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  1. The OOC: Social event. If you wish to come, consider yourself invited. Guests expected to be respectful and enjoy themselves, bored griefers not welcome. Invites at 8:45 and a summon at 9. Go go TN RP community! IC responses to the invite may be posted in this thread if you want to get your RP on.
  2. <p>-hoots-</p>


  3. <p>... //Skitters in. Throws glitter all over. PINK glitter. FLEES//</p>

  4. The uncensored version is a little bit rude, imageshack would crack down on it so I blanked out some... liquids.
  5. Censored nudity.
  6. The Stormwolf is now level 21, with 'Have Group, Will Summon!' Utilizing it to summon people to old raid runs for transmogrifying gear collecting purposes!
  7. Why is the ground shaking? *turns around, stares at Pie* ......