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  1. [.b]Full Name: Ros'gea Rey'shein. Some people made fun of him as a child for having a very feminine name, but that ended. [.b]Nicknames: Simply Ros. (Pronounced Rose.) [.b]Date of Birth: In the hot weathered summer. July 26th. [.b]Age: He's around 17 in Human Years, but he looks a bit older than that. [.b]Race: Sin'Dorei.. His father was a Quel'Dorei, but he doesn't want anything to do with him. He's part Half-Elf, too as his mother was a Human. [.b]Gender: Male. [.b]Hair: At some parts a light brown due to him being always out in warm weather. But, at some parts or tips when he's not in the sun it's a very dark brown. It's currently tied back in a loose ponytail, keeping it very fashionable and straight. Some strands are on his eyes and forehead. [.b]Skin: A perfect blend of fun and indoors use from studying. A golden-ish pale. [.b]Eyes: A dark brown, not fel used as of yet. One is slightly darker than the other, but most never realize. Almond Shaped. [.b]Height: He's about 5'11, but still growing. [.b]Weight: Very slim, around 130-140 pounds. He looks even more slim due to his clothes, most of them are tight-fitting. [.b]Place of residence: Currently he resides in the Sunfury Spire, training and studying night and day. [.b]Place of Birth: Stormwind, Church of Holy Light. [.b]Known Relatives: Mother: Lynetta Rey. Father: Renald Shein. Has alot of other family members, but all too many to list. [.b]Religion/Philosophy: ''One God, one life. That's why there is ressurection.'' [.b]Occupation: Magister in training. Dabbled as a fencer. Novice scholar, too. Catching up on alot of education, due to his own laziness in his Academy. He is thinking of taking up Tailoring and Jewelcrafting for himself. [.b]Group/Guild affiliation: None as of yet. Seeing as he's new to Silvermoon and the Horde is general he doesn't know many organizations of guilds, making him obvlivious to peopel who are in some. [.b]Guild Rank: N/A. [.b]Enemies: None really that he could think of. He is actually new to Silvermoon, living mostly his life in Stormwind and Goldshire. [.b]Likes: His family, studying, power, fashion, knowledge, love and romance. He still loves to fence, but rarely now. Money and power are always fun too him as well. Oh, and he does love killing the Wretched or toying with his own abilities. [.b]Favorite Foods: Cherry Pie. Tries to hard to keep away from delicious foods, but has a soft spot for junk and candies. [.b]Favorite Drinks: Cherry Grog. But, he does love a good glass of wine and a nice cold glass of milk. [.b]Favorite Colors: Red/Crimson and Black. He likes dark clolors to suit his personality. [.b]Weapons of Choice: Right now he enjoys just using his hands to do most things, though a sword he always loved to hold in hand. [.b]Dislikes: Himself, to what he considers evil and anyone that gets on his nerves too many times.. [.b]Hobbies: Studying, learning, knowledge researching, fencing and going out. Loves competitions, and bragging about how good is is at most things. He did at one time enjoy drawing and sketching but quickly got tired of it. [.b]Physical Features: Long aristocratic face, very handsome and has one eye darker than the other. He has also long and thin fingers of a pianist, making him useful with a blade. A slim body making him more agile than strong. Strangely longs legs as if he is the son of a spider, enabling him to be more than quick on his feet, but a deadly runner. [.b]Special Abilities: A very good swordsman, extremely handy with magic and highly intelligent. A fast runner, though not as fast as a Rogue, he isn't slow on the other hand. [.b]Positive Personality Traits: Loyal and even loving to the people he enjoys being with. Kind too when he's not making others feel weak and unwelcomed. A good heart but a bad judgement. Very smart and clever, mostly using his head in most situations. [.b]Negative Personality Traits: At times brooding, dark and easily angered, but never losing his temper around anyone instead when hes alone he usually sets something on fire or destroying something. Looking at most things that have a reflection and going to the point where he constantly fixes his hair if anything is out of place. He does have many doubts about himself, though. Hiding behind his persona. [.b]Misc. Quirks: At times he's seen fiddling with his hair, checking himself out or changing his clothes repeatedly. [.b]Played by What Famous Person: (Me?) [.b]Theme Songs: Moby-Natural Blues. (I really don't know.) [.b]History: (Coming soon.)