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  1. I like the blood particularly.
  2. The Misfits- Monster Mash Happy Halloween, peoples! http://youtube.com/watch?v=qcOQduHEv08
  3. I always wanted that lute..
  4. Yeah, well I want it for Warriors!
  5. Haha, Evanthe I felt that way too when I saw Lovely once on Turen. She was sitting by the waters in at that bridge in Stormwind and saw her from where Turen killed some night-elf. Thought about going down to talk to here and was all "Naw, she's like....the biggest Alliance rper here. Probably gets annoyed when random peeps come up and start talking to her"
  6. turen


    bitchslap me. Then as I walk away turn me inside out and set me on fire.
  7. Damn, thanks for that. Things change, sadly. Nothing good ever seems to last. I may have my share of regrets, but I still have the memories.
  8. The Scourge of God- William Dietrich Novel about Attila the Hun. How can it not win?
  9. When I was Turen, I made up my backstory to suit what I wanted to be, based off of playing the typical dwarf soldier for the first 25 levels.
  10. I need advice on what to do with hair too. I can never find anything that I like with it, and my loving mother and sister always point out that my hair looks like shit whenever I go out. Long as I'm making a post that makes me sound like a queer, my dog had ppppuuuuppppiiiieeesss
  11. turen

    Lovely Lore

    Actually, I don't think I ever actually RPed with Lovely. I remember seeing the name in Goldshire once when I wasn't actually an RPer yet, but thats about it. Go figure. Turen DID, however, try to rouse some IFr to go to some battle that was supposed to rescue her or something. Then my net went down so Turen didn't actually fight himself. I don't even wanna begin to think about what my 'Blackrock Depths' are.
  12. Nightwish- Phantom of the Opera http://youtube.com/watch?v=QoSIuaczGN0 Its just so damn cool. You gotta check it out.
  13. Sounds neat. Can I join?
  14. Wow, looks like Raziel had a side project.