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  1. <p>I does not know if you are still around but I need more commissions! LOL</p>

  2. Why do these things happen when I am not around? ;~;
  3. The sun was setting and Redridge Mountain’s sky was ablaze with color, Lindsey stared, admiring the view while every so often glancing to her brother. Kroylen had come along without much of a fight, they had used a teleportation rune that Ranavos had taught Lindsey how to use and had been on the hunt for nearly an hour now. The trick was not finding humans, no, they were abundant in the forests around these mountains, the issue was catching one alone.
  4. The light pit-pat of worn, slightly heeled boots could be heard as Lindsey descended the stairs to the basement. Her many skirts were rustled as she held them up from the damp floor, scowling at the musk that filled her nose. She had noticed she was beginning to finally lose he sense of smell, but with the air so thick in this dark, damp, place, it smelled as if it could be cut with a knife. With the simple wave of her hand the room lit up, torches bursting with fel-green fire only to calm into a red-orange glow. Continuing on her way through the basement she was careful as the floor was slightly uneven, stopping in front of a thick wood and steel door staring at it with a huff. Dropping her skirts, she grabbed the door handle and yanked with one hand; the other hand was still missing from elbow down. It took her a few moments before she gave up, spinning on her heel and chanting something in a dark tongue. When the spell completed a large, shadowy demon appeared, it’s very being seemed to whisper things of dread and unworldly power. “Good boy! Now open tha damn door.” Lindsey growled in frustration more at the door than her voidwalker. “Yesssss, Massster.” The thing replied, it’s large being enveloped the door and slowly the contraption creaked open. “Thank you.” The small warlock nodded and entered the room. This room was much more tidy; One half of the room held tables of alchemy supplies, herbs, and a book shelf brimming with books of all natures. Even a couch was placed against one wall. The other side of the room however was caged off with thick elementium bars, their dark, rainbow sheen clean and unrusted. Within the cage lay a lithe man man on a straw cot, his blonde hair a straggly halo on his head as he looked up to glare with piercing, ice-blue eyes. A low growl rumbled from his chest, the sounds of chains shifting as he sat up revealing all four limbs bound to the area with only a few feet to give way to movement. “Baby brotha!” Lindsey cheered, “It’s not nice to growl at guests. C’mon now, I know you betta than that. Your beast is very rude, you should try to overcome those urges you know. Little Vivi at least can keep from growling at me.” The man’s eyes widened in terror, “Vindliah?” He stood up with a yank on the chains, “You can’t- You.. You didn’t capture her too did you?” Lindsey let out a rather mocking bit of laughter, “Why of course I did silly! You din’ think I would only take one of you in! Yer both m’siblings, my little brother and baby sister. Don’t worry though, I’ve kept her separate so your beasts aren’t tempted to mate or something so ghastly that animals do.” Kroylen sneered, “That’s disgustin’. She’s m’sister I would neva. She’s already mated as well.” Crossing her arms Lindsey shook her head, “You say that now, but you’re a worgen, who knows what nasty urges you get when you’re a mutt.” “You’ve a corrupted idea of exactly what we are, Lindsey.” He growled. “Regardless of what ya think! I am here because I need yer help.” She beamed up at him as he approached the bars. “And why tha bloody fel should I help you? You’ve kept me so drugged I don’ even know what season it is anymore.. Though I figured ya would want somethin’ given I ‘m actually able ta keep m’self conscious for more than 5 minutes right now. “ Kroylen attempted to cross his arms but sighed at his futile attempt when the chains prevented him from doing such. Lifting a gloved fingertip Lindsey smiled rather wickedly, “I need your help aquirin’ a new arm. I want a good one this time, one tha’ will last and at least somewhat matches this hand. M’Lord Ranavos has been busy and I don wanna interrupt his work.. I also know that he is rather particular about whom I git m’arms from.” She rocked back on her heels, “Frankly, I do adore and love tha’ man.. but sometimes his need for keeping things ‘just’ is rather frustrating when I want things done. And thaaaat~ Little brother is where you come in. I am goin’ ta take m’lovely puppy of a brotha out on a walkie so tha he can git me what I want.” Reaching out towards the bars of his cage she sighs, “And the reason why you will help me.. is because if you don’.. I will kill Vindliah.. Not just kill.. No, I will torture her until she tells me where her ‘mate’ is tha’ you so kindly informed me of, and kill them too. And if they have any pups? Well.. I think you know where this is goin’.” Kroylen merely stared at her, jaw slack and olive skin turning pale. “B- But she’s yer sister!” He protested. “No. She was my sister until she tried to kill me. Who started it is a silly detail. I want to find a cure for you both but you’re both too stubborn ta let me try willingly so ya both forced m’hand on keepin’ ya m’captives! I need to save you both before yer reduced back to feral, murdering, beasts again.” Lindsey ground her teeth for a moment before inhaling and trying to calm herself. “I am goin’ ta open this cage, and you will do as I say, or one little mistake and I order M’Lord ta kill Vindliah. As I heard, Ranavos does not like our little sister and would take all too much joy in making her scream fer mercy. And no, I am not goin’ ta show you how I will contact him. I’m not a story book villain. In fact I am not a villain at all, one day you will see this is fer tha best of tha Brookes family.” Grabbing the key from her belt she unlocked the door but kept is closed. “Do you agree to my terms? You’d git some fresh air and a good hunt. I’m sure yer beasty is itchin’ fer one.” The man’s eyes burned with fury, jaw clenched tight for several minutes, Lindsey merely waited patiently. Slowly his shoulders sank, expression shifting to one of defeat. The warlock waited for that important bit of submission she had learned worgen could not help, it took another moment but finally his head dipped low, eyes turned away from hers. “There’s a good mutt.” She smiled, opening the door and patting his head before setting to work uncuffing him.
  5. <p><img src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8534/8696705341_ce90e02844_b.jpg" alt="8696705341_ce90e02844_b.jpg" /></p>

    <p>NONE SHALL PASS!</p>

  6. I dunno who of you here remember an rper named Irithel/Iribelle, but today is her birthday so Duroxas and I stayed up through the night working on this piece together. Line-art and some tiny color details done by me, and the AMAZING coloring done by her. I cannot thank you enough Duroro! <3 These are NSFW, though nothing is actually shown, it is heavily implied. Mort, Abric, if you think these should be taken down I wont be upset! <3 Line-Art: http://25.media.tumblr.com/c369f22af9a7894813dc0e73d40ac747/tumblr_mlxamoRoZw1s8hcujo1_500.png Coloring: http://24.media.tumblr.com/d4fc2a3b4772011cce90a8e8f173baf2/tumblr_mlxaniVlm51s8hcujo1_500.png
  7. Fanfiction fan art for an anime/manga called Magi. I drew my OC as a Magi. :3 They draw their magic from Rukh, which is the little butterfly on her finger. They are like spirits. :3 Will prolly color when bored.
  8. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Super Villain/Hero Vindi? Gilnean symbol on shoulder. Derp The back arm makes me angry.. so I scribbled something there. BLARGL
  9. I got so tired of having nightmares all month that I made this as a last resort. lol I made it out of derpy-house hold items; floss, nail polish, feathers from cat toy, and the cut out rim of a plastic cup.
  10. omfgawd so cyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
  11. <p>Finally, finally, I remembered Nika's song</p>



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