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  1. <p>Guess you must be allergic to stud then.</p>

  2. <p>I'm allergic to taurens.</p>

    <p>Especially you.</p>


  3. <p>Contemplates the baldness.</p>

  4. <p>die die die!</p>

    <p> did.</p>


  5. Mr. Darkheart, I apologize for the delay in responding to your most kind letter. I find myself in need of a tutor in the arts, and you came to mind. Would you care to meet to talk of this and other topics? Your Humble Servant, ((illegible signature))
  6. The inner sanctum was quiet. Too quiet. Silken shoes crossed the marble flooring over to where Atanasia lay slumped in a corner, useless. The hooded warlock knelt down and gave the construct's shoulder a shake. There was only a dry rush of sound, similar to that of leaves settling atop each other in autumn. The construct's body was decaying faster, perhaps tomorrow there would only be a pile of ashes here. With a sigh she stood and paced around the room. Most of her closest associates had abandoned her. There were signs the Archivist had been here recently, but Jhonn had disappeared without a word. The warlock Bleiz seemed to be active as well, but naught had been heard from the couple Ciarity and Dearon. Most distressing was the loss of her tutor, Hellista. While there were public trainers available who could throw her stale breadcrumbs, the truth was they were hacks who did not fully understand the power available to those who were willing to embrace the darkness. In many ways she already funneled more power than they were willing to dare admit existed. She needed to find someone new, yesterday. A letter from an orc named Belzebeus still sat on her desk. Perhaps she should approach him and determine if he'd be willing to train her. He at least seemed to understand the importance of her work. She frowned thoughtfully as she reread the note. Definitely worth investigating. But she still needed to make a decision. Continue with the church, or find other allies? She filtered through her memories and found only one organization that might be adequate to her needs. The loss of the church was not important, in that it was only a public front for her other affairs, but it also left her unbound, uncommitted. She didn't like the idea of being submitted to the scrutiny of others. She tapped her bottom lip thoughtfully. Investigation. There were too many unanswered questions to be solved before making such an important decision. Whether she raked them in, or let them fly, the leaves of autumn still signalled that winter was coming soon.
  7. <p>All men must strive to push the boundaries of their abilities and aptitudes. Bless you, Jhonn, in your search for personal growth.</p>

  8. <p>One day, I will be voted sexiest man on Azeroth....</p>


  9. Order of Eversong? or are they pally only?
  10. Sarnya is correct. The Church is mostly alts but we do try to level together. There are a few of us around level 29 that are pausing to give others a chance to catch up with us. There's only like, 16ish of us right now though, so it might not be enough people if you are used to larger guilds and lots of guild-chatter. I stuck a really brief snippet up on the wiki about us if you want to know more about our RP. Also be sure to check out the Silvermoon Underground project, we've been trying to put some spark into that
  11. <p>I know yer sekret!!!</p>

  12. He reminds me of something my Mother would quote: **Daughter, there are four types of servants: the clever, the industrious, the stupid, and the lazy. Each servant always possesses two of these qualities. Those who are clever and industrious I appoint to important yet mundane jobs. There are always jobs that even the stupid and lazy can achieve. I appoint the clever and lazy to be the head of my staff, for they have the requisite nerves and mental clarity for difficult decisions. The stupid and industrious you must gift to enemy Houses, for keeping them around will spell certain doom for your own House. I have not decided where he fits into this yet. His loyalty is without question, but sometimes I worry that he will not be able to follow through with some of the more, mm.. questionable deeds that will need to be accomplished in the future. ((**Modified from a quote by Kurt von Hemmerstein-Equord)
  13. She has proven to be quite useful to the cause. As a historian and seeker of truth, she is exactly what the church needs right now. I wish I could duplicate her. hmmm..
  14. maybe ((in 40 levels, hehe <3 ))
  15. I think other races can get in on this via illegal trade schemes or "blade for hire" or if you are the goody-two-shoes type you could maybe be tracking down a villain that is in hiding here. I believe this is sort of a campaign setting, using D&D P&P terms.. it's not an actual RP story, just an attempt to give people an excuse to RP with people outside their guild.