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  1. Alternatively, find the best PvPer you know, and repeatedly beg him to arena with you until he either gives in or ignores you. If he ignores you, find the 2nd best PvPer you know. Wash, rinse, repeat, get carried to Furious stuffs. ;-P <3 you, Yat!
  2. Tazindivya walked unhindered through the Stormwind docks. Slight hand movements in the direction of each passing patrol, and they seemed to not even see him. The bodies had been carted away, and the streets cleaned, but the smell of battle and death always seemed to hang in the air after men had died. Taz had been following Unulu's actions since he revealed himself, and he was still amazed at the raw destruction the elemental was capable of. He had been hitting Stormwind a lot lately, and he was getting very good at it. Taz shook his head, mumbling to himself as he soothed the minds of yet another patrol, "Ya'd be tinkin' dey'd learn 'ow ta keep us out by now..." Most of the signs of battle had already been cleaned up now, but Taz could still smell traces of Tauren blood alongside the human. Looks like he met someone who actually put up a fight this time. A town crier was walking through the gates to the city proper now, yelling some things in common. Taz's grasp of the human language was primitive at best, but he knew enough to get the gist. Judas Ackerson... arrested? Taz stopped in his tracks, his mind searching for where he had heard that name before. Unfortunately, his reverie was rudely interrupted by high-pitched shouts of alarm behind him. Damn, missed the kid again... As the guards became aware of his presence, Taz took off running back towards the water. The guards chased after him, but stopped short at the edge of the docks as the troll hit the water and simply kept running. Taz kept running across the surface until he was out of sight, and then activated his hearthstone. Somebody should be told about this, someone maybe who can remember who the hell this Judas Ackerson is...
  3. Really the only thing required of a Death Knight is that they either "died" somewhere in the general area of the Scourge or went to Northrend and recieved their power directly from the Lich King. Death to the Scourge could happen in the Plagelands, in Naxx itself, or really anywhere else the Scourge have a presence. Since we had the invasion event before Wrath came out, it could even happen then. Death during an earlier war is also certainly possible. Second thing to keep in mind is that Northrend was perfectly accessible before WotLK came out, it's just people weren't sending expeditions. Single adventurers (or even small groups) could certainly have hired a ship to take them in close enough to row/sail to shore. Goblins will do *anything* for a price.
  4. Also knew this. (Doesn't work on Int Shout I would think, since it's actually a physical debuff) I am curious if Mass Dispel will get rid of AMS though. Is it considered a Magical Buff? Anyone know the answer to that? (I don't have AMS on my DK yet, and have yet to have a DK pop it against me on my Priest)
  5. Don't count out DRW just yet, it works like Gargoyle does, that is, after the initial cost and 10 seconds, it drains some runic power every second to stay up. If your RP gen is good enough, you can get a very nice duration out of it (or so I am told). That said, I haven't actually tried it, but I do know that Gargoyle is really really nice for single target dps.
  6. Yes, I was aware of that. But the classes I'd have real trouble keeping up with aren't going to get caught in there long enough for it to really matter. The only class I can really see it being useful against is mage. Most classes don't kite by only running away from you. They use some form of cc/get away move, and then run. The fact that mages can kite classes with a timed debuff snare means I pretty much have no hope of doing so with an aoe snare. (Yes, I largely think of Mages when I think about kiting). I'm sure it's useful, but it seemed like a lot of the other abilities I had access to were just more useful (<3 Death Runes). That said, I think I will at least try Desecration out again when I get a bit higher lvl and start doing some organized PvP.
  7. <p>I beat everyone to 80! I was just so bored that I went back in time to do it again! muahaha!</p>

  8. <p>Curses! You beat me to 80! And I had a 15 level head start!! *cries*</p>

  9. Wrynn is pretty awesome, I think. Despite his flaws, it's about time the Alliance got a leader that is actually kinda badass. I give Wrynn some respect for that. By killing him. Hopefully. >.>
  10. This is very true, however, I chose not to take Desecration in my build precisely for that reason. I actually don't see it as being very useful in PvP. Non-melee classes are going to try and kite you anyway, so you won't really be able to stay in the little circle of fun very long. It just doesn't seem like it would be terribly useful from a PvP standpoint. If anyone has experiences to the contrary, please let me know so I can cry while I try to find 5 points I can afford to move. >.<
  11. As an Unholy PvP DK, I'm planning on running: Glyph of the Ghoul, Glyph of Scourge Strike, and probably Glyph of Icebound Fortitude. (I may go with Glyph of Bone Shield instead if it doesn't help as much as I want it too.) Minors are Glyph of Blood Tap, Glyph of Death's Embrace, and Glyph of Horn of Winter.
  12. And that's when I ghoul stun you and drop a Scourge Strike in your face. ;-P But yeah, Unholy has been really fun. Only had much experience fighting other DKs, and I really ant Anti-Magic Shell, but like someone else mentioned earlier, I started playing the game as a Warlock. Unholy is really fun for me.
  13. Couldn't think of anything witty to say!
  14. <p>You need comments. Noob.</p>

  15. Do not confuse simple with bad. It's a well done drawing, and it's definitely at least ten times better than anything I could do. I likes it.