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  1. One of my fraternity brothers started playing again and after convincing him that Rp-PvP really is the only way to go, he went on to Emerald Dream and occasionally he approches me saying something along the lines of "Hey, I was RPing with this guy names (Name here), and he wanted me to say 'Hi'" so I assume people still play. I've come back a few times while in between games, (Mostly MMOs, futilely trying to recreate the fun times had with you guys during Wrath) but each time I've made one of those new-fangled f2p alts, I can't seem to find anyone at all, not even random tavern dwellers. Good to know some people still lurk around here though. I've been looking for a way to finally kill off my characters, (Well, Zob'jun at the very least) so if people are getting together again for some nostalgia rp, feel free to hit me up. Main RP Toon: Zob'jun (Rupp) and Lord Stephen Lutz (Lutz) Horde Or Alliance? I swing both ways, and while red team will always hold a special place in my heart, I gotta say rolling with the underdogs is the most fun. Guild: God god, I'm such a guild slut. Since everyone pretty much knew each other, I thought it was a huge waste to throw all of your characters in one guild. I've rolled with almost every major player on the Rp-PvP scene from The Cartel to the Raven Cross, save for Irontoe's gang, which, as I myself have become more and more of an asshole, very much regret. My fondest memories though, will always come from Sanctuary, The Warsong Liberators, The Outriders, and The Dusk Watch. What was your favorite RP event or storyline? I was never one for long storylines, so my interactions with other characters were 95% spur of the moment, and being a weak writer, I've never had the patience to sit down write out stories. I stumbled upon this thread while looking for the Sun Rock Retreat incident for inspiration for a swtor event I want to put together, so I feel like that's certainly worth a mention, but my fondest memories come from bar tending in Silvermoon, shooting the shit with other characters, only to have it dissolve into a raging battle or a hunt around the city to find a lone stealther after an Ally would burst through the door and murder anyone too stupid FUCKING AWESOME to turn off their PvP flag after donning their RP gear, or brief quarrels or celebrations with fellow Rp-PvPers who would respond the the same WorldDefense pings as you.
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  5. I thoroughly enjoyed Balmorra. But I also liked Hellfire peninsula. Maybe I'm just insane.
  6. I'm sure someone will whine and cry about it, but personally, I'm glad I don't have to rely on other people to get geared anymore.
  7. I remember someone did something similar to this a while back and I had a lot of fun with it.
  8. <p>Alright, so one of us should write a post in which Lutz breaks free, they fight and both take damaging hits until Igh ends up getting off a lucky hit and causes Lutz a fatal injury. Of course, this would lead to Lutz realizing it's -not- a fatal injury, and then he can realize being Forsaken is bloody awesome. Igh will heal him up using potions, and they can pat each other on the backs and bid farewell.</p>

  9. <p>Well, first he'll do everything in his power to kill Igh, but then realize that being undead is the greatest thing whiskey-soda (especially as he was nearing the end of his life anyhow) and he'll give Igh a pat on the back, then spend the rest of his days killing every member of the Alliance that crosses his path and shipping their corpses off to the valkir for resurrection.</p>

  10. <p>Well, how do you see this all going from your side of it?</p>

  11. <p>I for see a lot of two or three sentence posts here. Do you want to work to gether on the next post or just have one of use godmod the shit out of the other?</p>

  12. Lutz opened his eyes. Where in the devil WAS he? He looked around. Beakers, flasks, strange, nightmarish creatures roaming about, clearly he was about to be used as a guinea pig for some of the undead’s twisted experiments. Stephen struggled to retrieve his weapons that lay on the table next to him, but found that he was secured to the table. Stephen growled. “Release me filth, and I’ll be sure to end your suffering.”
  13. Lutz leveled his rifle as he examined the beasts. “Curious…” The armored beasts lunged at him or at least, most of them did anyway the worgen’s armor provided little to no protection against a bullet to the chest, and the first beast to the far left came crashing down mid-jump. Not to his surprise the monsters closed the gap faster than the beasts he had slew just minutes before. The noble began to backpedal, and aiming for the closest Worgen, fired one last shot. The bullet collided with the monster’s head, causing it to explode like an overripe fruit, sending blood, gore, and skull fragments in all directions, temporarily blinding the two beasts adjacent to him, as well as spattering bits of brain matter on Stephen’s boots. Quite inconvenient. The Worgen to the far right however, was unaffected by the shower of gore and closed the gap between himself and the hunter with frightening speed. Lutz was no stranger to close quarters combat however, and the beast let out a surprised yelp as the noble smashed the butt of his rifle against the monsters jaw, sending it reeling back. The armored Worgen quickly recovered, but it bought Lutz more than enough time to draw his swords. Using the momentum from the stock strike, Stephen spun around, slashing at the offending beast’s neck. The monster tried to parry the blow with his claws, but only ended up losing his hand moments before the second sword tore though his neck, nearly decapitating him. Snarling, the blinded beast recovered just in time to see Lutz run the other incapacitated monster though. Placing his boot on the fallen beasts head, he pulled his swords out of the felled Worgen’s chest and turned his attention to the last remaining beast. They both charged but the monster found that his vertical swipe was interrupted by the human’s rapier, which pierced though his palm and into his eye. Stephen thrust forward just a little bit more and the beast went limp, forcing Stephen’s sword arm down with him. Grunting, Stephen struggled to free his sword from the leather-clad corpse. At 58, his body just wasn’t capable of performing like it used to. Lutz contemplated how much longer he would be able to go on hunting trips like this as he crossed the room to inspect the first monster he shot, when suddenly a flash of blueish light caught his eye. The cold energy swirled all around him and Lutz realized that he walked right into a trap. He really was too old for this. As the energies closed in, Lutz swung his swords in an attempt to deflect the spell, or at least, die in some sort of heroic pose. “Oh, Bollocks-” he thought as the ice wrapped around him.
  14. Gripping the handle on the steel bird’s neck, Lutz scowled as his mechanostrider bounced across the bridge on its way to tempest’s reach. The hunting trip had been a complete failure; after hours of searching he had only come across a single worgen, who provided an underwhelming chase and an even less spectacular fight. While the kill was clean, the beast’s pelt was so dirty and mangy, Stephen was unable to tell if it was brown or black. He didn’t even consider bringing the creature back as a trophy, and left Cornelia behind so that she at last could make use of it. After she was done wrapping it an sucking out it’s vital juices she would no doubt scurry back to the mansion where Stephen would be waiting for her. Worst of all, it had begun to rain, halving his already very slim chance of finding anything worth killing. Stephen had neglected to pack his poncho and did not want to ruin his clothes, so he elected to head east and spend the night in one of the smaller mansions at tempest’s reach. He had decided that he would spend the night in Godfrey’s old residence as it was the closest and given the man’s knack for shooting pistols, would undoubtedly have some spare ammunition for Lutz to use. Arriving in the courtyard, the mechanostrider slowed to a walk and Lutz realized that he was not alone in the north-east window he saw a massive, hulking beast with a beautiful, luxurious white pelt and large, almost perfectly manicured fangs, as if the beast had somehow retained the procedural memories of dental hygiene though his transformation. He just had to have it. Not bothering to stop his mount, the noble drew his rifle with a single hand and fired. The bullet shattered the glass pane and priced the beast’s heart, killing it instantly and knocking it backwards, leaving it slumped up against the adjacent wall. As he loaded a new round into his rifle, Lutz could other worgen inside, scurrying about, running down halls, and no doubt ruining Godfrey’s red carpeting that Lutz as always so envious of. Lutz brushed off the rain drops that had accumulated on his mustache and retrieved as many armaments from the back compartment of his mechanostrider that he could carry; Grenades, two rapiers, tazik shocker, plenty of extra ammunition, and of course, his rifle. Stephen strode forth and kicked open the door, and shot one of the beasts that had poorly attempted to ambush him. Lutz smirked and thought to himself. “Perhaps this night wasn’t going to be so boring after all.”
  15. <p>The trap will be in a large mansion that's placed on Lutz's hunting route. I figured Worgen under Igh's control could lure Lutz in, and then lead him on a merry chase through the mansion, ultimately running him into a Frost Rune Igh placed. Once Lutz is temporarily impaired, Igh blinks forward and stabs a syringe into his neck to knock him out. We can do the turning then if you feel like once Lutz wakes up. It's a quick and sure victory, because like you said, Lutz would only be taken down by an overwhelming force sort of situation. Igh would of course realize this from studying the man.</p>

    <p>If you have any porblems with this idea, tell me and we'll work out a different plan.</p>