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  1. My main reason for not going this time was a lack of vacation hours for family vacations. Going forward, I can budget those hours a bit better and perhaps attend! I like the idea of Boston, but I would go one step further and say Cape Cod. One can still get to Boston pretty easily, but it's Cape Cod! Beach houses are nice, and I don't care what Shaelie says! I know that Cape Cod has some cool lighthouses, nice beaches, and some amazing seafood (which I'm all about). Dunno what resorts/hotels/whatevers are there. For New Orleans: Pros -Unique culture, food, atmosphere, and entertainment -Casinos, jazz houses, and interesting night life, as well as some familiar vacation things -Mild winter/early-spring season (but watch out for the rainy season...) -All the booze, both cheap and expensive Cons -No, seriously, watch out for the rainy season! -Hot as balls in the late spring and summer months -Not -hard- to get to, but maybe out of the way for both West Coasters and New Englanders -Stay away during Mardi Gras
  2. Xara is pretty spot-on, but an additional note should be made in game terms. Warlords saw a low point in the game that had not existed previously. However, many of us stuck through it due to friendships and guild/community-driven activities. This also saw a renaissance of user-created events and stories that Cataclysm and Mists lacked. There was so little content within the game that the community collectively made its own content. The story of Warlords was not particularly compelling, so I find myself recognizing Warlords as the time all of our stories took place. Legion has, in turn, presented us with a plethora of content to keep us busy alongside a rather robust storyline. I know many folks who spend excess game time doing world quests, doing Mythic+ content, and grinding PvP content alongside events like raids (which are amazing) and rich questlines. There is a lot going on, and time that may have once been spent on RP is now being spent on progressing characters in other ways. Also, babies. We've taken on a lot of babies. I think using the term "fixing it" is a bit of an unnecessary term. I don't believe it to be broken. Just different. The community still exists and is largely the same, just with priorities and efforts being shifted more across the game than in the specific area of PvP. That being said, it never hurts for more RP, and a mid-sized story or one-shot here and there is enough to stem the tide of RP woes. So, I would say continue to RP and drag folks into little this-n-thats as time allows.
  3. Piggy-backing on the comments about flaws and weaknesses, I tend to create simple and basic characters that allow for a lot of growth. One can end up with more creativity in the future if a lot of backstory is left open-ended and unclear. I find it much more interesting to focus on how awesome my character can be versus how awesome they were before meeting anyone.
  4. I'm not much of a fan of the Ashbringer being the artifact weapon. I'll just have to turn a blind eye to Awatu getting the thing and then transmog it back into his big-ass axe! I just find it odd, though I understand the reason, that there are no-name artifacts and then there are the big-name ones (Ashbringer, Doomhamer, Felo'melorn).
  5. Alternate Universe and Main Universe.
  6. This is 100% AU Draenor, so not really a retcon in any sense. Just another version of the same thing. AU Draenor had many differences from MU Draenor. One of the key differences being the Ner'zhul's wife did not die so Kil'jaeden would not appear as her in Ner'zhul's dreams. That, plus other differences, means that Gul'dan would be the driving force behind the Legion being summoned to Draenor. The other large difference would be the the Shadowmoon Clan working with the Dark Star and Ner'shul not really being a shaman but more of a priest. I agree that there are aspects of the AU timeline that are just plain lazy, but I think this short about Gul'dan helps Warlords of Draenors' story. Gul'dan turns into a tragic and understandable character, though he remains an unreliable narrator. The original story had much more depth than this one.
  7. Just speaking personally, but when I log on I tend to have a specific goal in mind with the game. I don't think I've ever logged on with the express intent to RP except for a scheduled RP event. It's also rare for me to stop and chat with someone if they try and initiate a conversation with me, as I'm usually busy with a few things by that point. And, because my time tends to be limited a bit, I try to get things done in-game versus doing RP. So, I prefer a more structured and scheduled format to more impromptu stuff. There have bee a few times I've had an abundance of game time and found myself just traipsing along and falling into some RP. I encourage walk-up RP, but it's not something I actively seek nor is it something I truly make time for.
  8. <p>COBRAK</p>

  9. Awatu is a name I've held onto for a while. It came as I was mashing letters together to make a Tauren-sounding name. Worked out well! I went with the Stonespire tribe as they were relatively minor until Cataclysm. Awatu was a Shaman until Cata, when I transfered my Paladin to Horde-side. Ignas is a shortening of 'Ignatius', which is the original name I wanted. Like, really wanted. I had no intention of really getting into RP (this was the beginning of BC and I was leveling characters to play with my coworker's raiding guild at the time), but I fell into it by chance. The name was never meant to be anything other than a handle in a game. I had Ignas adopt a last name, 'Mordanas', as he was an ambassador to the Alliance for his people and he felt that having a last name would make him more approachable. I had Mordanas mean 'Watch-keeper' or something similar in Draenic. Ignas mean 'Fire-light', or something similar. Which is ironic considering he would become a Sunwalker later. Bor'ghul was my first true Horde character and I really wanted to go for the whole 'Gul'dan Warlock' feel with an Orc Warlock. Mashing various sounds together, I came up with a Warlocky name with Bor'ghul. One of my favorite characters I've made. His unofficial last name is 'Flamespeaker' as he used that name to hide the fact he was a Warlock during Blackhand's culling of the Shadow Council.
  10. My time has come! Awatu: Tyranitar (and its Mega-Evolution) - Power, strength, and ferocity. Torterra - The Earthmother Volcarona - An'she
  11. Oh. Never mind... Back to not behaving. Whatever, I can just use Chrome for TNG for now.
  12. Doing a complete refresh of FireFox appears to have fixed it. Must have been some built up junk in there.
  13. Turned NoScript off, but that didn't change anything. I've been using FireFox, so I checked in Chrome to see if it's better. It's better in Chrome, so it's likely something in FireFox. I'll check my addons/whatevers to see if something is messing with it.