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  1. I've gotten myself sorted and have logged in a bit, haven't seen anyone on yet, but that ought to change.
  2. I'm trying to get use to the new talents and they're changing again. Last time I played before this current run we had the talent trees and I kept trying to run hybrid cause it was fun. Marroc yelled at me and I think I went hemo, or mut, or both I can't remember, it's been years.
  3. Ack! I'll have to see if I can combine this new bnet account with my old one for wow then. I've got the 30d from RAF right now, but I was gonna buy 60d of game time so my friend gets all the benefits. I have a new character on Wyrmrest Accord for the time being, leveling another rogue, I know I know. The changes from vanilla to the starter areas now are impressive. And the Dark Lady is HUGE, in the best ways possible. Rogues now are so different, it's weird adjusting.
  4. Will have had this sprint setup for a year next month. I have been pushing my data cap the last few months though. I do like it much better than my cheapo slow ass virginmobile 3g connection I had for years.
  5. Bloody movie, making me want to play again. So I thought they had closed the server, did they do that at one point and then bring it back? Whatever they did, I'm glad it's still here. I thought I'd be able to use the time from the movie but I didn't get a code or anything. RL friend is using an extra she has to RAF me to Wyrmrest Accord I think. She never thought much of RP but has been dabbling since the movie, now if I could just get her and her husband to play on a real server... I had a full character list, but if anyone remembers me it'll be as Jamaryste. Really glad to see TNG and Infection still around. Makes my face do weird things, like attempt a smile. And I'm not on dialup anymore! Or that shitty VirginMobile 3g. I've got 4g LTE and a 40gb/m limit. I could actually raid or play the game AND use comms. Tis truely a miracle.
  6. Nothus, 922. I was Jamaryste, mostly of <Infection>
  7. I came back before halloween, but I missed brewfest! ffffff! Got myself broadband (3g) for xmas though. No more laggy jama.
  8. I slept last night instead of waiting for the realms to return. But if I had been there for free stuff I would have filled my bags with the free...then vendored them! I would have been rich, rich I tell you!
  9. You've got (useless Chain)mail (of exposing certain naughty bits)!
  10. use something else. I personally use an ssh connection into my freebsd box to use irssi, but I'm weird and like the console.
  11. No ones in and chanserv deop'd me. There is no topic in the ooc channel so it's not protected (I think, don't remember all my chan/nickserv stuff as I haven't needed to delve into it recently). I've registered my nick (see below) and will hang out and/or link it to a character name for rp if I think of it if rp happens. I think I'll add it to my idle list, I'm also on freenode.net idling, nick is maaneeack on irc).
  12. Yes, 60 to 68-70 between realms up and 9pm-ish tomorrow night (when leaving to pick up wrath) isn't going to happen to my huntard alt (Rajana - 60 Troll Huntress) and her gorilladin, but I'm gonna try to get a few more levels on her and get jamaryste some stuff together for the 70-80 slog.
  13. <p>OH HAY BEE MY FRIEND!</p>