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  1. ((Updating Malk's bio)) Full Name: Malkaris Sen'Thil Darkfire Nicknames: Malk, Ancient, Necromancer, Facilitator of Festivities, "That guy that slept with my wife!", mostly just Malk as far as he knows. Date of Birth: ~14,000 years before the First War. Age: ~14,000 (based on this timeline: http://highfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline_of_Azeroth Race: Nightborne, formally Highborne. Gender: Male Hair:Jet Black Eyes: Bright blueish purple Height: 7'6" Weight: Average weight for a nightborne male Physical Features: Tattoos line his entire body, with various purposes. Shadow flits about him in small wisps that look a lot like black water or oil, but not like you'd see on a shadow priest. This can be attributed to how ingrained his mastery of necromacy has become. Elongated canines, possibly a hold over from the remnant troll influence, or just from his magic. Despite his occupation, he still maintains a fighter's build focusing on speed rather than brute force. Place of Residence: Suramar, Formally Silvermoon and Undercity. Place of Birth: A region outside of Elun'dris (which later became known as Zin-Azshari). Known Relatives: Father - Mordrannus Sen'Thil Darkfire Mother - Anadarys Sen'Thil Darkfire Brother - Tyranthael Sen'Thil Darkfire Sister - Saeryss Sen'Thil Darkfire Religion/Philosophy: Passion and desire are of the utmost importance. Without them, life is meaningless. What may be whimsical to some only belies the forces surging within driving you to these pursuits. In a time of magic and power that be gained simply by chasing it, Malkaris would be a god. So what if people die in the process? As long as he's having fun, what may be impossible to some, is horrifyingly possible for an immortal and he's more than happy to enjoy the ride. Occupation: Necromancer, Fel Researcher, Party setter upper. Group/Guild affiliation: The Grim Guild Rank: Harbinger Enemies: His family with possible exceptions, as far as dedicated enemies are concerned. Everyone else, depends on the time of day. Big picture-wise, anyone who would attempt to bring down the Kaldorei Empire before he's had a chance to "save them". Those who would try to take advantage of his people again. Boredom. Weapons of Choice: Necromancy, Fel Arts, trained in the art of combat with two weapons, and Scythe like implements, psychological manipulation, deceit and corruption. Likes: Lust, having a good time, good food, killing on a whim, picking on Qabian and Syreena, not having responsibilities, people not knowing who he really is beyond what he lets them see. Dislikes: People peeking behind the curtain without his permission. Uptight individuals who take themselves too seriously. To some degree, most of the younger races, which to him, is basically all of them. Mushrooms. Favorite Foods: Liquor, steak, whatever passes for a burrito or taco. Favorite Drinks: Liquor Favorite Colors: Black, blue, dark purple, crimson. Hobbies: Maintaining the illusion that he's a vapid party monger. Otherwise, furthering his pursuit of power in the fel and in necromancy beyond any limitations that might be imposed on him. Does actually like drinking and teasing people he's grown somewhat fond of though. Special Abilities: Can tie a cherry stem with his tongue. Can possess various bodies due to his research into the nature of the soul and necromancy. Allegedly he can command the dead, but this has never been displayed as he always found the other aspects of necromancy more fascinating than having tea with mindless dead things. Due to his age, he can carry himself with a sort of noble, if incredibly dark, majesty that is not wholly magical in nature. It's the weight of his years and experience and how he carries himself. He's also really good at making people think he's just a frat boy. Animal Magnetism. Positive Personality Traits: Passionate, Loyal, ambitious, amicable. Negative Personality Traits: High functioning Sociopath, lack of empathy for those he's not around on a regular basis. Arrogant, distrustful, Apathetic to everything but his own whims. Misc. Quirks: Doesn't actually care about any causes beyond his own. The fact that he's killing people for fun at this point doesn't bother him in the slightest. He's in The Grim because he likes some of the people in it and would rather protect them from the shadows than see someone's face on a stick later in front of some fortress. Then he'd have to burn the fortress down and hunt down the families and friends of the inhabitants. He'd do it, but he'd rather be lounging on a beach sipping mimosas. Due to his extreme age, it's hard to relate in many ways as most tend to die in a blink of his eye anyway without him doing much of anything, so he rarely tries. Played by What Famous Person: Oded Fehr? From when he was in the Mummy with long hair. Might change, but he came to mind first. Theme Songs: Quiet Mind - Velvet Mind https://youtu.be/0fM8lvKhXcU The Shadows - Amy Stroup https://youtu.be/z0LxpZuXVYA Hail the Apocalypse - Avatar https://youtu.be/zKe8jze56Vg (All Flesh Is Equal When Burnt) Man to God King (especially when he's being all...ancient evil-y)- Junkie XL https://youtu.be/YY3cCyBr4EU Basic History: Malkaris was born to a family that secretly practiced many dark arts on top of the arcane arts his people were known for, roughly some 500 years after the ascension of the night elves began from the troll tribe that begot them. His family's "dark arts" were a hold over from the voodoo practiced by the Trolls that gained sophistication and evolved into something closely resembling the necromancy practiced to day, if only more ancient and influenced by the growth of elven magical knowledge. He began his studies in the arts of martial combat before his affinity for magic was discovered (he was hiding it, knowing the type of masters his parents would be). Long story short, he got really good at what he did, partied in Azshara's courts, took part in the war of the ancients, family got found out, moved to a small estate outside of Suramar where Malkaris killed his family after a rather ugly dispute (they were all monsters for the most part). Malkaris was judged guilty in the crime after they found him in the garden amidst the bones of their victims, staring blankly at a crystalline rose. He was sentenced to death and interred with his family in their crypt. Malk's soul managed to get out years later during Arthas' shenanigans and possessed the corpse of a human. The rest is pretty much history. Initial History with the Grim: Initially, Malkaris was thought to be insane, as he was a Forsaken Warlock claiming to be a night elf. His eccentricities were allowed though due to his proficiency in murdering the enemies of The Grim. Over time, some began to suspect he wasn't entirely crazy, or lying about his origins, but left suddenly in the dead of night. Upon his return, it came to light he had been masquerading as a human working with the alliance within the First Legion, spying on to relay his findings back to the The Grim. Something they knew nothing about. Malkaris left a second time, this time disappearing entirely, only to return once again, but he has not said a single word as to what he was doing. His habitation of a blood elf, and finally his old reconstituted body might be an indication of what he was working on however. Recent History with the Grim: Currently he's resumed his actual body and is aiding in the fight against the mad Titan, Sargeras in his personal pursuit of vengeance for the fall of his people's Empire.
  2. *snickers* Abric doesn't seem to *not* be enjoying it, he just seems...confused...
  3. ((haha! I must be a Paragon of heroism then after having Fynne and company chasing me across Ogri'la...thunderlord..that place...and evergrove! AND then the next day finding me in Elemental Plateau and doing it all over again . I still say Fynne and friends should send me money ^_-! ))
  4. ((heeey...since we pretty much know Malk has nothing to do with any of this...how about not hunting me down with a bunch of your friends , or alternatively (and preferably i might add!) send me gold to make me a happy panda! ))