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  7. I met this young man when he was Dusk Runner. He assisted me this evening and I find him to be a capable Hunter and polite and civil man. I wish we had not been preoccupied with the Melchisedech issue, as I think he may have much to converse about. I will seek him again when things have settled.

  9. Melchisedech: The lab is actually brightly lit today, if torchlight could ever be said to be bright. Melchisedech worked at a table, an open troll cadaver before him, gore dripping from his claws and forearms. As usual, his back was to the door, and though it was Melchisedech: locked, it was not barred.* Drinn: Drinn huffed as she dragged the less then conscious Kal'dorei with her. "Ogre.."She gritted her teeth and hoisted the elf up in her arms. Drinn: With a well placed kick, she landed her boot to the large metal door and then again, daring the Priest to not be home. 'Altare - Joe' has joined the chat. 'Altare - Joe' has left the chat. Melchisedech: Melchisedech lifted his head, fel eyes blinking as he peered at the door. With a sigh, he laid down his scalpel, wiping his claws on his bloody apron. Pistons hissed as he tromped to the door, pulling it open with a growl that swiftly turned to a noise Melchisedech: of pleased surprise. "Drinn! Have you brought me a present?" Drinn: She glared, the much larger elf held up in her arms like a rag doll. "Winter's veil isn't far away." Melchisedech: "Far enough." He bent to take the unconscious kaldorei in his arms, motioning for Drinn to enter. The door had been repaired, but only two of his tables were in evidence. Drinn: With a grunt she lengthened her spine, standing straight. She was silently happy to be relieved of the burden. Casually she padded past the threshold like the subterranean laboratory was some place familar. Melchisedech: Mel stepped into the room behind her, shutting the door behind him. NOW he barred the entrance, locking it with the iron key hanging from his belt. He carried the good doctor to the empty surgical table, slumping her form on her back. "How ever did Melchisedech: you catch her?" Drinn: She padded over to the opposite table and leaned. Complacently she picked up one of the many books that litered it's surface and iddly leafed through it's pages. Drinn: "Comes with the profession..", she ho-humed dismissively. Melchisedech: He gave her only a brief glare for her familiar fiddling with his possessions, before turning his attention back to his prize. He cackled to himself as he slipped her wrists and ankles into the table's restraints. From the nearby table, he pulled a Melchisedech: small vial of smelling salts, waving it beneath the doctor's nose. Drinn: For the moment she didn't pay the pair any mind. Her lips moved silently as she read, trying to decipher some of the nonsensical writing. Malanori: Malanori twitched and blinked rapidly, jerking her head away from the salts and inhaling sharply. She twisted and writhed reflexively. As she looked up at Melchisedech and thne over to Drinn her eyes widened and she went still Melchisedech: He cackled again, rubbing his gory hands together maliciously. "Welcome back, Doctor. You abused my hospitality last time. I think it fair now that you return the favor." Drinn: Her eyes flicked upward from the pages and her lips curled, one side of mouth raised slightly higher then the other. Malanori: Malanori blinked once. Twice. "Awe....fuck." She exhaled and slumped slightly, giving her limbs a last jerk at the restraints. Melchisedech: He chuckled, his metal claw moving to rest on her stomach, the tips of his talons piercing her robe enough to leave tiny holes in the cloth and the skin beneath. "Not this time, Doctor. I have other plans for you." Malanori: Malanori snicked. "This can't be in my best interest." Malanori hissed Melchisedech. Drinn: Quietly, she closed the book and replaced it on the table. Her arms folded loosely and low over her abdomen as she bemusedly watched the Priest have a little cat and mouse. Melchisedech: "On the contrary, Doctor." The robot turned and moved to the surgical table nearby, lifting a glass vial from the surface. It held a thick, white liquid, almost luminous. He held it up for her to view. "I am going to give you a gift. I've been Melchisedech: waiting for the right opportunity. Malanori: Malanori eyed the vial. " Elunes name is that?" Melchisedech: "It's a special concoction of my own design... I boiled down my discarded flesh, mingled it with Primal Life and Primal Shadow." His jaw clacked as he approached her again. "It is my essence, if you will." Drinn: Her eyes narrowed slightly. "Enough with the villiany speeches, Dear. Get on with it.. before it talks too much more." Drinn sneered. Malanori: "Your 'essence'?" Malanori sneered and looked to Drinn, snapping her teeth at the Elf. Melchisedech: He peered back at Drinn, giving a small half-bow. "I apologize... I did not mean to actually enjoy my gift." He turned back to Malanori, his claw moving to her robe. "Yes, Doctor. I plan to use it to give you my... spawn, I suppose, would be best." Drinn: Suddenly pensive her shoulders squared and she pushed off the table. She stalked over to join the Priest and grabbed at Elf's mouth, roughly squeezing her cheeks causing her lips to awkwardly purse. "Tsk tsk.." Melchisedech: He sighed, shaking his head. "Well enough. Drinn does not seem to appreciate the finer aspects of villainy." The priest tore a strip off her robe, baring her stomach. He reached to a nearby surgical tray, pulling out a large, mechanical syringe. Malanori: Malanori struggled again and twisted her hips attempting to spew insults but unable to. Melchisedech: "I shall make this short and most definitely sweet." He inserted the vial into the syringe, pushing the plunger enough to send a small spurt of the thick goo out the end of the needle. Drinn: She dramatically sighed in response to the Priest but kept her focus on the Kal'dorei. "You misunderstand my anxiousness to see it delivered is all.. " Malanori: Malanori's eyes widened and she thrashed about. Struggling desperately. Melchisedech: He pushed down on Malanori's stomach, pinning her to the table. The syringe was long, frightening. "There is a certain appreciation for the anticipation... but as a thank you for the gift, I shall forego that pleasure." He leered down at Malanori. Melchisedech: "This is going to hurt a great deal." Drinn: Her fingers released their grip and she padded around to the head of the table. As Malanori thrashed and protested with no real effect she mocking stroked at her long green hair. Her fingers tangled and she cooed, peering down at the Elf from this upside Drinn: down position with a toothy chesire-like grin. Drinn: "And he doesn't mean just the needle.." Malanori: Malanori's eyes began to mist over, her skin becoming hot and her heart thundering in her chest. Melchisedech: He placed the tip of the syringe over Malanori's stomach, mentally reviewing what he knew of night elf anatomy. He jabbed it down, the needle penetrating flesh, muscle, into her organs, until the tip pierced into her womb. He cackled maniacally as he Melchisedech: depressed the plunger, forcefully depositing the sticky, thick essence into her body. Malanori: Malanori Winced and whimpered, a cry escaping her lips as her toes curled and tears squeezed from her eyes. Melchisedech: He removed the syringe, letting a brief surge of healing magic flow into her, repairing the wounds from the needle's passage. "And there you are, Doctor. Time for you to experience the miracle of life firsthand." Drinn: She seemingly purred, lifting her gaze to Melchisedech just a moment, "She certainly enjoyed the idea of motherhood. You should have seen her sing to the Siren's offspring." Melchisedech: He chuckled, setting the needle aside. "Would that I had the opportunity... I am simply glad I could give her that chance." Malanori: Malanori sobbed, the fight gone from her body, staring blankly at nothing at all. her mouth slack and limbs falccid. Melchisedech: The priest caressed her stomach almost tenderly for a moment, shaking his head. "Take good care of my baby, Doctor. I think you will be surprised how quickly it will mature." And with that, he turned his back. "Thank you, Drinn. Feel free to do with Melchisedech: her as you will, now. I doubt you could cause a miscarriage for a week or so yet." Drinn: Disgusted her fingers untangled from her hair and she dismissively pushed her head to the side. The side of her head connecting bluntly with the cold metal table."A terrible disappointment. Really." Melchisedech: He chuckled, glancing over his shoulder. "Beat her or set her free, as you will. The concoction has begun its work." Malanori: Malanori inhaled shakily and her face twitched. She rolled her head to look at Drinn. 'I'm going to kill you. And feed you whatever is in side me....forcefully." Drinn: She grinned, leaning close to the Elf's hear. She clipped her teeth audibly. "Nomnom." Drinn: ((And I get points for working "nomnom" into an rp.)) Malanori: Malanori spit, launching a lovely clump fo goo, gathered from the back of her throat. Into the smaller elfs shiny black hair. Drinn: She scowled but made no attempt to wipe the spit from her hair. "So much talk but so very little show." The side of her half closed hand came against the elf's cheek with a resounding crack and sent her head reeling to the side. Melchisedech: It was Melchisedech's turn to lean against the far table, observing. Malanori: Malanori cocked her jaw, rolling her eyes. She bucked agianst the table and fought relentlessly against the restraints, like a rabid dog beating itself against the bars of its cage. Drinn: Drinn chuckled softly and slid her hands almost intimately over the restraints of Malanor's wrists. "Now that's more like it.." Puncuating her amusement her fingers snapped the leather belts open, half freeing the captive. Malanori: Malanori let out a string of loud, irrational protests. Writhing and bucking and fighting and spasming. Drinn: Far too casual she repeated the same motions with her ankle restraints. She smirked at the Priest, "Look.. she's such an animal she hasn't even noticed.." Melchisedech: Melchisedech chuckled. "Let us hope those instincts remain strong. I want her to be a mother, not to commit infanticide." Drinn: "She's far too maternal.." Wrinkled her nose. "Breeders." Melchisedech: Melchisedech moved to the door, unbarring and unlocking it, throwing it open. "Best to let her go, then. Let her enjoy her new child." Malanori: Malanori hissed at Drinn and stopped abruptly. She grinned. 'Yes let me go. Ill rip out and plunge it into your own womb." She flashed her teeth at the elf. Malanori: Malanori rolled off the table, tucking tail and running from the lab. Drinn: She turned one hip out, her hands falling to her waist she posed. "I'm afraid I don't have quite the frame you do. Doctor." Her last word sounded more like an insult. Melchisedech: Melchisedech slammed the door behind Malanori, leaving her to find her own way home from Eversong. "I hope she is clever enough to get past the Ran'Deau guards."
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  15. Malanori hooked her fingers around the lateral edge of her foot, twisting it towards her self and propping it in her lap. Using the blunt edge of her dagger she scooped and dug out the moist muck and dirt from under her toenails. She wiped the detritis on the grass and wiggles her nether-phalanges. The silt and mud that hovered in stasis along the shoreslines of the lake around Caer Darrow in the Western Plaguelands was a thick, gritty, slime that found its way into any creviced appendage that disrupted the delicately hanging muck. Her diet had consisted primarily of fish since she'd set up camp in the plaguelands, watching the rumored home of Scholomance and the many budding travellers that made their way across the lake, onto the island, and into the structure....and waiting without much stock for them to return. Almost out of compulsive habit hr eyes rolled upwards from their task to peer at the lone island in the middle of the lake. A figure was walking casually from the entrance of the structure towards the rim of the island, a dolly-cart's handles gripped at his waist. From the distance she could not make out the particulars, but he appeared to wear no armor and was of the human persuasian. She watched with piqued interest as the dark-haired man dropped the cart handles and began hurling the floppy cargo into the lake. A slight smirk itched her lips as she recognized the jointed flaccidity of the items to be evidence of Bodies...or at least parts of them. Each appendage and torso spalshed into the rust-colored water, dunking and bobbing obscenely before beginning to disperse into the lake or sink. Smaller 'bits' were tossed into the water without care, various cheerful 'splinks' and 'plunks' could be heard as they broke the surface; hands and feet and other tagless by-products of whatever was going on inside that place. Once the cart was empty the man hoisted it up to his waist again and becane a slow, easy canter towards the structure again. "Hmmpf. At least they came back out..."