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  1. The relic called to her. She had made it; she knew it like she knew her own body. It had taken years of research and countless sacrifices on her part to see its completion. Now, it just needed to be filled. The sacrifices were being marked. It wouldn't be much longer before the relic was back with her where it belonged.
  2. Full Name: Going by simply "Alexielle", this troll never offers a clan, nor any explanation for her rather un-troll-like name. Nicknames: Alex, Lex, Lexie Age: Appears to be 18-19 years old. Race: Troll Gender: Female Hair: White Skin: Light blue Eyes: Orange Height: 6' 6" Weight: 165 lbs. Weapons of Choice: She wields shamanistic magic with some skill. Likes: Simple styles, classically played music, fasting. Dislikes: The loud and annoying. Positive Personality Traits: Intelligent, well-spoken, composed. Negative Personality Traits: Uninterested in things not related to her; on very rare occasion she can display a frightening temper. Description: Often seen around Silvermoon, this blue-skinned troll might draw attention with her measured steps, neat appearance, and when spoken to, intellectual discourse. She is very thin but seems to radiate a certain energy always directed at her point of interest. A simple black dress covers her from neck to toe, and she keeps her silvery-white hair bound into tidy braids and neat spikes. Her eyes are a deep orange and she wears no jewelry. History: Forthcoming...