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  1. (( oh no! , even though your horde, lol, this is sad! clys! you better make sure she's ok! and if you need a little alliance help woopin some ass you know who to call =D))
  2. (( 8O 8O Amazing. well well done!))
  3. (( great job you guys . i laughed i cried! you guys make this server great. keep up the good work!))
  4. snake

    The Wedding

    i'm called alot of things, but "short" isnt one :wink:
  5. ((clys i hope you come, i've wanted to meet you in game ever since we started reading you stories! ))
  6. Apollion was making his way through Booty bay, checking out the wares, seeing the sights, it was a tough job being A lantern, making sure everything was going alright. When a little goblin told him to come closer... Apollion walked out of the goblin's hut a few G shorter and with a few bumps on his head...but he had the letter... He must do what is right, he knew that he had to get to loch modan and help out, it was what he did, he just hoped they didnt wear yellow... (( hope a delusional superhero can come =D ))
  7. snake

    For Hire (IC)

    (( what a second....what? for a nominal fee? that kinda sounds like your....naw cant be...not lovely. she has to much class!)) Reads the letter posted in SW and sighs softly. Jezze comes bounding up and says "Whats going on?" "I'm not quite sure love, Seems mighty strange..." the two read the note again and give eachother strange looks before going back to what they were doing.
  8. (( i let jezze handle the arrangements, the most beautiful thing at our wedding is her. thats all i need. but i know she wants everything else to be beautiful aswell so i'd rather not make any mistakes. hehe ill let her handle it. =P ))
  9. I know I and the rest of the corps dont write these stories for the money =P we right them to entertain and be a more fluid part of our world we participate in, but I want to thank you mortica for this wonderful site! without it i dont think i would have gotten to experience or meet half the wonderful people and stories i have!
  10. (( iwasent trying to be rude to you or anything bro, and after your advice we arent posting it on the main boards...it sucks our server has some immature people on it. i hope you all will attend though .we are really hoping for a good turnout!))
  11. (( thank you for that northface, i think we were going to put in the main boards once though so a few people who may not regularly come here can know about it, i dont see why people would intentionally try and mess something up like that, i dont see the reward for them. we are doing it in the park so hopefully we will be out of the way of the "kiddies"))