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    Speaking in an underground fort Illisade sat at a massive table with a map covering the entire surface area which had various markers and pins representing tactical information. The table was surrounded by seated shadow walkers of various backgrounds including a couple sin'dorei. "The redblades will do for now, though they will not know of my plans. They have invested much into the war. Tuuroto has placed blind trust in me which will allow me to turn the coils in the next Great War. "Sin'dorei you will report to these coordinates and execute order 87.." Illisade spoke before the sin'dorei stood up and left.
  2. ((Best guild ever!!))
  3. <p>Sholva. KREE!</p>

  4. Haha this was the guild that brought me to this server, this has got to be like 5 years old.
  5. Haha that's awesome, I was actually going through my screenshots all the way from 2007. I gotta post the good ones up.
  6. <p>RAWRRaAARWRWRWRR Where j00 goooo? Im kinda sure you ran away and that is sad. T_T</p>

  7. <p>Psst. Happy birthday!</p>

  8. Yo. I'll see you on the battlefield.
  9. Sorry guys. I couldn't resist.
  10. <p>Fynne needs a return.</p>

  11. Gazing over the fields in the Dread wastes from the massive wall Illisade was day dreaming before he was abruptly interrupted by a similarly dressed figure. "The messages were sent, you should be hearing back shortly from them." He told Illisade in Darnassian tongue. Smirking under his skeleton mask he nodded. "Expand the network, make sure the Alliance command isn't aware of our intentions. As far as they know were merely shipping weapons for the newly Pandaren soldiers. We need to gather our forces quickly, and train them to our methods." Illisade told the other figure. With that they both went their separate directions and Illisade began muttering under his breath. "In time wretch, you will suffer"