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  1. Kill him now while you still can.
  2. I think I remember seeing a couple of people with that guild tag while wandering Coruscant. I was playing while people were talking about that. I think I was in the Works in the middle of stuff, so I never even saw this super robot.
  3. I played it for about a week before I got bored with it. Killing the same thing over and over again for hours just to get a quest item killed it for me. It's pretty, but it defines GRIND in an MMO. Maybe you'll enjoy it more.
  4. I'd managed to get that specific mission completed both this weekend and the previous beta weekend I played in. The big problem with it is that other people can start their own version of the mission while you're working on yours, hence the superspawn. You only need to survive like 3 waves of strongs (should be easily done with two players + companions) and then the "boss" at the end (slavemaster, iirc). It also helps to be smart and clear the area around your drill before you actually plant the bombs. you should be done before they start respawning, unless you kill slowly. That said, Mako is damned annoying. Sure, she heals you every time you get hurt, change zones, equip something, etc. But why does she have to say something every time she does that? Still, does make soloing heroic 2+ stuff much easier. Yay pocket healer! I think I had the instancing problem once, which surprised me because the planets didn't seem to be instance-separated. Someone was on the same mission I was, so I invited him to a group via the chat window, but I never actually saw him. He -said- he was in the correct area (where I was), but he didn't show up on my map at all. Then I died because I was fighting three elites, not the two I thought I was, and he dropped group. I had the sad so then I went in and spawned the boss I needed to kill while other people were in the area and made sure to shoot first. Victory!
  5. Done with Conan? I had actually tinkered with it after it went F2P and mostly enjoyed myself.
  6. Yay, I get to test now. If you're republic side, look for Atus. If you're sith: Vor. Although tonight may be the only time I get to actually play it. Unless this test weekend lasts through Monday. Hopefully I'll be in the other weekends as they come up, as well.
  7. I was at work, wandering someplace and wondering what people were gathering for in the break room (where the TV was). So I popped in and heard about how a plane just hit. Then we got to watch live as the second one came in, making it clear this wasn't an accident. Watched the news/aftermath that evening with my g/f at her mom's place.
  8. Well, they did say the pre-orderers would be eligible for some early-access test weekends, based on when you registered your pre-order info. Though if it's an actual beta phase that pre-orderers can partake in, that would be grand for me, as I'm typically not playing games on the weekends.
  9. It's not that mass, because I didn't get one. /seppuku
  10. I pre-ordered the regular edition. I was tempted by the digital deluxe, but then was all "fuck it." I'm sure there will be other modes of personal transportation. Right? Right?
  11. <p>Happy Birthday! <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  12. I was coming to this thread solely to post about how awful that Crash movie was, and you done did it for me. Yeah, one of a VERY small number of films that I just stopped watching after a while due to being awful. My favorite(s)? Tank Girl, 5th Element, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Aliens, closely followed by Alien. That's what I can name off the top of my head.
  13. I have a friend that ran their demo thingy at E3. She's a staunch anti-MMOer. She's going to play it when it comes out. Because it's that awesome.
  14. I got inFAMOUS and Dead Nation. The former is really fun (though quite frustrating at times, because you die oh-so easily in the beginning) and the latter is fine. Glad I didn't have to pay for it though.