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  1. Crawled back out of the woodwork for this post (I remembered my password!) Thanks for the share, Cytiana - anyone who's interested please let me know! Dunno how many folks remember Carmensita (or The_Golden_Wolf, I believe she was here on TNG!) -- heck, dunno how many folks remember me either -- but she's fallen on some hard times and could use some help, as Cytiana explained. Also, I like to think I'm pretty good at drawing and stuff. Used to post here a lot back when I played! Here's my old thread, dredged from the bowels of TNG: http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?18271-UniversitYat Tha
  2. Main RP Toon: Yatokth Horde Or Alliance? Horde Guild: The Raven Cross What was your favorite RP event or storyline? The Onyx Sun event with Broxigan and First Legion was an absolute blast. The Battle for Stonetalon was a kickass event as well. Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? Hm... I kept in touch with many of my best friends. But I'd have to say someone I haven't heard from in a long time that I wouldn't mind talking to again is Anorah. Somehow, we lost touch. Share a screenshot from an RP you enjoyed: Unfor
  3. Been awhile since I stopped over here. I see I missed a lot! Your newer stuff is really kickass, man. Great work.
  4. Good! I was going to suggest it if you didn't.
  5. Great grasp of fundamentals, especially on the heads & lighting. Love the work, man. Keep it up!
  6. These are all very good. Well modeled, but not overly so. Good use of texture to overcome the inherent "drab" look of digital paintings. The technical grasp you have of your medium is very strong. The elf also looks like Darick Robertson took up painting. (That's a compliment.) If you don't mind my asking, since you've been drawing for decades, is this a hobby of yours only, or do you draw professionally?
  7. Sure man. Just let me know whenever!
  8. I was gonna fit you in there bro, but that scan was literally the size of my paper. :< Thanks for the replies! And yes, France (Been here 11 weeks now) is excellent, been staying in and around Provence for the quarter, but been to Paris for a week as well.
  9. Finals just concluded over here in France! Here's a quick 3-hour ink sketch I knocked out while thinkin' bout the good ol' days. RC buds know what I'm talkin' bout. Stay tuned for giant France update in a few weeks! Will be backpacking in Belgium with a beautiful lady and without internet for a bit first.
  10. Lookin' beastly, friend. Love the paint job.
  11. I'm down with it, it's also fitting to the character (perhaps unwittingly) as he wasn't a fan of most of the more twisted Forsaken.
  12. Shit, dude. This is great! Thanks alot! EDIT: Beautiful drapery by the way.
  13. Hah! You are too late, my lady! I've already seen to that. Where are you from? Colorado, USA. How long have you been on TNG? 3 years. What do you use the Artist Gallery for? Showcasing my artwork and receiving feedback on it, as well as keeping up with the art of others here. It's good to diversify my visual inputs, and TNG Artist's Gallery helps me do that. I greatly enjoy giving critiques as well.
  14. That colored piece with the environment looks great! Excited to see the end product.
  15. No. Not all photos of nude (not naked) men are pornographic.
  16. It's normal to have trouble drawing the opposite sex. My women look a bit too stocky and angular alot of the time. If you can't do life drawing of the male nude, there are a couple alternatives (although from life is obviously best) such as master copies of any naturalistically rendered male nudes, or better yet, go to a museum that's got a nice sculpture of one and pull out your sketchbook. You can also look at photos online.
  17. <p>Ah, damn. Thanks.</p>

  18. You're beginning to vary your line work just under the girl's neck - very good, it implies form and light - do it more! You don't need to go that heavy on everything (just as you don't need to over-render or detail everything in a drawing - design sense!) but your male figure could benefit from it greatly. Go take a look at some beards - his looks a bit like a facemask. Hair, even stubble, grows out and away from the face - it's when it becomes long that it appears to cover it due to that pesky thing called gravity. To look at a graphic representation of beard through line (which was ALOT
  19. Gotta chime in here with my agreement - I don't have to be a chef to know that McDonald's tastes like shit.
  20. Thank you! Yeah, Tokyo Pop isn't exactly lucrative. I don't think manga is as doomed as some say, though. To hell with people. Though my usual weapon of choice is rainbow trout or toasted mackerel, I shall acquiesce to your combat requirements. Prepare for a severe bludgeoning with a fish.
  21. My inanely long art thread which begins at the start of my first year and runs up until the end of last quarter, art-wise. I update about the end of each quarter. And cool work - I'm a fan of the turtle one and the Milton Newberg flier - again, subtlety of content. You'll be great at what you do.
  22. I had a feeling you had at least been exposed to design ideas before. It's interesting that you say your major is graphic design - oftentimes work from digital designers lacks emotional input and comes out drab and dull, despite flashy colors and inane diagonals. But there is a subtlety of content to your work which cleanly avoids that problem. There is a noticeable appreciation of history in your work which really makes it stand out without being pretentious. I look forward to seeing more! In what may not come as much of a surprise, I'm an art student as well (second year, studying sequ