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  1. <p>Call me you bum</p>

  2. <p>I rarely see you online. Or maybe I'm not on often enough. One of the two.</p>

  3. <p>Happy birthday. Now let me find you so I can gank you 21 times. >_></p>

  4. <p>I still get on AIM from time to time.</p>

  5. <p>I miss you too much.</p>

  6. <p>It's Laras. T_T</p>

  7. <p>I blame Illisade</p>

  8. <p>I can't remember how I got that ball back. O_o I thought maybe you threw one at me and I never knew. D:</p>

  9. <p>I'm on a WoW hiatus until I gets a new laptop, hopefully by Christmas.</p>

  10. <p>So, where'd you run off to anyway. More roflchopper rides prease. :3</p>

  11. <p>YEAH, YOU BETTER RUN. D:</p>