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  1. The -sole- problem is the fact that this rule is hindering to druids in a place that they're suppose to be completely free in Stormwind. It has nothing to do with your guild, you as a person, or trying to upset the event. I'm pretty much positive that a problem like this would completely disappear if the tavern was in a place that a rule like that would make more sense. Dwarven District is probably the perfect choice for a rule like that, actually. =)
  2. Now, I don't wanna go into all this back and forth. The person being accused as a griefer is a pretty good friend of mine, and a great RPer. And IC wise, my character completely understands his problems. Lore was mentioned as a reasoning for the rules, and I understand the idea of the tavern being leased...but here is where it all blows up... You put this rule in a leased tavern in the park. I took this from wowwiki about the park... "It has recently been donated as a refuge for visiting night elves, who find the comforting presence of nature a welcome respite from the vast stone thoroug
  3. I see a lot of people flagged from time to time. Most times when I'm in Stormwind, I "RP-walk" around, be it to the AH, bank, or wherever I need to go, just for the chance that I see someone flagged or RP, or someone not flagged will see the opportunity to RP.
  4. You're just suppose to right click the buff, which on mostly all other abilities will disspell it. But with this totem, it'll switch back to the player, to freely move around. If you need to look back at the totem, just right click the buff again and you'll see from the totems viewpoint. I use totemtimers on my shaman as well, but I still don't have a problem. But, if your friend is still having a problem after popping that totem, you can just use Totemic Call to get rid of it. Hope this helps =)
  5. That was fun, and couldn't be set up any better. Horde with control, Alliance took control, Horde took control back. Everyone had fun, must do it more! Maybe somewhere in Azeroth (EPL Towers come to mind).
  6. I let the people at The Hidden Palm know about it. Not sure if they're actually going to come.
  7. One of my arena teams (though, it's been a while since we've actually done anything) is... Providing Entertainment
  8. I'm making sure that I tell everyone I know about the event. As The Light is my witness, Alliance will have participants! >.<
  9. My motivation normally comes from my wife. I play with her alts, so my alts will level. Other than that, metal music always helped me. Crazy, fast power metal. Having two monitors help too, putting a movie on one, while playing WoW on the other. Also Watching any SP episode by just streaming on a flash player makes the grinding go fast fast.
  10. I'll make a post on my guilds forums (Peaceful Eternity)!!!
  11. Sounds like a great idea. I'll make sure to tell my guild (Peaceful Eternity) once a time and date is announced =D
  12. "...a farmers son!?" One man says loudly to another. "Sir, I just know it." The other man says back, in a calm tone. "Benedictus, you cannot expect me to believe that..." the man, with a flustered look, points over at a small blonde boy, half-hiding behind a taller dark haired boy. "...THAT is filled with the Light!!" Archbishop Benedictus looks back, giving the small boy a calming smile, then turning his now stern gaze back to the man. "Sir, I know he.." The man quickly cuts him off. "He isn't even born with the gift of the Light!" Benedictus takes a step forward, visibly trying to keep hi
  13. Name: Venrix Bishop Title: Cleric of Northshire Gender: Male Race: Human Age: Mid Twenties Class: Holy/Disc Hybrid Priest Height: 6' Weight: 160lbs Birthplace: Moonbrook, Westfall Known Relatives: Larix Bishop - Brother, Maryn Bishop - Cousin Home: Northshire Abbey/Cathedral of Light Occupation: Abbot of Northshire Abbey Guild: The Peaceful Eternity Guild Rank : Commander Physical Description: Venrix holds himself high, with a calm smile on his face. His clothes seem to be clean whenever seen in town, but those that have fought beside him know he has no problem getting dirty