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  2. I dunno some goblin girl. Hahaha you guys thought you got rid of me.
  3. ((YOU. YOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! *has a heart attack*))
  4. The land mocks me. From a young girl who wavered between the idleness of school and home, I was rootless. My parents had no grander plans for me, as they struggled to reclaim their glory and seek revenge over those who cursed our vineyard. Now these hills take no roots, as if to mirror their holder. The unnecessary mockery of it stings my ego. Much of my story has been told already, in these past entries. Their message echoes into my future, the tale referencing itself as it remains unfinished. Isendur’s story might see it’s final chapter, at lea
  5. Every once in awhile, a doodle gets wildly out of hand. This is one such example. Here's the B&W version, because I love it too much not to put it up.
  6. Because I was sick of not having an avatar for Dora.
  7. They’ve responded to my request in a week’s time. The bumbling idiots that act as administration to the Seminary of the Sunflare will pay the price for ignoring my initial inquiries. They need to quickly learn the worth of their history if they intend to re-establish their house as a sanctum of learning, or else they’ll lose favor with their previous benefactors. They’ll heed the name Arath’dorei again, as they did for the Patriarch Bacrean. His granddaughter will know the same respect. I’ll make do with the recruits they’ve sent me for now. Three acolytes whose names I’ve not both
  8. *vomits lineart and coloring* *calls it art* Dora as Frisk from Undertale
  9. Can't be Sin...she's occupied. But I think we can work something out.
  10. When I get a reason to rp with your sorry butt, that's when! =P
  11. Have a quick sketch of Zak and his baby. This post has been promoted to an article
  12. <p>Doth thee have any original work that I might feast thine eyes upon?</p>

  13. I sit at a vanity table whose contents I recognize but have never touched. There’s threads or hair like copper wire weaving through the bristles of a paddle brush, the ends of them resting against the ivory handle. Rosewater in a crystal decanter. Vanilla extract encased in amber, the phial no bigger than my thumb. When I look into the reflection of the mirror, I see the expanse of the bed’s rolling hills. I can see the divot I had made lying in the valley they make. While I had rested there, hands that weren’t mine had reached for each other, the fingers woven together to create a cup over t
  14. <p>YOU. Have no earthly idea how loud I squealed when I saw that post on Sin's journal. Thank you for sending me into a dizzying euphoria <3</p>

  15. I described Amalyn Rayfeather as a beautiful woman. I’m about to spend the next several lines rectifying this mistake. I allowed myself to ruminate over that guilt whose source I cannot define. It followed me well into the early hours of the morning, until I realized that the night had passed without rest. Just thoughts of how I could make amends, or simply to speak to Amalyn again without shame curdling in my chest. I came up a plan, and set out to Dalaran to acquire the materials. When I returned to the base with the sun still hiding below the horizon line, I spied Zakael with the mother o