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  2. <p>Jhonn, I have to say that I do not find your perfectly sculpted physique to be arousing, nor the rippling waves of your mane, nor does your deep man voice send shivers down my spine. Nope, not at all. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wink.png" alt=";)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wink@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  3. I heard the rumors first. Even my teachers in the Cleft of Shadow were talking about it. They had more information then the posters did. They serve Marteinn’s Prince, and he of course serves the Master. So I went to find them. Now I have been initiated into the Church. I do not really believe everything they say about the Prince being the Savior. It does not matter. His other followers will walk the path set out by Kael’thas and come to the same place as I have in time. Aezevere has proven to be my most profitable servant yet. I was traveling in Ashenvale early one evening and I saw one of the peons looking at her with lust. My old training taught me to look for weakness and exploit it. So I paused to think about how I might use this to my advantage. I offered her to the orc in exchange for money. He acted insulted probably because there were others nearby. I withdrew to the edge of the mill and waited. Later that night several of them walked over and paid me money to have her. Afterwards some of them looked ashamed but I did not care. I can afford more of the things that I need now and can rent a room at an inn every night. Money is useful so I will continue to take her to such places where men are looking for entertainment.
  4. Many things have happened. I am rarely alone now. Jubnam. Makkrast. Aezevere. My servants. They are evidence of my growing abilities, proof of my dedication. Aezevere is the newest one. When I summoned her for the first time Gan’rul made lewd insinuations. He finally admitted that having relations with her is not necessary to keep her enslaved. That is fine. I met a Tauren too. His name is Ghosteye. Ghosteye is a druid. He does not speak very good orchish, so he does not notice that I am strange. Sometimes he takes the things I need to win money and favors. I bet he thinks we are supposed to share. Still, he makes good practice. I need to learn how to act like everyone else, so I will travel with him for a while. This new path is not easy. I do not feel right sometimes. All I can think of is how good it felt when the blood coursed through my veins. Not having it makes my mind hurt, a longing for true power that will not leave me alone. It goes away, and comes back. I try to keep focused on my tasks. I have to stay away from Silvermoon, and even Orgrimmar might not be safe. People have been asking questions about me. I know who sent them. He must not find me. I am not ready yet for a confrontation.
  5. The waters are so blue here. I could sit for hours looking at it. For the first few days I did, watching people come and go. There are many more Orcs and Trolls here in Ratchet. It is only a brief rest, an indulgence of enjoying doing nothing because for the first time in a long while I can. It is only temporary. Marteinn. At first thought he had betrayed me. He did me a favor though. He said it was for helping him. He looked so well, so strong. His skin was dark red like the blood he gave me. It made my thoughts all jumbled for a while. It worked though. My bonds are broken. Now I know what it was, it was demon blood. The woman must have brought it to him. She was red too, fragile frame, with small black wings. She wanted to kill me but Marteinn wouldn’t let her. He sent her a ways off to wait while he said goodbye. I did not hear him say her name. He whispered to me, saying he had a moment of weakness, had tried to run away and that was when he was hurt. He said he was strong again now, that he had to return to his prince and help him to welcome his Master back into this world. I hope Martein makes it back and that he does exactly that. I ran away and hid for a while, until my skin faded to a pale color again. I made my way to Orgrimmar the orc city and there in the dark places I found someone willing to train me. Someday I will have power and my former master will be brought to a reckoning and I will go to the farthest lands and I will meet Marteinn again. For now though, I must gather power and learn the secrets of the blood. Only then will I be a worthy servant of my new Masters.
  6. everything is wrong now he and the woman made me drink. There are voices in it and they sing and scream of power and betrayal and revenge and i cant write about this yet *smears of blood on the page*
  7. Today when I went to see Marteinn his imp cursed and spit at me. I ignored it, examining him while he slept. I thought, to perform a ritual like that he must have regained some of his strength. Yet his face looked drawn and his skin grayish in color. After he woke up we talked until nightfall. I asked him questions about how he got here but he never really said. Somehow things became twisted around so that I ended up answering a lot of questions instead. It was hard because I cannot tell outsiders about what it is that I do for the Family. He seemed to understand even though I could not explain all of it. *words have been scribbled out here* It does not matter. He is healing. That means he will be leaving soon. He will travel to places where I cannot follow. I do not want him to go. Besides Madris no one has ever cared what I thought about anything of importance. His words make me want more things then I thought possible. This is useless. It hurts to even consider trying to leave. There is nothing that I can do. I am bound to stay and serve the master and the Family. I have to get back now and report for duty.
  8. I have been so busy these past few days that I have not had time to write. The streets of Silvermoon are noisy. Prince Kael’thas has come back. Rumors say that he stole the Naaru from the Blood Knights. No one seems to know why he did this. I saw the Naaru a few times. It was light trapped in glass, a tool to be used because it was not made of flesh and blood like the rest of them. Now the room is empty and the Blood Knights act desperate. Everything was so unsettled that no one bothered to give me orders. The master did not return to the family house at all. Haidar, the head of security for the Family did not even tell me what to do. That does not happen very often, so I took advantage of everyone being distracted and went to look at the man I had found. At first I remained hidden outside the cave. The man was sitting up and sipping the water that I left him. He still seemed weak. I took the chance to approach him. He was wary of me at first. I did my best to seem harmless. After a while he relaxed and we talked. His name is Marteinn. He thanked me for helping him and asked me to get him some more food and water. I did so, and he told me about Outland and some of the places he has seen there. I guess it was an accident or something he encountered that made him look so odd. Marteinn is also a warlock, so maybe he was cursed by a demon. He has not said and I have not asked. I have gone to see him several times now. I will go see him again later today if I can slip away.
  9. I found something last night. The master had sent me on an errand to the Ghostlands. I completed my task and started walking back to the city. I came across a wounded Sin’dorei man. I saw that there was blood on his clothing, so I rolled him over to see if he was alive or dead. His face was strange. He had tattoos and two small horns on his forehead. Also his skin was very pale, with cracks of green light showing in some spots. I thought on what to do. Despite these odd things he was still a Sin’dorei. Nothing in the area seemed out of place besides him. He was unconscious so he could not hurt me. I took out some bandages and made him stop bleeding. His skin was too hot but his wounds did not look infected yet. I cleared a path to a small cave nearby and put him inside. I left some food and water with him, and a knife. I feel like I have another secret by not telling anyone about him. Maybe that is why he is so interesting to me. Tonight I will go and see if he is still there, or if he even lived.
  10. I find having this pleases me. I prefer to have it to not having it, so that means I “like” something. At least that is how I think about it. I am unsure if that is how it is for others. Other things that I “like” are: Madris. My former mistress. It was when I was with her that I became aware of preferring to be in the presence of one person to another. She is gone now but if I could still serve her I would. Birds. The wet sound my blade makes when I stab someone, the sensation of sinking into solid meat. There is something *words scribbled out* Satisfying? That might be the word for it. Being alone. When I am alone there is no one there to distract me from myself. My sense of self is sharper. This is new to me and I like it. Wanting. Now that I have expectations it seems impossible to stop. There is a sense of dissatisfaction that tells me I want something, yet I cannot always say what that is. Pleasing others, most importantly the master. At times nothing else seems so important as serving him, especially when I am near him. Even after we part it seems he is a shadow in my thoughts that will not leave me be. No more time. I will come back soon because I like to write even if it is hard.
  11. He sent me to help Anca today. She was working in the sealed off manufacturing area as she always is. Now that the Family no longer makes the advanced constructs for the Magisters there is little for her to do. I heard the master and his uncle arguing about why they stopped. There is some trouble with the Magisters being corrupted; in what way I do not know. They apparently do not wish to help them anymore. I do not understand it. When I found her Anca was sweeping the floor. It was already clean. She probably swept it twice already that morning. She smiled at me so brightly that it seemed that she really felt pleased to see me. My lips twisted up slightly to simulate a smile in return, though perhaps not as much as I should have. I am not as good as Anca in simulating emotions because there were flaws in my making. That is why they sent me to learn skills in battle where such things would not be so noticeable. Most errors like me are not allowed to continue to exist once the flaws are detected. I suppose if I could I would be grateful. I spent the rest of the day moving crates of supplies around as Anca did inventory. I asked Anca if she ever had real “feelings”. She titled her head, looking thoughtful and she told me no, not really. Once she thought she might have had a real emotion, when she felt a new sensation. It went away quickly though. I asked her if she ever wanted things to be different. She simulated being puzzled and said no. She wanted to serve the Family always. I stopped asking questions then.
  12. I need something that is mine. The hours of my days are spent in service to the Family. All my weapons, my clothing, my tools, and even my body are their property. So I have used the coins given to me for trivial purposes, also not mine, to buy this book. I had to buy it. I could not steal without being ordered to do so or to carry out a task. I will hide this somewhere away from them, away from him. That way I can have both this book and a secret too. Using the word “I” so much is still hard. It has a shape that is difficult for me to grasp. My loyalty was once to two people. She is gone now, leaving only the master for me to answer to. If he were to die too could I be free? Or would I simply sit, still as a statue, waiting for orders that never come? Something similar has already happened. After she died, he told me to go to a storage room to wait for orders. I obeyed and gathered dust. It was… I did not like it. I think I wanted to go to the funeral but no one came to get me. After almost two months, the master returned and told me to run some errands. He did not say why he left me for so long. There is my answer then.