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  1. Ohay its Cessily *Points to initial post*
  2. <p>Dammit Sy Izzy is on another server plzfix</p>

  3. I can see whose in it. I'll cancel my request and resend it
  4. The FB page might be dead - I put in a request to join it three days ago, still nothin'.
  5. Thanks everyone~ I'll take a look into this FB page.
  6. <p>Thanks. I'm sure somebody will pop up at some point, just gotta work that persistence.</p>

  7. <p>You caught me. You've been in my friends list for ages...but I cant remember exactly how much we actually rped, buts its been ages. Its so familiar and I figured your character page would remind me of something. In any case, I do wish you luck in finding the names listed on your list. Im sure a bit more soul searching within the depths of TNG will help me out a bit.</p>

  8. <p>Ahaha, you're looking at my characters profile page~</p>

    <p>Goodness is it terrible that I can't remember our interactions in the eleventy billion years ago RP stuff?</p>

  9. <p>You can also get ahold of me on Steam.</p>

    <p>Address - <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197995932271" rel="external nofollow">http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197995932271</a></p>

    <p>Also, 3 years, hoooo~</p>

  10. I'm glad I check back here once in every great while. I knew her well myself, and she will be missed.
  11. Hey everyone. Haven't been around for a long time - not sure if any of the old folks I know still mingle here. I was poking around some of my old photos and came across some of my old screenshots of my time on TN, and figured I'd see if I could possibly hit up some old friends to grab and talk to again. I don't play WoW anymore, but I figured others here might play other things as well. I haven't really spotted a Steam account name page, so I'll share mine here in hopes of meeting some of my old buds from the server - primarily folks from what still is or what used to be from the following guilds; (If anyone has knowledge of how I can contact these individuals that would be fantastic!) The Grim (Horde) - Cessily, Cristok, Tecunuman Fabled Order (Alliance) - Noxtrael, Elector, Maica, Adalheidis I'm sure there's a lot of other friends that the passage of time has eroded my memory over, and I apologize if you're not on this small list of who I could remember. But hey, I'm all for some nostalgia so hit me up! Here's my Steam Profile; http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197995932271 If you don't Steam, feel free to post here or message me with whatever social media you'd prefer to stay in contact with!
  12. I've had my eye on this game for a long time. Now that I know there's RP interest from here in it, I know where to look when I get it~
  13. Goodness. All the ghosts are coming out of the woodworks. *Haunts*
  14. <p>You're lucky it notified me on email that you poked me. Ha. I don't even play WoW anymore, but you can get ahold of me at <a href="mailto:" rel="external nofollow">illumina3@yahoo.com</a></p>