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  1. 11.11.20 Awatu has fallen. The corruption we encountered when we battled G’huun so many months ago, took hold on him, and slowly took its toll. It finally overcame him. He collapsed at the last guild meeting, but not before he informed us that The Grim should be led by a council, as the Horde is now led, and then appointed me the task of forming such a council. After he collapsed, he was taken to Thunder Bluff for recuperation, as much as that will be possible for him. The officers seemed the logical choice as the base of the council, even though I don’t particularly trust any of t
  2. 9.16.20 Fifteen years. That’s how old The Grim is now. Only four months after it was formed, I joined them. I never thought it would take this long to achieve the goal of peace through annihilation. I never thought I would last this long either. We all got together tonight, those of us that are still here, and listened to Awatu talk about The Grim anniversary. I told the story of the King of Rats. And then we all named people we remembered who were lost to us. So many lost to us. I have felt that loss keenly over the years, but to hear those names in so many other voices….. S
  3. 7.12.19 Well, the third thing was Baal finding out I had the human girl hurt again. Why the fel would he put her under his protection anyway? He had to know that wouldn’t stop me. He banished me from the cabin and his ship. I’m welcome back at the cabin now after we worked some things out, but not the ship. Things aren’t quite the same between us now, but we’ll get there. I hope. The first of the bounty hunters came for me last night. Some stupid Nightborne mage. A stupid elf ARCANE mage! I still have a few scorch marks, but I cut her up good. She asked AFTER I had beaten her
  4. 6.22.19 They say bad things come in three…. 1 - I was fighting naga on the shoreline of one of the nameless islands, and I happened to spy a Twilight Empire warrior who was involved in both the House and the attack on our old guild hall. She taunted me, asking if we’ve found a new place yet. I told her we started clearing out a few places in Stormwind like the orphanage and emissary area, places we’ve attacked most recently. She didn’t like that. We fought. She doesn’t fight fair. That felling shield of hers. I ended up losing an arm--and one of my best swords!--to her attacks, so
  5. 12.15.18 So much has happened since I last picked up this book. Teldrassil is burnt to ash. Undercity and Brill are lost to the Alliance. Twilight Empire cornered us in the guildhall, ran us out, and took over the place. Awatu picked Alterac to be our new home. So now we live in among ogres in the middle of nowhere instead of among Forsaken in a respectable town. A couple of the Empire followed me to the farm when I escaped Brill. They took my prisoner—the Tirisfal killer—from me and drove me off my own property. I’m sure they freed the prisoner. I guess they wouldn’t consider he
  6. ((The storyline is still wrapping up a few loose threads in Discord, but here's a post about The Grim losing their long-time guildhall in Brill as a result of it.)) By now, everyone has surely heard about the Battle of Lordaeron. The Alliance forces overtook the place, swarming through the ruins like rats scurrying through a tomb. The Warchief had no choice but to call for her Horde forces to retreat. When Baine sounded the retreat, the Commander of The Grim gave the order for his members to fall back to the Grim’s halls in Brill to defend their base there. They broke off fro
  7. ((Open to all members of The Grim and Twilight Empire. Reply here or ask any member for an invite to the Discord server.)) During the events of the battle at Lordaeron..... The sounds of battle were a neverending background noise. The Grim fought alongside the Horde in the ruins as the Alliance pressed them back with soldiers and machinery. They heard Baine call for the retreat, and reluctantly fell back with the rest of the Horde. Much of the Horde scattered then, and The Grim grouped up among themselves. Brill was scorched by now, decimated by the attack. But T
  8. 08.03.18 People are liars, or maybe they’re just fools. They claim to understand what The Grim is, what we do, and what our purpose is. Then, when they witness it in action, they are shocked and disappointed. It is clear to me now why members of The Grim have so few outside friendships. Outsiders sometimes say they want to be friends with us. They say they understand us, and still want to be friends. But they don’t. Not really. They want to be friends with who they want us to be, not with who we really are. They want us to change, to fit into their idea of right and w
  9. Catalinetta OMG this was so hard!
  10. ((So sorry this is late!)) “….and that is why you should never try to milk a kodo!” Loud, drunken laughter rang out at the long table in the Filthy Animal, where an old orc just finished his joke. A Sindorei death knight female laughed along with them, happily clapping hands to cheer for the entertainment. “Catalinetta? Is that you?” a female voice inquired, interrupting as Cat was about to take a drink of her whiskey. The voice sounded vaguely familiar, but it had been a long time since Cat heard it, and she couldn’t place it. Her pigtails bounced as she turned to
  11. Nearly thirteen years ago, on September 16, 2005, the Necromancer, Maledictus, began writing what would later become known as the Mandate. Wishing to see the destruction of the races of the Alliance, The Grim formed under the tenant – Peace Through Annihilation. The founding members of The Grim were: Ayabba the Forsaken Warlock, Grainger the Steward, Laughingcrow the Tauren Hunter, Pincus the Forsaken Warlock, Snowfeather the Tauren Druid, and four others whose name and deeds have been lost to history. Since those very early days of the Twisting Nether server, The Grim have remained a h
  12. 5.28.18 I haven’t seen Shaelie since that day. I haven’t seen anyone from Sanctuary since then. It’s been a quiet few weeks, other than continuing to clean up the remaining Legion forces in Antorus. I did catch sight of a human woman who matches the description of the woman who killed my messenger in Tirisfal. She also matches the description of a killer responsible for some other murders in the area over the past couple years. I saw her in Dalaran, and guards were nearby, so there wasn’t much I could do other than talk to her. She lied to me about her name, but someone else called her “
  13. 05.02.18 I used to say Sanctuary had tea parties with the Alliance. Yesterday, I had coffee with one of the purple people. That short-eared elf, who is half human and a mage and Sanctuary—everything I hate—so why didn’t I feel the urge to stab him repeatedly? Maybe because he didn’t act like any of those things. I learned that the leadership has changed among the purple people. Julilee, Kex’ti, and Shokkra are all gone from there now. Just Cerryan left, and though I hate him for what he did to me, what his actions turned me into, I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same in h
  14. 04.27.18 Well, I did it. After many drafts burned in the fireplace, I finally had the letter he asked for. And I actually went and gave it to him. I still don’t know why. Maybe because I’m there more and more, playing games with his guards, and I should be on at least civil terms with the leader there? Maybe because The Grim is lacking numbers in certain areas, and it wouldn’t hurt to be on speaking terms with the leader of a bunch of mercs who might be able to fill in the gaps in our ranks? I think I’ll go with that reason. It’s certainly better than the thinking it might be b
  15. 04.24.18 The Grim elf I thought I killed through the mercenary is alive and well. So Qabian is a liar. Surprise, surprise, another elf I can’t trust. That leaves one. Tahz finally handed over his troubles to me. I’m not sure yet what to do with it. I’ll have to wait, see how bad it gets. If it gets too bad, well, it’s been a while since I visited Eastvale. I’m still helping Megeda train the guards at Dragon’s Roost. It’s a fun game to go in there and stir up trouble for as long as I can before I get caught. And hopefully, it will improve things between me and some of the
  16. I think I killed a Grim. Maybe two. Stupid mercenaries. I never should have trusted a strange merc with a job like this. It was only supposed to be a beating, not a murder. It wasn’t anyone important—just a couple elves. But still, they were Grim. At least Awatu doesn’t know. I don’t think he does. The only way he would find out is if Qabian told him, and even then, Qabian has no proof. But does he need it? Lying to an elf is one thing. Lying to a Tauren, the Grim commander, is very risky business. Could I turn it around though? Could I make Qabian be the liar? The
  17. Unfortunately, I don’t think I knew him. He sounds like he was a great guy. I’m so sorry for your loss.
  18. 3.15.18 I went visiting this week to collect money for Tahz’s boat fund. I went to Borrowed Time first. Megeda met me at the gates. I haven’t seen him since Thunder Bluff, I think, when he was guarding that dead human who slaughtered that Tauren village. He doesn’t look well now. He’s too skinny. But he agreed to take up a collection among Borrowed Time to help raise money for the boat. He asked a favor in return. He wanted me to try to sneak past the gate to test his guards. He promised I wouldn’t get hurt if I got caught, and I’ve never known a Tauren to go back on the
  19. 03.12.18 I haven’t seen Vyalis since that night. I sent a message for him to come see me, but apparently, he is ignoring me. He didn’t respond to the message. I guess I’ll have to go correct that mistake. Qabian doesn’t seem to suspect anything. I even sold him two books for half the cost of the contract I took out to beat up a few people he seems to care about. A nice pretty bank note with his name on it, that I’ll hand over to the mercs as payment. That way, if there’s any trouble, it will be traced back to him. That’s the least he deserves for interfering with my plans.
  20. 03.05.18 Damn elves. What the fel happened tonight? That did not go at all the way I had planned. I think someone cut my puppet’s strings and replaced them with a spine and some guts. And I think I know who it was. What, they’re best buds now, because they’re both elves and both missing an ear? He wasn’t going to be pushed around tonight, I could tell. One power play after another. Questioning the purpose of my orders, demanding the ear back, and then that little stand off before he left. I gave him a vague reason for the job, but I still have the ear, and he walked away
  21. 03.04.18 I don’t go to the cabin much anymore. Not while the girl is still there. However, sources say she is seen around Dalaran sometimes, so she’s not there all the time. Baal came to Cantina last night though. What he wants to do is crazy. Some things just can’t be made whole again after they’re broken apart, and we were broken long before she was taken away. I nearly destroyed her then. If this happens, I can probably still do that. But I’m not going to take that risk. I need to change his mind. And if I can’t talk him out of it, I’ll have to go against his wishes. If she’s d
  22. 03.01.18 Gruk was taken. By a “MADMAN” is all I know. Someone invaded Dragon’s Roost Port and took some prisoners, and he was one of them. Cobrak said he would let me help the rescue team get him back. But he hasn’t summoned me yet, and by now, I don’t expect him to. Selash probably talked him out of it. Maybe because I suggested we use his wife as bait. I just hope they get him back in one piece. There’s a new Grim elf. Vyalis. I think he will be very useful. I think I threw him off balance the first time we met, when I threw my rank around and had a taste of his ear. Even
  23. Syreena


    Full Name: Mariz Date of Birth: Unknown Age: Around 17 Race: Darkspear Troll Gender: Female Hair: White Skin: Light Blue Eyes: Amber Height: 7’ Weight: 180 lb Place of residence: Dalaran Place of Birth: Unknown Known Relatives: Unknown Occupation: Waitress at the Wyvern’s Tail Cantina Group/Guild affiliation: Sanctuary Guild Rank: Initiate. Apprentice to Mardalius Anterius Enemies: None currently Weapons of Choice: Frost spells Hobbies: Learning new spells, exploring new lands, meeting new people Physical Features: Mariz is average height for a troll. She’s not skinny, bu