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  1. Full Name: Cernun Dranok Shadowbloom Nicknames: Cern Date of Birth: -295 (Before the Orcish Invasion) Age: 322 Race: Night Elf Gender: Male Hair: The Night Elf's naturally off-green hair rests upon his shoulders. Skin: An unremarkable shade of purple, as is characterized by most Night Elves. Eyes: Not much can be seen beyond a bright, yet gentle, golden glow. He possesses the amber eyes that mark most Druids. Height: 7'2'' Weight: 232 lbs Place of residence: Cernun spends much time in Stormwind, particularly the Gilded Rose, though he does not call anyplace his home. Place of Birth: In northern Kalimdor, not far from Mount Hyjal. Known Relatives: None Religion/Philosophy: Honors Elune and Cenarius. Strives to uphold the balance nature requires. Occupation: An agent for the Cenarion Circle Group/Guild affiliation: Cernun has lent his aid to a guild known as Forge for the last year in dreaded places such as the Tower of Karazhan to the newly discovered Titan City of Ulduar. Guild Rank: Deathsmith Enemies: The Kor'kron Vanguard, specifically a smaller sect that has, in recent days, died away. Likes: The peace Moonglade offers. The Comradeship he finds in battling alongside his guildmates. Favorite Foods: Kaldorei Spider Kabob Favorite Drinks: Pinot Noir Favorite Colors: Purple Weapons of Choice: Staves, mostly, though from time to time he will wield a polearm. Dislikes: Those who show no care for the destruction they wreak, hard alcohol, and the current leader of the Cenarion Circle, Staghelm. Hobbies: When he is not away doing business for the Cenarion Circle, Cernun prefers to either wander the forests of Kalimdor or continue his studies in the Druidic art. Physical Features: Cernun is lean muscled. He has several scars upon his shoulders from recent years of doing battle with a variety of opponents. Special Abilities: When absolutely necessary Cernun draws strength from nature to heal his wounds, accepting the life essence of nearby plants to renew his own. Positive Personality Traits: Cernun is careful of what he says, doing his best not to offend those around him, if possible. However, when the subject is something which he regards with greater personal stake, he will speak freely. Negative Personality Traits: The Elf often withdraws into himself, sometimes making social interaction hard for those seeking companionship. He does well by himself, which often causes others near him to feel slighted. Theme Songs: The Butterfly - Celtic Woman History: - Cernun sat upon the stairs which led to the upper floors of the Gilded Rose, being it was packed near overflowing when he had arrived back from a trip to the Stonetalon Mountains to combat the Venture Company's excursion there. He caught the innkeeper's eyes with his and smiled. She nodded knowingly, and after retrieving a bottle from a nearby shelf, weaved her way through the mass of people to the Night elf, taking a seat next to him on the stairs. Cernun twisted his body, leaning against the wall to face the innkeeper. "You've certainly earned yourself a rest, from the looks of it." Cernun said, gesturing at the crowd. Alice laughed, then nodded. "I'd say so! I've never had so many dwarves yelling for ale in one night. It sure is great for business, though! At least until we run dry..." "Then they'll just pack up and empty the next watering hole, and would no doubt be back the moment they knew you were resupplied." Cernun replied, eying the bottle of Pinot Noir his companion had brought with. Alice noted the gaze and quickly popped open the bottle and handed it to the elf, who smiled as he accepted and raised it to his lips taking a brief sip before lowering it again. The pair sat quiet for a minute, watching the bustle of activity before Alice spoke. "Tell me more about yourself... You've been practically living upstairs here for a year and yet I feel as though we are nothing more than familiar strangers. Why, I don't believe I know much beyond what you enjoy to eat and drink." She said, giggling as Cernun smiled and sipped again from the bottle he held. "I'm not sure you would have time for a life story, not with this sort of traffic." Cernun stated, nodding at the filled inn. "Oh they can wait," she said waving a dismissive hand, "Please, if you don't mind, I'd love to hear it." After looking back at the crowd for a moment she turned back and added, "Well, maybe a shorter version, anyway." The pair shared a laugh and after Cernun took yet another sip of Pinot Noir he began. I can't recall a lot from my childhood. There was nothing extraordinary about it. I played, studied, made friends, and learned the way of my people from my parents. I began to display the abilities of a Druid, as my amber eyes suggested I would, and so dropped many of my other studies to focus solely on that of the Druidic art. My father was a druid, and so I was more than pleased to discover he had become a role model for yet another area of my life. Unfortunately, it was his failure to heed the warning that each druid was given time and again that brings about the first notable event of my childhood existence. I was having trouble mastering many of simple abilities that my fellow druids performed easily, such as summoning a sphere of energy from nearby plants or calling forth roots to entangle an object, and so my mother brought me to another teacher, who I still refer to as my Shan'do to this day, Mathrengyl Bearwalker. He saw something in me that he claimed many of my peers did not possess. A "Feral Spirit" is what he called it. I soon learned that he too had the same problem when he first began his path into Druidism. My mother left me with him to train and I later found that there were others like me, though not anywhere near the number of "normal" druids I had left back home. It was only a few days after my mother left that I received word of my Father's death. He had, as many druids eventually do, entered the Emerald Dream, as he has done countless times before. It had become a problem for him, something akin to the addiction Blood Elves have for magic. He needed the Emerald Dream. His trips there became longer and longer and because of that, more dangerous. This is the warning he failed to heed, that of giving into the peace and carelessness that the Emerald Dream offers. His spirit had forever lost it's connection with his body, and so, his body died. I grieved his death greatly, for he meant much to me, but his passing was a part of the cycle of nature, and so I moved on and continued my studies. Years passed. Bearwalker taught me of the animalistic path of Druidism, favoring me over many of my peers not only because of the adeptness I had shown, but because he was a close friend of my father's, and seemed to feel it was his responsibility to watch over me. I spent nearly one hundred and fifty years studying with him, eventually branching off and succeeding in many areas I had failed when I had began. Unfortunately the skills I had learned would be put into use sooner than any of us had expected. We had begun to receive word of a strange new race moving inland towards our sacred forests. It wasn't long before we summed them up as reckless monsters, taking what they wanted and killing what stood in their way. The few battles I heard of were filled with tales of our victory over them, sending them into retreat where ever we struck. Then things took a turn for the worse. A change occurred in the creatures we had discovered were called Orcs. They had been filled with a demonic magic akin to the one my people had combated nearly ten thousand years ago. This bloodlust they now exhibited caused them to disregard their lives and added unnatural energy to every swing as they now tore through my people. In an attempt to finally repel the Orcs, Bearwalker took several of his most gifted students, myself included, to aid Cenarious in crushing the Green-skinned monsters. We arrived just in time to see our Demi-god hacked to pieces by Hellscream's forces. We fought bravely, hearts filled with vengeance, but eventually turned back, vastly outnumbered. We "Feral" Druids, as we had begun to call ourselves, struck surgically, always vanishing before being detected. The elders among us would take on the form of a panther, or even a bear, and pick off small packs of orcs while the less experienced would request the aid of nearby animals, sending all manner of ferocious creatures at our new found enemies. Eventually we learned that the Burning Legion had returned, and were responsible for the monstrous behavior of the Orcs. Mannoroth, who's blood had corrupted the Orcs, was slain, and the Orcs were eventually reigned in by their leader, turning their attention from us to the more obvious threat of the Legion. With the aid of the Humans, the Orcs, and the awakened Druids of the Barrow Dens, the Legion was vanquished, though at no small price to my race. I watched as my leaders destroyed our World Tree, Nordrassil, and wept with my people over our lost immortality. After this tragedy, I spent a few years aiding in the restoration of parts of our lost civilization before I heard that Staghelm, who took Malfurion's place after the former Archdruid returned to the dream, had planted a new world tree. I quickly made my way north and stayed in the city of Auberdine for a few days where I chanced upon Bearwalker who asked me to accompany him on a voyage to the new tree. I accepted and we left soon after. Upon arrival we found that the unblessed tree, for it was not approved by Nozdormu as Nordrassil was, had grown quickly, already more than half the size Nordrassil had been. Bearwalker brought us to the beginnings of a small settlement, known today as Rut'theran Village, in the side of the tree. It was here that Staghelm led his fellow druids in his attempts at creating this new world tree. Many of us disagreed with Staghelm, but the seed was already planted, and so we did our best to make it into a new home for our people. We scaled the tree and found amongst it's branches rich wildlife and fertile ground. Eventually, we began to create the pride of all Night Elven cities, Darnassus, which drew hundreds of Night Elves to it's peaceful setting. Even High Priestess Tyrande made her home there. I spent the next few years under Bearwalker's guidance attempting to repair many of the things that had gone wrong with Teldrassil, or "Crown of the Earth", as we had called the tree. There was a vile corruption seeping through it's boughs and so I was kept busy trying to restore the failing balance. It was five years after the Third War that Bearwalker asked to speak with me about an important matter. He told me that I had spent enough time tending to Fandrel's hopeless mess. He wanted me to leave Teldrassil and expand my focus from the needs of my race to the needs of this world. Too long had the Night Elves disregarded the rest of Azeroth, focusing only on our own lands. I was to represent the Cenarion Circle in my journey's, lending my aid to the younger races. After he taught me the art of shape shifting, he sent me off to Auberdine to meet an older, yet very spirited, Night Elf by the name of Zenfire. Zenfire soon recruited me to his cause, what he called the Dusk Runners. We were to strike back at the Horde for all the pain they had caused to our races. Aladori and Malanori, Druidic sisters, along with a priest by the name of Tilia, all Dusk Runners, became exceptionally close friends of mine. Together, along with several others, we employed Warlock Demon magic to transport ourselves into Horde encampments unseen. We then proceeded to ravage them, looting, burning, and murdering everything. Long before any help could arrive for these Horde towns we had disappeared into Mages' Portals, being transported far from danger. Looking back now, I regret my involvement with Zenfire. I had done things akin to what the Orcs did to my people, and for this I am shamed. Our raids came to a halt when Zenfire disappeared into the Emerald Dream. He left a note stating that Aladori and I were to assume leadership of the Dusk Runners. While we tried valiantly to hold the group together, in the end we failed. I turned to very dark things in those times. I allowed myself to become a pawn for Kil'jaeden's attempt to reenter the world through use of the Sunwell. Thankfully, I broke away before my spirit was damned and set about to right my wrongs. I began by enlisting as a mercenary in an alliance of several guilds. They sought to unravel the mysteries and purge the evil which haunted the Tower of Karazhan. It was with them that I discovered the true potential I had as a "Feral Druid". Our alliance, along with dozens of other guilds and hundreds of other heroes, quelled the evil within Karazhan and we set our sights to the perils of Outland, or Draenor, as it was once known. I bid farewell to the friends I had fought alongside for many a month, as most of them chose to stay behind and continue to watch over Karazhan should any traces of malevolence be uncovered, and took on a more permanent postion in a Guild named Forge, who had already began to tackle the dangers Draenor housed. Alongside Forge, and again, countless other guilds, I saw Magtheridon and Gruul the Dragonkiller fall in defeat. I aided them in slaying Illidan's pawns, Lady Vashj and Prince Kael'thas, in their fortresses in Zangarmarsh and the Netherstorm respectively. I also lent my claws to the weakening of Illidan's stronghold, the Black Temple, where Azeroth once again triumphed as the threat of Illidan Stormrage was crushed. With Outland's problems now under control Forge, myself included, turned it's eyes northwards towards Northrend and Arthas's stronghold. In the months I've spent there I have aided in purging the evil of Naxxramas, reigning in the insane Blue Dragonflight, destroying the twilight eggs that survived the little known of incident in Grim Batol, and most recently, venturing into the depths of the Titan City Ulduar, where it is now known Yogg'Saron lurks, perhaps the greatest evil I have yet faced for my world... The inn had finally grown quiet when Cernun finished his tale, many of the customers having finally stumbled off to bed or out into the streets. Alice smiled at Cernun. "Thank you.. for all you've sacrificed so that folks such as I, and these," She said motioning towards the mess that awaited her," can live peacefully." Cernun gave an empty smile, an odd far-off look in his eyes, then picked himself up and proceeded up the stairs to his room.