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  1. Theme Korrin walked along the water of the Hinterlands the Spirit of the Water balancing out the shaman to allow him to stand on top of the water. It had been a long day, he had fought as harder than he ever would have though possible. He saw the darkness, he saw what it had to offer him and he was able to turn away from it. The shaman had been disillusioned for awhile, he feared what the true power of the elements really were. He was afraid of the stories he had heard of what the orcs had done to the elements when they allowed the demons to take over. That was neither here nor there anymore, the past was the past. Everyone is capable of change, after all he had gone from a clumsy screw up to a clumsy screw up that can manage to help out other people. Korrin skipped along the water happy with himself, happy that everything had worked out, happy that he had made new friends. Even if most of them were a little odd, but then again who wasn't nowadays? The troll climbed up the docks of Revantusk Village heaving himself up on the wood. The flight master looked down at the troll, "You do know that you can just walk up the bank like any normal person right?" Korrin smiled back, "Jah, bah where be da fun in dat?" The shaman strolled to the middle of town looking at everyone running around doing their daily tasks and he felt relaxed further happy that he was back on Azeroth where people he cared about lived people he hadn't seen much of in awhile. Korrin walked to the middle of the village bringing in as much air as he could he yelled to make sure they could hear him if they were actually here. "Can Yenene and Vashni come out to play!?"
  2. The event idea was cool the actual implementation of it was dumb as hell. Hey zombies in Shatt, alright time to kill some undead, oh wait no they all count as friendy but they can still lob their zombie making spooge on me? Super awesome fun times. Well let me go trick or treating... wait all the innkeepers are dead, at least I can still trick or treat all year round... wait? Okay time to go raid me some Sunwells right, hmmm zombies in Shattered Sun Offensive town, screw you zombies (I hate zombies and am very much prepared for Z day.) Shoot some zombies, oh wait you are fighting in our precious town, guards get him. Wait so I am protecting you all from zombies and you turn around and attack me, Offensive indeed. Well I am sure there will be something cool for all my trouble protecting everyone from killing zombies right, like a daily for some cash or a little trinket or even a sweet mini pet from the Argent Dawn to say thanks for putting your life on the line while killing the hundreds of zombies that attacked the Crossroads and such constantly right? Well... no, but enjoy that repair bill you from those guards from SSO. They could have made it cool, they could have made it so we could have fought back decently, I almost felt punished for trying to stay alive in this event. Maybe I missed the spirit of the event, maybe it was just to try and be a zombie for as long as you could go mmmm brains, but I had enough of that after one day. It could have been fun with there were quests or what would seem to be real incentives to go around killing zombies or becoming zombies, but it seemed mostly like just go round around throw your zombie goo around where people can't do anything to stop it. This event was supposed lead into Lich King where we are all pissed off at Arthas again taking our mind off of Outlands and go holy crap shake fist the Lich King has come to kill us all again lets go get him. That's great I am all for that, it sounds awesome. What did my character learn, well let's see I learned that I can only fight scourge in some places sometimes, I learned that if I do want to fight scourge I will have to be alone in the middle of nowhere or else someone that is on my own side will go WTF are you doing quick kill him he is trying to help us. Also I learned that scourge hate holidays, cause well I am not sure exactly. Also, scourge don't have loot. Overall cool idea, but a blind retarded monkey could have implemented it better.
  3. Theme Burn him! Drown him! Bury him! Blow him away! Korrin knelt down for a moment running his hands over the broken totems, the very totems that he had made so very long ago when he first started along his path to become a shaman. Burn him! Drown him! Bury him! Blow him away! The wood had been completely destroyed Korrin had tears in his eyes as his fingers lifted up splinter after splinter. Burn him! Drown him! Bury... "Do jah have aneh idea what dey mean ta me?" The broken laughed, "They are your weakness just as everything else you believe in. Wood is never strong kid you won't be able to defeat me with cheap tricks." Burn him! Drown... "Ah made dem when ah was a kid, ah made dem with mah heart, an choo... choo tink dey are meaningless." Burn... The broken laughed and put his arm on Korrin's shoulder, pushing down with incredible force. Korrin's body collapsed into his broken totems. "There now you can be with your precious element twigs when you die!" ... The false shaman raised his mace high into the air before bringing it down for the killing blow. When it comes down to it always remember who it is that you want to be. "No!" Korrin roared in defiance as the mace crashed into his shoulder the head of the mighty weapon shattering as a green glow surrounded the troll. Flakes of skin slid off Korrin's shoulder hitting the ground with a thud as if it were stones that fell from the shaman. Behind the troll the ground quaked and split asunder as a stone came forth from the ground glowing a bright green color the symbol of the earth emblazoned across it. Korrin smiled as he stood up shaking off the blow, and driving his fist deep into the broken's gut. He stumbled backwards feeling the wind knocked out of him, "Where did you get that power, I did not hear my power infuse you at all." Korrin smiled for a moment hearing the sounds he was so used to now. We the Spirit of the Earth hear your call and deem you worthy in this fight to receive our power. "Dats cause ah no care for choo stupid powah, ah fight wit da powah of da elements! An dat's no good for choo." The broken spit on the ground, "You lie there are no elemental forces out here, look where we are a barren wasteland of destruction the only thing close to elements are the twisted elementals that have long since lost their minds." Korrin charged into the former draenei, hitting him with lightning speed each swing going faster than the last one. "Choo wrong, da elements ah always around dey listen an always do da right ting." The wind picked up behind Korrin a howling of wind as the currents collided with one another, a very small whirlwind took form behind the shaman glowing a bright blue with the symbol of the air floating in front of it. We the Spirit of the Air hear your call and deem you worthy in this fight to receive our power. The broken pushed on Korrin sliding him across the sandy wastes, "You may have some tricks kid but you will never ever defeat me." The broken reached down feeling the power of his hatred and launched a ball of flame at Korrin. Unfortunately the troll could not put up his defenses in time and his arm took a massive searing wound. "You see, you are nothing I can burn you easily." Korrin placed his uninjured hand over his wound he could feel a calm and refreshing feeling wash over him as a small rain cloud began to pour over him. The cloud settled in front of the troll a light blue aura washing over it and the symbol of water displaying clearly through the cloud. We the Spirit of the Water hear your call and deem you worthy in this fight to receive our power. The broken couldn't believe his eyes as to what was happening all the totems that he had so easily destroyed were coming back of their own will in their own form to fight along side this weak troll, "What are you!?" Korrin looked at his arm as it healed, "Ah am a shaman an choo should na play wit fire." Korrin ran back after his foe as he ran the fire of his passion became manefest around him, flames licked off of Korrin's weapons and the symbol for fire radiated around them. We the Spirit of the Fire hear your call and deem you worthy in this fight to receive our power. Korrin crashed into the broken fire leaping onto him with each swing. "Gah, you stupid kid." The former draenei wrapped his arms tightly around Korrin flipping him over so his head was towards the ground and drove him with all his might into the ground. Korrin's body went limp, and the broken walked around for a moment trying to catch his breath. "Damn kid was stronger than I thought." Korrin could feel pain all over him, it felt like every bone in his body was broken. I cannot give up now, I will not give up! In the back of Korrin's mind he could see a small figure, it looked almost like a small baby murloc that smiled and made a little mmmmrrrrrggglllllll noise before turning away and disappearing. We the Spirit of the Wilds hear your call and deem you worthy in this fight to receive our power. Korrin's eyes snapped open, and he fumbled to his feet. "Ah just where you belong on your knees begging for mercy, how sweet a victory this is." Korrin just smiled as he placed his hands on the ground, Oh Spirit of the Wilds, power over all, please lend your aid now to help me defeat this mockery of a shaman that stands before us. Two lightning bolts struck the earth right in front of Korrin and a loud howl could be heard as the smoke cleared from the sudden light show. Standing before the shaman now stood two spirit wolves the Wilds had lent him their power in the form of these wolves. The broken stood stunned for a moment, "What the hell?" The wolves jumped onto the former draenei sinking their teeth and claws into the enemy of the elements. Korrin not one to let the elements do all the fighting ran into the creature one final time with a clear shot that the wolves had opened for him his fighting claws found no resistance as they sank deep into his foe's chest. The wolves returned to Korrin standing patiently at his side. "Damn." Said the broken as he slumped over onto his chest a pool of blood quickly soaking into the ground below him. Korrin sat down next to his defeated enemy, "Now do choo see? Do choo see dat da elements ah much strongah den whatever choo were using. Ah hope choo learn in time ta see dat." Korrin raised a hand over the fallen warrior, I ask you again Spirit of the Wilds that if it is in your plan to see this being walk again that you lend me the power necessary to save him. Korrin's hands began to glow a bright green as the power the Wilds coursed through him only to suddenly stop. "Ah am sorreh, it seems dat da Wilds have other plans for choo." Korrin placed a roll of bandages in the broken's hands before standing up to walk away, "Ah hope choo find peace." I remain who I want to be Master Oronok, I did not give up on my dreams and was still able to come out ahead. I think I might have even become stronger because of it all. Korrin looked around patting the heads of his new companions seeing all the demons still around pressing towards the Dark Portal, "Well friends, seems we still 'ave sahm more fighting ta do."
  4. Korrin stood up straight When this is all over who do I really want to be? "Nah evil shall escape mah sight!"
  5. The broken chuckled at Korrin, "You have no idea the power that is yours for the taking do you? Such a pathetic child, respecting power or anyone for that matter only makes you weak it deludes your power, to make you believe that you are nothing without them when it is that same power that is instead nothing without you." Korrin clanged his fighting claws together leaving a trail of sparks behind, "Dat's where choo ah wrong. Da elements no need choo, dey no need me either. Choo make choo choices an dey either help ja or dey don't." The broken hefted a mighty mace above his head, "Well then foolish child, let us see what kind of help your precious elements will show for you." Korrin's totems began to glow brighter and stronger as he could feel the elements lending him their strength. "Choo have ah mighteh big mouth mah friend. Allow me ta show choo da error ah ja ways." Korrin bounded over to his opponent meeting with a face full of the broken's mace. Korrin felt the creature's foot kick into his chest shoving him over, "I thought you were supposed to be a strong shaman, you are rather slow to try and fight me." Korrin picked himself up spitting out a small pool of blood from his mouth, "Dat all choo got? Ah seen Kobolds dat hit harder." "Well then aren't you just a little chatterbox, I suppose I could just break that foolish jaw of yours and that would shut you up." "Fehl free ta try." The giant mace came down upon Korrin again, however the troll was ready for it this time. Crossing his arms he caught the large weapon between his claws the earth totem behind him glowing brightly as he tried to push the weapon back. "Oh now isn't this cute, resorting to little earth tricks already? Well then you should feel what the earth can really do." The broken held his weapon tight in a single hand shoving his now free hand into Korrin's chest letting forth a strong shock from the energies of the earth. Again Korrin was tossed aside his body rolling through the dirt before coming to a rest near his totems. The young shaman crouched over trying to catch his breath as the broken came walking over towards him. He is so strong, I don't know how I can defeat something this powerful. I don't think I can do this by myself... Burn him! Drown him! Bury him! Blow him away! It was the words that surrounded that creature they are talking to me now? They are offering me power to help stop this evil, but that doesn't make any sense. Why would they want me to beat the being that they fight with? The totems behind Korrin began to waver, the power that sustained them questioning the intentions of their shaman. "No! Choo powah is na right, ah will na accept it!" The broken bent down to Korrin, "You are a fool, you should always take the power that is most powerful. That is why you will die today." Korrin turned his head upwards to the former draenei, "Da elements ah da strongest. Dat voice is na dem." The broken laughed at the troll, "How can you think those stupid twigs of yours are stronger? You are on the ground about to be broken in half and where are your elements to save you boy? Nothing can save you now but the power that I have." He bent over picking up the totems Korrin had laid down their power fading as they were pulled from the ground, "Let me guess you made these yourself, put all of your heart and soul into making a stick to commune with your precious elements. This is what I think of them!" The broken crushed each totem in his hands letting the splinters tumble to the ground, "Useless tools for a useless creature, I guess you have only one side to turn to now." He hated to admit it but his enemy was right, with his totems shattered he couldn't channel the power of the elements, he could barely even hear them now it was just the power of the corruption that permeated the being that stood before him telling him to give in that this was the only way to win. They are right it is the only way to win, I am not strong enough to beat him without any extra power, but this power is not a good source what will happen to me when I accept. Then again what happens if I fail and die here. Who else will be hurt? One last voice entered Korrin's mind a voice he hadn't heard in quite awhile, that of Master Oronok and the words he had told Korrin when he had doubt about himself. You will just have to believe in yourself kid, believe that when the day comes and you are given the chance to take the quick and easy path, that instead you choose the path you know is right. It’s not easy to do, just remember who you want to be and I believe you will be fine.
  6. Korrin stared out at the shaman looking back at him, voices surrounded the broken they sounded familiar. As if the elements he heard on a regular basis were standing behind that creature screaming at Korrin saying things he never thought he would hear. Burn him! Drown him! Bury him! Blow him away! Korrin looked away from his opponent for a moment trying to shake the voices from his head. "Dis cahnt be wat I tink it is, dey would na choose you. Da elements would na back a creature dat follows a demon!" The broken draenei looked at the troll with disgust, "You would be surprised child, power flocks to the strong. I control these elements, they follow my bidding. You may as well lower your head to me now as you have no chance of making it out of here alive." The voices continued to torment the shaman filling his head with doubt. They come to his aid I can hear it, I can hear the nasty horrible things they are saying about me. How would the elements want to be under the control of someone that evil though. "...unda control..." Korrin lifted his head as he slid on his fighting claws, he extended one arm out towards the broken, "Choo are ahn imposta! Choo no have da elements following joo. Da elements ah na controlled bah anyone! Dey follow dere own will, choo can na bend dem ta ya will. Jah only have fake powah." Korrin reached into his pack pulling out a few small wooden sticks, throwing them to the ground each one rolled around for a moment before standing straight up glowing a different color. Taking a step forward the troll asked of the elements many things in hope of defeating this fake shaman that stood before him.
  7. Real draenei look cooler, I miss my broken disguise for TK. Broken > Space Squid
  8. I call BS on that dwarf he got impaled with an ice shard not grazed not paper cut impaled he was in the middle of Northrend behind all those traps and guardians. As far as I know he never went to Outland so he didn't have any underspore pod fronds from the spore people so he had no food to bring him to full health so he should be dead. Then again lol space squids so I guess everything is fine from a lore perspective.
  9. ((Theme)) Korrin was flying back to the Dark Portal to go back to Azeroth away from the noise the enraged elementals of Outlands. He had just finished talking to Oronok and needed to get back to apologize to Drek'thar for thinking so ill of him for so long. "He was able ta turn away from da evil choices and probably become even stronger because of dat, Ah had no right ta judge him at all I jas' hope that he can find it in his heart ta forgive me." It was strange today in Hellfire, there were more demons than usual. They all walked along the path from the citadel towards the Dark Portal. "Odd, ah nevah saw dis many demons walking on da portal." He glanced up ahead towards the Dark Portal and the sight became even more strange, there in the middle of a pile of dead demons talking to the largest creature of darkness Korrin had ever seen was a hunter and a troll at that fighting by himself. "Well dat's not even kindah fair." Korrin's dragon companion swooped down near the scene and the shaman jumped from her back hitting the ground rolling a few times before coming to a stop on his back. Jumping up quickly and dusting himself off Korrin stood next to Malakim pointing at the demons. "Choo demons have one more ta fight today. Choo will not fight a troll with unfair odds while ah am around." Korrin nodded at Malakim, "Besides us Darkspear have to stick togetah." Korrin stood up tall showing how proud he was to fight next to one of his own, "An we stand against da darkness!"
  10. Korrin walked to the Altar of Damnation, it was here where it all started. This was where the orcs gave up being shamans, and took the path of the shadows. “Drek’thar was probably here, he watched Gul’dan sever the ties the orcs had with the elements." It was painful to think about, people he had once held in such high regard were not great beings after all. They were just as corrupt as everyone else that wants to abuse their power to get everything as easily as they can. Korrin looked back at the direction of the image of Gul’dan shaking his head lightly as he looked around him at what happened all because one person wanted power, “I don’t think I want this power anymore, it can cause too much pain.” He whistled for his dragon companion to come so that he could fly away from here, he did not want to see this destruction anymore or even hear the word “Shaman” again. There was just one thing he had to do before taking off to hide out from the world. Oronok was tending to his farm, occasionally fighting off the occasional flayer that got to close to his boars, “That’s right you blasted creatures stay away from my boars!” Korrin landed just in time to see a few flayers running away from old man Oronok. The troll got off the dragon patting her neck and thanking her for the ride, “I see they still haven’t left you alone Mr. Oronok.” Oronok turned his head toward Korrin, “Those creatures are foolish I still have a bit of fight left in my old bones.” Korrin walked over towards Oronok his head hanging low, the old orc looked at him strangely, “Looks like you got a lot on your mind kid. What’s wrong? Woman troubles.” The troll tilted his head surprised, “No, I think all the girls I know are doing okay. I don’t think they have been in any trouble lately.” Oronok laughed, “That’s not exactly what I meant, but what brings you here today kid?” Korrin sighed, “I have… I decided I am going to give up on being a shaman, there is just too much pain associated with the past of what they have all been. I don’t think I can overcome all of that let alone I have no shaman’s to look up to anymore.” Oronok furrowed his brow a sense of puzzlement was in his voice, “And what about Master Drek’thar? I thought you were his student isn’t he someone worth looking up to?” Korrin’s voice cracked almost as if he was about to cry, “I cannot learn from him, he is just as bad as the other shaman that tore this land apart.” A strange noise came from Oronok as if the old man suddenly had the strength of a hundred orcs flowing through him, he lifted his fist and brought it down soundly on Korrin’s head. Korrin almost fell over from the impact, rubbing his head he looked up at the old hermit, “What was that for Mr. Oronok? You were the one that told me about him being a warlock before as well as all the evil that the shamans out here have already done.” Oronok growled at Korrin, “If only we were all born with the same insight and wisdom that you clearly possess, then I am sure we would not have fallen to the depths of the demonic powers we had so long ago. Just as I am sure if your troll leaders told you that some other path was better and that this was the will of the spirits themselves. That taking on shadow magic would help you to protect what you loved, I am sure you would tell them off wouldn’t you smart child?” Korrin took a step back thinking his words over, “But didn’t he notice that the elements weren’t talking to him anymore, didn’t any of the other shaman feel something wrong with what they were doing?” Oronok frowned, “Of course we did, but by then it was too late, Gul’dan had read the cipher and it was too late.” Korrin looked confused at the old orc, “Cipher? What cipher?” Oronok let out a heavy sigh, “I suppose you deserve to know child, I can’t hide it all from you anymore. You have the right to know. No doubt by now you have seen the Altar of Damnation, where the events that severed our tie to the elements took place.” Korrin nodded, “I have been there.” Oronok continued, “What you don’t see when you are standing there… Is me, standing next to Gul’dan.” Korrin gasped, “What!?” Oronok nodded, “I have been many things in my life child, one of those things was a lieutenant of Gul’dan. I too have done many horrible things in my life, I have slaughtered man, woman and child alike. Danced in the blood of innocent draenei.” Oronok turned away for a moment, “And yet I will never forget that day, child. Never. Even though I had long abandoned shamanism in favor of shadow magic, I felt the cut. A sense of loss so profound... I cannot explain it to you in mere words. When the tie to the elements was severed, all orcs on Draenor changed. If there was ever any doubt in the power of the shadows, it was washed away with the cresting of the molten lava over the shattered earth.” Korrin just stared at Oronok, he had never heard the story of what happened at the Altar let alone that Oronok was once a shaman as well. Oronok looked sad as he continued, “A wave of sickness rushed through me. After the ritual was over, I ran home to my children. I gathered what belongings I could carry in my arms and left with my boys. We ran to the hills and hid. There really was no other option. Not a day goes by that I don't think of the cut. It has taken twenty years to reconnect to the elements. It has taken twenty years for the elements to even begin to heal.” Oronok placed his hand on Korrin’s shoulder, “And if in the twenty years the elements are capable of forgiveness and Drek’thar was capable of redemption as well, don’t you think you should forgive him too?” Korrin fell to his knees, “What have I done? I have been a fool even I have had to overcome my past. What right do I have to blame people for their own?” A slight smile finally started to creep across Oronok’s face, “Now you are starting to get it.” Korrin looked up tears beginning to fall from his cheeks, “But Master Oronok, how will I be able to overcome the darkness if even Drek’thar and yourself fell to it once.” “You will just have to believe in yourself kid, believe that when the day comes and you are given the chance to take the quick and easy path, that instead you choose the path you know is right. It’s not easy to do, just remember who you want to be and I believe you will be fine.” Korrin wiped his face as he stood up, it was a strange feeling to have someone actually believe in you and not think you were a failure, “Thank you Master Oronok, I think I have someone I need to go apologize to.”
  11. I know that what I said for scaling issues was to get int (for more mana and it's crit) spirit and spell damage I never said focus on spell crit alone, so like I said it will help you will get an increase in damage from the crit bonus from having more Int.
  12. So if you got 0 crit from int, which is what I have been saying for helping scaling points (Look back to see int = more mana and more crit) You wouldn't notice any difference at all because those two spells that can crit don't matter? I am confused.
  13. I'm gonna say it, I am posting in what is soon to be an epic thread!
  14. Not everything is done, and with just about everything becoming raid wide don't be shocked if it happens. I merely said probably. Imagine there being differences in pvp gear and pve gear... I for one am shocked and appalled. So you have no spells that can crit as a shadow priest, meaning that gaining any form of crit at all (Such as that from int) is absolutely worthless?
  15. Nerfing Vamp Touch probably because it's going to be raid wide like everything else, so it's very understandable. Bring that one extra spriest to the raid and you should have about the same regen as before except now it will be the whole damn raid. I don't feel bad about that at all, solo nerf for an overall raid buff go go. Damage scaling... don't you play a druid, so I will assume you were feral at some point in your career, but if you forgot talk to the random ferals around for damage scaling, and how it's constantly had to be changed because they have been hosed the most all the time with scaling, and raid buffs. No windfury, no awesome weapon enchant like mongoose. I am glad they are changing that for them finally. I have never heard of a shadow priest complain about damage scaling before, probably because they like all casters really need to focus on about 2 or 3 stats for it, Int for a larger mana pool and crit, Spirit for in combat regen via talents so that you can pew pew longer, and spell damage for well damage. If instead you are saying you don't get enough +damage on your skills that's a whole different issue with coefficients, but again I haven't seen complaining about that. If instead you are talking about class specific gear being bad for you, take your pick of all the non token caster gear available and you will be fine.