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  11. )*( Haha! I caught up with your journal once more! ^.^)*(
  12. Full Name: Shi Rai'shin Nicknames: Shi (Shi Shi -.- ) Date of Birth: Unrecorded. Age: Seems to be 25. Race: Sin'dorei Gender: Female Hair: Red Skin: Pale Eyes: Green Height: 5'9'' Weight:125 Place of residence: Silvermoon Inn Place of Birth: Silvermoon City Known Relatives: Fiar Rai'shin (Sister), Hel Rai'shin (Mother -Decesed-), Sai'riel Rai'shin (Brother -Decesed-), Jero'ie Rai'shin (Father -Decesed-) Religion/Philosophy: "Today is here to be lived because tomarrow holds nothing yet. ." Occupation: Enchanter, sometimes Tinkering in Jewelery. Group/Guild affiliation: Shadow Snakes Elite Guild Rank: Guild Enchantress Enemies: None that she knows beyond the Alliance. Likes: To read while sitting by the fountain in the Exchange. Favorite Foods: Honey Bread. Favorite Drinks: Morning Glory Dew Favorite Colors: Green, grey, black and red. Weapons of Choice: Mace or Staff. Dislikes: Being bossed around, being stared at, being judged at first glance. Hobbies: Reading, watching people. Singing to herself. Physical Features: For a Female she's been considered tall before. With her hieght though she appears very frail, rather thin with porclein skin. Special Abilities: To listen and remember, and to be forgotten easily. Also a Natural healer. Positive Personality Traits: Always friendly. Helpful. Negative Personality Traits: Somewhat shy. Misc. Quirks: She tries not to get to close to people because she was told she would die young due to her frail nature. Played by What Famous Person: Theme Songs: Everybody's Fool. History: Shi was born inside the City and raised just outside it's walls. A Sickly child she wasn't expected to live past her third birthday. Now, somewhere in her mid-twenties she stays in the city Inn for most the year while traveling around from time to time Healing. )*( More on the Journal page. :Work in Progress: )*(
  13. I've mostly returned to my old way of life. I guess. I've rarely seen Anyone besides Valeash. . . I may have made a terrible mistake and I haven't had a chance to speak to him about it. I feel myself growing some what stronger, being accepted more by my Guild Members. Other then Sir Valeash they are all I've seen of familure faces of late. But always at the edge of my thoughts I can feel the gnawing. Perhaps I should have stayed gone longer. ~Shi
  14. Pausing to answer Shi gives a nod. "Yes I have met Sir Vaande, he accompanies Janith a good deal of the time I see her." Smiles. "They seem to be good friends and even if he's not overly talkative he's always been friendly to me. Be well." Turning she enters a Inn and dissappears through the doorway.