So intent was this naked "imp" at doing some sort of damage to the thing with sheer brute strength (it's the only thing she had), she barely noticed a great trunk raise up slowly, casting its shadow upon her. Out of nowhere, it seemed, there was a firm fuzzy grip engulfing and pulling her as easily as gravity. Stonelike in her surprise, all movement ceased but for a few spasms and leg kicks. The little girl was strong and didn't seem at all exhausted, though for the moment resembled an ornament hanging off a Christmas tree. After the dumb shock left her face she seemed to acknowledge Empti,
  6. At this she whirled around, definitely female, but had more of a boy's chest than a woman's. This area flexed as a fist lashed out and grabbed Empti by his neckfur, she shook him futiley with all her strength but he completely dwarfed her. This was, of course, ignored. "What you call me you son o' bitch!?" Her nose flared, and the wind seemed to join in the fight, playing and grappling with her curls. Nevermind the nakedness, now he could get a clearer look at her face. Hum, those eyes were ablaze with rich earth... if earth could be called blazing. And the crest of lashes which seemed to er
  7. The awe, the beauty, the strange calm that was once Azshara held its eternal autumn in this secret grove. In years past it had drawn more historians and nature lovers than adventurers. To some it had been a secret hideaway for respite from the world, and to others a meeting place for less benevolent designs. Much had changed since then. But in this still sacred spot, a remnant of the static fall of leaves, never seeming to grow fresh ones continued. A slight wind disturbed them now to a rustling, and then a gust making whirlwinds of red, orange, and brown. The calm waterside began to draw cho
  8. Pries open the crypt. Another person here that hasn't played in years, probably no point in replying but I came here to snag some writing material that's hidden somewhere in its cobwebs. Main RP Toon: Carmensita, Menion, Midian Horde Or Alliance? Mostly Horde, but Alliance too. Guild: Cartel Enforcers, I actually heard about this guild on a NON-rp server and switched servers just to be a part of it. Sowell is a genius. Even after the guild disbanded I roleplayed that I still worked for Steamwheedle. Refused to put Carmen into any guild because the storyline was so unique. Ravencross and T
  9. Major thread necro. I promised to post a finished drawing of Illiyana and Carmen (Tamorah), and due to my condition becoming seriously life threatening I had to leave the state and most of my belongings (including this unfinished picture). I had planned drawing the whole back of the bar from my days in the Cartel. Anyway. As promised here it is, the last piece of art I ever did. Maybe if I had a scanner and some sketch paper I might contribute to some major TNG nostalgia. Sorry I couldn't finish it Illi.
  10. Hey Opal! And thanks Urivial, all of this was done with just pencil and paper. No computer pograms. <3 Irri/Tamorah (Carmen) sketch is almost finished.
  11. I want to thank Mortica for not deleting this thread, as I was able to find it and save all these pictures for posterity. I am currently working on a picture for an Illiyana, for old time's sake. I do not own a scanner, however if she would be so kind, once she receives it perhaps she'll uppload it for me. <3 xoxo
  12. <p>in stalking --err, <em>skulking</em> around conversations I noticed you have an yes, but one nonetheless, so I added you. Yee haw.</p>

    <p>Sup, bb?</p>

    <p>God Im so antisocial that Im even antisocial on the internets >_<</p>

  13. <p>Miss you too Mort, thanks for the sentiment.</p>

  14. <p>Hey, nice to see you. Yeah, I just haven't logged in in months. Once in a while someone requests membership to the Villains group so I finally decided I better hand it off to someone who's active. If I ever got a faster connection, I might actually play. I still fiddle with story writing for some of my old characters.</p>

  15. <p>Hey there. I just came back myself and you were one of the people I was looking for. How are you? What have up to? I really wish you were staying.</p>