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    HI BUNNY! Long time no talk to you! I been huybersnatin, or at least that wat Professor Pelerin call it. And I waked up all feelin funny in my bear-parts. I been goin to Karabam wit people from SMU an it fun. I get to have tings hittin me an it makes me all GRR RAR an stuff. I like it it scritches my baks. Tonite we go see a King an' sum guy namded Druul or sometin. I was hittin on by som zingy tings by a preesty wit an eey an den Druul giev me pantz an Arkmaeg Vargon bles us an we kills him gud. I let you outta box for a little too Bunny. Did you see big Druul? Xion lookded at me funny but I wuz only hafin fun wit his puppy. Wuz gud nite. Gud nite Bunny! *snuglez*
  2. HI BUNNY! I like you lots, you're all nice and fuzzy and like to listen lots so I'm gonna tell you what I've been doing! I'm sure you'll be thrillmmimilled! I met a bunch of people at this school right here in Silvermooooon that is...Silvermoon University! Isn't that neat? They are all pretty nice people although Hellista seems to keep wanting me to eat odd slimy things. She's a little weird, but mom says all schools have weird people so I guess she's supposed to be there too. I've met Exvind who's kinda...weird sometimes. And Frieya, who likes spiders. I didn't like spiders, but this one was cute and made me this really nice mitten! So I like that spider. I named her Bunny after you. I'm sure if you could make mittens you'd make them too. So today we went to the Karabagong place where there are a lot of scary things, but I was a bear and stopped them from hitting everyone else! At least, most of the time. Sometimes I forgot how to make them hit me and they ran off and killed someone else wearing less clothing than I was, but I got them back! I did! Bunny, you would be proud of me. I was very strong and they spooky things were scared of me when we were done. Really! They also gave me some things that can help me to heal, but I don't know what I'll do with those things-they don't help me with the hittin' as well as my pretty hat and giant bat on a stick. I like everyone I go to Karaboozamb with, they are all very nice, even when they get killed on accountin of me. While hanging out with you here bunny, I've met some neato people too. I scared Janith at first, but I think she understands better that I like to watch. I especially like watching her drawing her pretty pictures. She introduced me to her friend Vaaaaaaaaaaande (he has a really long name) who is nice and has a kitty yay! Also a bony guy named Emmons fed me nummy fish-I like him, he smells like pudding. I really like it here, Bunny. Maybe I'll take you on some of my adventures, but you might get very tired. I know I do. Don't worry tho, I'll carry you on my back-I have a lot of room there to carry you around. Let's go splash around in the pond a little then go take a nap, ok? Ok.