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  1. [[Updated to current]]
  2. "Have you made a decision yet?" Granthas peered across the chess board at Kreyen as he moved his piece forward, casting a shrewd gaze at the sin'dorei as he voiced the question. The game had become a nightly ritual for the pair during the ranger's time at Light's Hope, a last bit of activity before the pair turned in for the evening. A fire warmed the room from behind its hearth, offering most of the illumination for the room. Kreyen didn't immediately respond to the question, his dark green gaze studying the new position of the pieces and their implication moving forward. "There's not
  3. "There has to be another answer." Agitation had begun to creep into Kreyen's voice as he loped along behind Granthas and Teliere. With Baressa's daily attention, the sin'dorei had regained a significant amount of strength. Use of his crutches had become markedly easier, almost able to keep up with his half-elf guardian's pace. Sweat clung to him as he moved, fresh from training with her under Granthas's watchful eye. The ranger couldn't spar or run, but he could participate in weight training and do body weight exercises for as long as he could handle them. "There isn't," Teliere sai
  4. Days later, Baressa strode out of the chapel and into the yard. In spite of the cold, the sun shone down brightly onto the plague choked earth. Younger recruits hefted supplies off of a caravan of wagons that had arrived that morning, and the usual mix of adventurers and craftsmen mingled towards the entrance of the compound. The freshest recruits trained in a small ring nearby, led by a patient looking Granthas. It took the hawk-eyed woman a few moments to find at least one of the things she was looking for in the milieu, a firey haired half-elf of average build. The priestess approached q
  5. The quarters of Granthas Wyrmfist were spartan. The man had never married, and hadn't ever been one to keep much in the way of trophies. Only a few bookshelves were scattered about the place, with large rugs covering most of the floor space. The small room the battered sin'dorei had been placed in was small, and even only with the presence of a small bed and rocking chair the room felt cramped with the three adults lurking inside. Ahkarn stood in the doorway watching, arms crossed over his chest as Granthas and the priestess stripped the ranger of his armor and tried to pin down the uncons
  6. If there was anything known among the peers of Granthas Wyrmfist, it was that he was a piss poor healer. It had been a fact of life for as long as as anyone could remember, even in his earliest days in service to the Order. The Light answered him with a ready fury when it meant violence or the shielding of another, but dwindled to naught but a trickle when it came to aiding the sick and the wounded. His bandages had always proved to be too thick or too tight, and his stitching both clumsy and often ugly. After the Second War he had almost always been assigned a medic whilst working in the f
  7. "You are certain of this path?" The Archdruid's voice filled the cavern, pulling Kreyen's attention away from the small table in front of him and its simple looking contents. Darannas towered over the sin'dorei, his arms crossed and expression patient. After six and a half years, the ghost of mistrust lingered in the druid's gaze. There had been a time, briefly, when Kreyen had thought it would fade. That opportunity was gone now, and the hunter could not have cared less. In the cold depths of the barrow den clothed only in a pair of loose fitting shorts, all that mattered was the blacke
  8. I was having problems reconciling how I was going to deal with this problem, especially when there will be so many characters using the same weapons. Likewise, I can't say I really liked the models for most of the hunter weapons as compared to what I've been using. For those reasons, I'd already decided just to transmog whatever hunter weapon I'm using to Rhok'delar, but Kex'ti's idea makes things a lot easier to still utilize in game and maintain that aspect of gameplay. It helps in this case, maybe just for personal preference/vanity, that I probably won't have to worry that much about so
  9. [[Updated to current, will do so further as/if more is revealed]]
  10. Reithan- My first real main on the server. Psychotic sociopath hell bent on summoning an apocalypse bringing god from the depths of Molten Core using the blood of a bagillion alliance....was there anyone who wasn't trying to do that in the Crimson Watch? Anyway....inspirations were Yomi, Redburn and Morghoul. Nomeni-Inspiration was the berserker guy from that one Record of Lodoss War thing. Character(Nomeni) sucked. Now relegated to OOC laughterbot in the form of a critchicken. Kreyen-Inspiration part 1 came from WCII. My favorite unit in the game was the high elf ranger. When WoW came
  11. People have gotten a bit uptight lately about RP. If someone is using proper grammar and punctuation I'm not going to blow them off or ignore them. More often than not its entertaining to include people just walking by. If you're blowing stuff off or ignoring people talking to you then you're not REALLY in character are you? Really, what it comes down to is that griefing only occurs when you let it. Sometimes you need to just take a step back and chill the hell out.
  12. So. That stupid dancing piccolo wouldn't work cept for on one person. My friends got theirs and it worked just fine. Mine however, for some ungodly reason, is broked. It wont even work on the same person twice. : /
  13. Smashing Pumpkins- The Beginning Is the End Is The Beginning
  14. <p>HE WAS SLEEPY AND CUTE! *screened it*</p>