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  1. I am assuming, from the sound, that this is one of the 'lap harps' strung with wire (as Szo pointed out) which makes it more like a Zither than traditional lap harp (which was just a harp that was small enough to fit in your lap) - I think they are commonly called melody harps, but I may be wrong on that. If I am right about the type of harp, it will be near impossible to not have that tinny sound that comes from it having thin metal strings. To counter that you could play with your fingers instead of a pick (it will soften and warm the harshest tones). Or you can experiment with different pick material as plastic will sound different than other material. As a side note, when you start playing with your fingers it is going to hurt like hell, but you will build up calluses fairly quickly (if your fingers hurt too bad, you can coat them with superglue [let it dry before playing...] to provide some protection - I have done that at gigs before after not playing upright in a jazz setting for awhile and/or when I lose a callus). Are you just playing with a single pick? Harps are designed to be played with both hands at the same time - playing with a single (or even one in each hand) pick is going to severely limit your phrasing and ability to play songs at 'proper' speed. Again, playing with your fingers could help or you could try out traditional banjo/dobro/lap steel picks to give you more fingers to use without causing finger pain. But as they say, no pain no gain... And practicing with a metronome is one of the smartest, hardest, and most annoying things you can do.
  2. Yeah - hacker didn't touch anything (including the 40k gold on my alt-bank). Further proof - worst hacker ever.
  3. So apparently my account got hacked at some point? One of the TNR guys sent me an IM to see if I was back in game - I was not. So I launched WoW (still on my computer) and logged into my account and...it didn't reject me. Someone had paid for it - odd. Bring up battle.net and change the password real quick, download the authenticator on my droid and attach it, and start perusing. The hacker has attached a credit card with recurring payments (discover card - wife and I have never had a discover) to my account and activated it last night. (S)he didn't change the password after gaining access. I vote this for worst hacker ever - leaving easy return access for myself and attaching a recurrent payment to it. Going to call Blizz in the AM and get the recurrent payment cancelled - but it cracks me up.
  4. Arms didn't even make the chart. And don't think of it as "This says affliction should beat me but I beat affliction" - there is too much player variability in that. All the graph does is give damage potential for each class based on the top 20 damage parses. I think this was before the most recent patch/updates so it probably no longer holds true for more than just a trend.
  5. This was from a couple weeks ago (maybe?) but gives some insight on specs:
  6. Advantage of being a 'professional' - it was just me and 2 guys going back in as chaplains. We got processed first so were out by 10 am. There were about 35-40 young guys who hadn't even started with the processing by the time we finished. But yeah, did the duckwalk.
  7. So I did MEPS - and I'm officially not so broken that I can't serve. Err...double negative...I am eligible for applying, woo.
  8. EJ says: Int > SP (only matters on weapons) > Haste > Crit > Mastery > Spirit Their bit on spirit: But of course, these are all tentative things at this point - people are still figuring it all out.
  9. I'm an attorney - going for JAG. MEPS is one of the beginning steps of the application process along with a ton of other stuff. Recruiters for JAG are separate from other ones, and they know that you are going for a specific position, and don't try to pressure you into anything else.
  10. Every time I think of that I get nostalgic and a bit sad. Also Xaraphyne was military of some type. I go to MEPS on Wednesday, hoping my old man knees don't keep me out (and that I can actually get the JAG job).
  11. Would it be possible to get a way to scroll through the RP ads in the upper right? Or a place where they are all together?
  12. I am using chrome and everything looks fine (although it is different and taking me a bit of getting used to).
  13. I like them, but it is clear that the Goblin one is far superior to the Worgen one.
  14. Warrior - I bounced between Fury and Prot and then did Prot all the way to 80 with Wrath. Any of them work well - Prot is a lot of fun though, because you just go grab a bunch of mobs and watch them die. Fury is good because of the healing from bloodthirst, but I have no clue what it is like these days and there seems to be some awesome self-healing for prot as well. I would go prot. Grab a bunch of mobs and T-Clap/Shockwave/revenge your way to victory. Warlock - Affliction is what I did all the way from 1-80, now that UA comes for free I imagine it is even better. Siphon Life + Tab-dotting a bunch of stuff = dead things, you at nearly full health. Life Tap for mana, healthstone, do it all over again. I tried both Demo and Destro (for about 2 levels for each spec) on my way to 80, but neither were nearly as fast as affliction. It almost feels like cheating.
  15. I have, many times. I have run innumerable heroics and raided as each role and I still agree with Jeed. If you are pulling 8k in a heroic and the tank isn't keeping up then start auto-attacking of not DPS'ing. It is not like you are going to hit an enrage timer. If you are raiding, then it should be with competent people you know, in which case just tell the tank he is sucking it up (or as Jeed pointed out, you shouldn't be there in the first place). Also, if your tank is bad in a heroic - give them advice. Most people aren't jerks and aren't intentionally bad, they are just misinformed. The general rule still holds: if the tank dies, healers fault; if a healer dies it's the tanks fault; if the DPS dies, it is their fault. But all of this really misses the point of the original post I quoted.