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  2. Full Name:Karasusy Ragiva Nicknames:Sunny, Bunny, the Pure, the Skillful, the experienced, the teacher Date of Birth:-230, around the war of three Hammers Age:240 Race: Dwarf Gender:Female Hair:gray Skin:gray Eyes:gray Height:3'7" Weight:150 Kg Place of residence:Currently working in SW Place of Birth:Booty Bay Known Relatives:Mother, still works in BB. Father unknown. Religion/Philosophy:the Light Occupation:Priest who wants to spread happiness Group/Guild affiliation:Ex-affiliations(Deadshotcorps, One-Blood, The Cartel, Blackwatch Regiment) current(Vicimus), Ironforge, churhc of the Holy White Light. Guild Rank:Citizen Enemies:None Likes: To be of use to others. Favorite Foods:Sausage Favorite Drinks:Milk Favorite Colors:White Weapons of Choice:Staff Dislikes: Disease Hobbies: Spending time in rapture Physical Features:52-32-56 Special Abilities:Extreme endurance and flexibility Positive Personality Traits:always ready to help others Negative Personality Traits:none Misc. Quirks: Played by What Famous Person: Theme Songs:These Boots Were Made for Walking History: Was born on the sand beaches of Booty Bay. Had a normal childhood, didn't know my father, and my mother worked in the BB entertainment industry featuring S.S.S. When I was 18 I decided to join her in the lucrative and exciting job of making others Happy. It was a blast! That was where I met Father Johnson. He was one of the most dedicated costumers to the S.S.S and I met on a very regular basis where he taught me about the "Light". At first I found it to be a painful and strange experience but soon it became clear to me that this was the path that all young female dwarves must follow. So I joined the Church of the Holy Whiteness where I can constantly enjoy constant rapture. At the age of 40 I left the church after I became intimately acquainted with all the Fathers of my order. I was extremely experienced by then and had an extensive knowledge about how to Heal Bodies. for the next two hundred years or so I went from town to town healing the sick an needed. I was in particular demand from the aging who used my services very well.Soon the first orcs invaded Azeroth, it was a very busy time but also very gratifying. I was able to relieve many of their pains and desires. Time flew by so fast that before I realized it the second war arrived. I was captured by the Orcs during the second war. They were more bulky than what I was used to but they were good company. I was a captive but I was never treated badly, although I did spend many sleepless nights. This was where I built up my legendary endurance. I was finally freed at the end of the second war, but the experience was a bit too intense so I decided to start teaching in an orphanage. I Enjoyed my stay with the young ones. They were so energetic and demanding at all times. They were always eager to explore and to learn new things about the world. I was pleased to be of such use to these children. I taught them all that father Johnson taught me. Many of these children soon became the Manly paladins and Sturdy priests that served during the third war. The third war was the worst. The plague spread and there was no way of telling which of my customers were infected. Many of my fellow coworkers fell to the disease that was spreading among the population. I soon derived a way to prevent its spread with the use of some special ointment rubbed onto my nostril/holes with Lambskin. After the third way I decided to help people rebuild their lives and to make things easier. I was so busy that time just flew by until the crash of the Exodar. Those poor poor draenie. I did all I could to ease them an to satisfy them. Once my Job was done there I decided to move to Stormwind where I have been ever since.