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  1. Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen! If I am not remembered here, then, hello for the first time; for those who recall me, long time no see! Either way, I am recruiting members for the dormant Wayfarer's Rest Tavern, which as been partially inactive since my departure. I am looking for quality individuals, and am not adverse to letting new folks into the ranks; as long as they have a willingness to learn, and a basic understanding of what they might be doing at any given time. Whether you join as a patron or a worker, we will provide a friendly atmosphere and help where we may; be it assistance required in a dungeon, or temporary recruitment into the Battlegrounds. Above all, however, we work to work towards a more friendly environment to both patrons and workers alike. So, if anyone is interested, contact Aderas Keegan, to set up an interview. ((So, aye; I'm looking for folks to join the guild! I'm not so good with making introductions like this, so, if your interest is piqued, we can set up an interview. Look forward to getting to know you folks, again.))
  2. <p>Nerdy dude is nerdy.</p>

  3. I would like to add something, as I have deemed it problematic. I have noticed that most people, in lieu of ignoring someone who is not RPing or greifing, or something to that effect, they will simply say something along the lines of the person being insane. This is a problem for two reasons; for one thing, it's still a response to the person, which tends to fuel them. It also makes it difficult for me to continue to RP effectively when, in my eyes, the person is not there. Aderas is not going to sit for someone casting fireballs all over the place and spamming 'lol', whatever that means. He would take action. If someone doesn't cooperate, then I'm forced to consider them a greifer and thus ignore them, or think of some reason Aderas either decided not to punish them, or was unable to. On another note, I recently got into a heated discussion on Roleplayers and the standards they should follow. I beleive that, given the RP status of the server, people should be open to Roleplaying. I understand they will not all do it well, and some will decide not to do it at all. The point is, they should not downright attack Roleplaying, and should not even be in a roleplaying setting unless they intend to give it a try. At any rate, that's my two pence for the moment. Pardon if my train of thought flew about, or this didn't make much sense.
  4. <p>It is the Einhander Fighter. Built by the humans who colonized the moon, used as a suicide attack ship against Earth. Generally, not very successful, but one goes forth to defeat the Earth Military, then continues to destroy Hyperion. That being the Moon's combat sattelite.</p>

  5. If I recall correctly, on older maps, Brill was located much further south than it is. Along the path Arthas traveled from Hillsbrad Foothills to Stratholme, in fact. Understand the map was changed alot in WoW, but relocating a city seemed a bit silly, so it could be that Brill was destroyed, and that is simply New Brill. P.s Sorry for ressurecting this dead-ish topic.
  6. Bumped, just cause it's not on the front page anymore. How's about a sticky?
  7. Hey, Eowynn. I know your pain as far as greifers go, I run the Wayfarer's Rest in Silvermoon, which, sadly, gets plenty of greifers when they notice a large gathering. Normally what we (The other workers and I) do is simply ignore anyone who godmodes continuously, or griefs. I agree that rules are needed in such a setting, and if someone doesn't like it, they can go run their own Tavern (Happened on one occasion, was short lived) and leave yours be. Aside from ignoring them, it can sometimes be made clear that you will not tolerate godmoding or griefing, out of character, and they might shape up. At any rate, I wish you luck on your Tavern, and hope your troubles with griefing clear up.
  8. <p>Ahh, hello Lindal! How's it going?</p>

  9. <p>*Gasp* I knew clicking random names in the friend's box of this site would eventually take me to folks who were familiar to me! Ha!</p>

  10. Wonderful art, Carmen! Loving the detail on the face of Middian (Not to mention the body.) Keep up the good work.
  11. As the glass slides across the counter, Aderas stops it firmly and sighs. "I suppose a small drink couldn't hurt." He says, raising the glass. "To friends!" He looks around and smiles a bit, before downing his drink with the slightest grimmace. In response to Kadesh, he adds, "Indeed, would seem so.." He sets the glass down. "Thought it seems to be in a rather secluded corner of the City."
  12. I would first like to thank those Alliance that granted us temporary use of the Tavern, and hope that, if they do not already have a place on TNG, that somebody will tell them about it! Those people include Aftner the Human Paladin, Gwenvyer the Night Elf Hunter, Maggnix the Human Priest, Arylai the Night Elf Druid, Verloran the Night Elf Warrior, Althiirea the Draenei Hunter, and Jazamyn the Night Elf Druid. Most of them were unguilded or in Forest Song Sentinels, and, from what I could discern through the language barrier, were quite skilled. Now, to the story. Here is a telling of what happened and how it began, however everything past the point of the final word, is being left open to others, should they wish to join in this open ended cross faction RP. It began with a raid against humanity, thought up by a lesser soldier, carried out with poor precision; simply by man power it moved, out from the Grom'gol post in Stranglethorn Vale, up through to Duskwood, where the town of Darkshire was attacked, and the population decimated. The force split up and moved against Westfall, taking down Sentinel Hill with comparative ease, despite the disorginazation of the force. Eventually, the strike force came to Goldshire in the very heart of Elwynn Forest, where the true opposition was met; Stormwind's Cavalry had sallied forth, and the organized defense easily overcame the attackers. However, many slipped through the defensive grid, to stealthily or else swiftly stride through Stormwind itself. Among the survivors of the slaughter that became of the Attack force, were three; Aderas Keegan, his wife Carmensita, and thier mutual friend, Kadesh Fel'tes, who managed to find thier way back into the Park of Stormwind, and into an un-named, un-used Tavern. Aderas reaches the location first among the trio, thinking it quite more comely than the one he owned in Silvermoon. Plenty of chairs, kegs for drinks behind the Bar, a wine cellar.. he strokes his chin as he looks around with curious turqoise eyes. Eventually he wanders into the basement to change out of his battle gear, setting it inside a nearby crate and returning to the main hall. Despite it's apparent un-use, the facility was well taken care of, which gave him some slight worry as to just how unused it truely was. As he ponders this however, Kadesh enters the building. "Hello, Kadesh." Aderas says in greeting, a wide smile on his face. He gestures around the building. "Nice, eh?" He asks his approval. "Greetings Aderas..." He replies, looking around. A light grin is all that is discernable on his face, the rest enshrouded by his eerie mask. "Looking to expand?" He continues, turning his head towards Aderas. Aderas chuckles heartily, "Indeed." He claps Kadesh on the arm. "Well, go downstairs and change into something more comfortable, hmm?" He suggests, gesturing towards the door towards the cellar. As Kadesh walks away he replies, "Indeed. Looks alot better than the Wayfarer's... no offense." Aderas nods in reply, speaking more to himself in a low tone as Kadesh enters the cellar. "Aye, I agree..." Kadesh returns after a few moments, shrugging. "Left my good pants in Silvermoon." They both chuckle, and Aderas bows his head apologetically. "Pardon that I did not bring anything to drink with me." As if beckoned by the lack of beer, Carmen enters the room stealthily, trailed by another straggler from the battle. Both reveal themselves to the two men, as they greet them. Before allowing any speech, Kadesh quickly asks, "Did anyone bring any booze?" Though his request was mostly drowned out by lingering calls throughout the city, as the defenders returned or hunted through the various canals for surviving Horde. Carmen smiles cutely to the two men, "Ay there, boys." She says, as Aderas replies, "Hello, my dear." She looks around at the rural Tavern, thinking it a nice change from Silvermoon's magically powered devices. "Interestin' meetin' place." She says as she scans the room. Aderas nods slightly in return, and Kadesh pipes in, "So Carmen. Much better than the bar isn't it?" Carmen nods, and begins to walk towards the staircase leading to the second floor. Lifting a hand for her to pause, Aderas calls to her. "Carmen, if you like, you can change into something more comfortable in the basement." She blinks at him incredulously. "In -this- place?" She asks in shock. "I no think so..." Meanwhile, the Undead straggler who had followed them speaks. "There is an enemy druid in here with you guys.." Carmen nods. "I think I'll keep my armor on." Aderas chuckles a bit at Carmen's appreciable caution, and the warning from the Rogue. "Of course, best to stay ready. My loss, if we're found." The rogue shrugs, and begins to wander towards the kegs behind the Bar. "Okay... well if they come in here huffin' an' puffin' don't say I didn't warn ya." Carmen shrugs and likewise moves behind the bar, shrugging. "S'fun for now." She says in an upbeat tone. Kadesh frowns a bit and decides to take Carmen's advice, putting his combat gear back on before moving to lean on the bar counter, grinning at Carmen. She moves over to him professionally, smiling and likewise leaning over the counter. "Ay Kadesh wan'a drink?" She asks, to which he replies, "Always... what do you have?" She opens up her bags, looking around for a moment. "The usual stuff." As they converse, Aderas moves back to the doorway outside, peering out to see if the building had a sign on it, searching briefly and to no avail. As he comes back inside, the Forsaken grabs him and pulls him out of site. "Don't go out there!" He says in an urgent whisper, before dissapearing out the door. Aderas sighs and returns inside, appearing chipper. Perhaps, given certain political changes, he actually could purchase the building. As he approaches the Counter, Carmen says to the room in general, "The Tavern with no name an' no customers." She muses.
  13. <p>I KNOW YOU!</p>

  14. Alrighty, a new one of me. A new one. One. Count yourselves lucky! .. Just saying that cause I'm not sure what goes with a new picture. Right.
  15. <p>Ack! I just realized that I had Noco drop off the face of Azeroth without any explanation 0.o Sorry about that ^^; Just assume she's training I suppose. I needed a break from WoW and I'm most likely coming back at the beginning of August.</p>