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  1. Alts under lvl 30 don't count! And if they did they'd have a silent Y, JaYneway!
  2. Way back in 2004 a few friends and I picked up a game called World of Warcraft. I was about a day late and they had all rolled on Twisting Nether so I followed. I cannot for the life of me remember what any of their character names were, I'm sure they exist in some ancient Grim records somewhere. I needed a name though and being the hilarious 16 year old I was at the time just stole my friend's last name. So that's how I landed on Emmons. My other two characters are named after a planet in the Firefly 'verse and some scrambled letters resembling a troll name.
  3. Good evening Nethizens, In case we haven't met, I am Emmons. If we have met, there is a good chance you're in the Grim and already know I've been off on some damn-fool crusade for the past few years. Now, this may come as a shock to some of you, but I have departed from the "there are classes other than rogue?" lifestyle. I've rolled up two *mystery alts* with TBD RP stories that will be fleshed out as soon as I run out of Star Trek to watch. This may cut into my fishing time, but with the new artifact pole, I will have to make time. Unfortunately my work schedule means I'm not around much in the evenings and I probably won't ever see you West-Coasters and Asians except passing in the weekend. I look forward to meeting all of the new(er) players I haven't had a chance to yet.
  4. I finished this book a little while ago and thought "Man, this should be made into a miniseries. Who do I trust to do it? I think HBO would do well." Then I checked Wikipedia. And I was pleased.
  5. <p>*pokes* So how does one get into the skeptics group? =3</p>

  6. Yeah, I should probably just read threads before I post. Mod delete this thread.
  7. http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2010/nov/08/zac-efron-akira-shotaro-kaneda So, evidently Zac Efron is in line to be cast as Kaneda in the Akira remake. We can either have a discussion about the potential ramifications of this decision and how it will impact the quality of the film, or we can list other things that would be as tragic as this. I will start. This is like holding a Led Zeppelin reunion, only since John Bohnam is dead, they replace him with Kesha.
  8. <p>You can keep that avatar up all you want, but it STILL won't make up for your turning against Our Lady of Eternal Awesomeness in exchange for some hooker from 'Glee'.</p>

  9. I'm having difficulty finding ammo too. I've cleaned out MOST of the big vendors of both ammo and caps (I'm sitting on around 30,000). I've got an asston of equipment sitting in my boxes in my room just waiting to either be sold or used for repair. Anyways, on with my complaints about the game: 1) Companions: I'm using Rex and Veronica. Veronica is stupid-powerful and just runs around punching bad guys' teeth out through their balls. It rocks. What doesn't rock, however, is how they often just randomly disappear. I'll fast travel somewhere and the companions will just be missing. It's also hard for me to shoot when Veronica's standing in the way, but I guess that's the trade off. Plus they make the Spray'n'pray perk for that. 2) Shooting. We've already addressed the issue with having to wait for animations to resolve before doing anything. I hate this. I think it's stupid that I can't switch weapons while I'm loading my cowboy repeater CARTRIDGE BY CARTRIDGE. 3) Vendors. I don't know if this changed from Fallout 3 or not, but vendors do not seem to replenish either stock or caps. Not that I need money, but I'm quickly becoming a hoarder because I'm afraid to throw anything away. What if I need it later? 4) Black Mountain. Seriously, this quest enraged me. Tabitha is hilarious and I love the radio station but super mutants were stupid hardy. Not difficult, they just took an inordinate amount of ordnance to drop, even when I was bypassing their DT with AP rounds. Also, the key to Tabitha's room. That was quite possibly the stupidest place ever they could have put it. After an hour of running around up there, I had to look it up. Normally I would blame myself for not being observant but the hiding spot is next to impossible unless you already know where to look, unless I missed something in a terminal log. 5) Quest choices. I do like that every choice I make impacts the game, but sometimes I'm not given a choice or can't make the choice I want to unless I have prior knowledge of the skills I will use. I have very low fame for the NCR right now. I haven't done anything to anger the NCR, but there have been several quests where I have set out to accomplish something and can't do the "correct" choice without certain skill levels that I have not obtained. So my choice is either gain Infamy for doing it wrong, or go grind out another level or two doing something else. That is, unless I have prior knowledge of the quest. This is stupid. 6) The bugs. Did they even beta this game? I cannot tell you how many times I have frozen or crashed and this is a nearly fresh install of Windows 7. The AI and mob bugs are stupid as well. I could not get the companion mutant in Black Mountain to help me, all he would say is "Let me know when you're ready" (or something to those effects) no matter what dialog option I chose. I've also run into problems with quest continuity that may or may not be a bug. Without spoiling anything, I'll just try and explain: -Helped Yes Man, Event A happens because it was my only dialog option. I gain more NCR infamy (despite trying to help the NCR at every point). -Go to Hoover Dam to help repair NCR rep, do several quests (WRONG apparently). Get quest to prevent event A from happening. -Event A has already happened but quest NPCs pretend like event A hasn't happened. This created some sort of conflict and my quest was undoable. -Exit area, fail quest, gain more NCR infamy. This is just a small portion of my complaints and I'm sure I'll come up with others. Like I said, this game has the potential to be one of my favorite of all time. I especially like what they did with the story, blending old Fallout with new. It just has so many huge problems.
  10. So I learned today that you should always read through dialog carefully. I was going through the Wang Dang Atomic Tango quest and came across Fisto, the sex-bot. I saw some dialog option about checking servos or whatnot and was only half paying attention and figured it would be a good idea to make sure the robot was in working order before turning it in. I was not the one giving the 13 point diagnostic inspection. I'll post a bigger post later on. I'm at the big finale and while I think this could be one of the best games I've ever played, there are some things that flat out infuriate me.
  11. I've been playing for the past two days, and I can say I love the game but it has some things that infuriate me to no ends. For one, it's buggy as shit. I know that Bethesda is working on a patch right now, but I've found so many gamebreaking/headachey bugs in the few hours I've played it makes it seems like they didn't even bother to test it. I ran into the Strip and started talking to some NCR guys and walking around their building when I came across a door with two NPCs to the sides of it. It looked like they were guarding it, so I walk up to the door and they begin attacking with no warning (this is when I'm in good standing with NCR). Then everyone else in the building starts attacking me. So I run out into the strip and they follow. Now the security bots start attacking me. I run to the NCR Embassy as per my quest instructions and talk to the Ambassador there. He gives me a mission AND STARTS ATTACKING ME. I lost about 5 hours of gameplay because of this and my over-reliance on the autosave.
  13. Yeah, it was set up years ago and abandoned after a few months of no one ever hopping in. Except like, I think Swerto and Keraph, one of you K-people, maybe once a week.