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  1. I'm very late to add to this. I first met Drinn right after I joined the Grim way back in the Vanilla Wow days. She was the leader of PVP at the time and I found myself hanging out with her every night for the next couple of years in Wow, and in other games after that. We had a pvp team (that was not that successful, lol) called Super Wicked Badass, which included Deathshadow, Atticus, Kazgard, and others. We had our own RP guild, Scorn, on the ill-fated Warhammer. (Still waiting for that perfect PVP mmo to come along, but oh well). My last messages from her were asking me to come play Wow with the Grim again, and I just didn't have time to do it. But I wish I had made the time... Drinn was charismatic as hell, funny, and a great PVPer. It's hard for me to imagine that she's gone. Somebody please re-write this story. /castredemption Mavia
  2. TN was a PVP server? Did I miss something? PVE & PVP in WOW = no difference
  3. Mavia

    Drinn Sel`Quar

    As I predicted, Drinn has come into her own. She now answers to no one. I do not pretend to understand the machinations of the dreadweavers in the Grim. Perhaps Drinn's growing power was a threat, and rightly so. In the midst of all the changes going on lately, that husband of hers, Atticuss, has been cool, calm and collected. Maybe that's what she sees in the old corpse...He's not even ordering me about like he used to, so I've been able to cease fantasizing about clubbing his face in. He's a nice sort, really. Deathshadow came along as well. He's a formidable priest, and could easily best me. I've fought alongside him often, yet I don't know what his goals are. I'm keeping my eye on that one. And then there's me. I only know that I completely trust Drinn in battle. But there's some hidden reason I follow her...let's call it a hunch.
  4. Mavia

    Drinn Sel`Quar

    Drinn is my leader and a rising star among the Grim. Like myself, she is one of the few sin'dorei I've encountered who is not gossipy, vain and vapid, and obsessed by the trappings of their so-called aristocracy. You won't find her sporting fancy titles, and claiming to be descended from this or that noble House. She extremely driven, and has been known to push me past the limits of sleep and hunger. She never asks me to do something she would not do, and is the sole person that I can...(say it!)...submit to when asked. Anyone else who barks orders at me will quickly get clubbed on the head. (Excepting the Artificer...his ways are more subtle than most, you follow his will without even realizing it. I wonder how he does that...) Drinn is talented and has a lot of promise, if only she would gain the confidence to fully step out from Atticuss' shadow. Atticuss tried to be the Hand of the Grim, and failed. I don't care about his flimsy excuses. You are or you aren't. Simple as that. Drinn is succeeding where he is not - when she finally realizes this then nothing can stop her.
  5. (when I saw diary of atticuss and drinn, I thought it was just another cybering thread...hahahaha... glad I'm on the friend list, certainly wouldn't want to be an enemy of a killer like Atticuss. Drinn seems more mysterious than ever, altho she swears to me she is not.)
  6. Mavia


    I was in Silvermoon and Bear caught my attention when I overheard him speaking to Bir. Apparently, he believes Bir to be a dragon because he can "go back to yesterday." I never fully understood what he was getting at because I missed half the conversation. Ellsbeth was also speaking to Bear. She has some plans to teach Bear, although it seemed to me that Bear could teach her a few things. Bear then spoke at length about his conversations with apples. According to Bear, apples like to sing. He is the most philosophical creature I have encountered in a while, and I enjoyed listening to him very much. A welcome change from the usual vacuous drivel of my fellow sin'dorei.
  7. Rosie is alright by me. Like myself, a little more down to earth than our fellow blood elves. Enjoys some of the finer things and dresses to the nines when not in battle, but then again not overly boastful, vain or snobby. She has a real taste for alliance blood, and when she finally chooses once and for all which way she is going to focus her talents, she will be a force to be reckoned with. I have enjoyed fighting by her side.
  8. nevermind i fixed it
  9. "Loveable Atty", What's this about fantasies of being a farmer someday? The only thing I've seen you farm is Alliance heads. Maybe you've been thinking of tending a pretty little Lasher garden. It is good to fight by yours and Drinn's sides, with your cute matching maces. Mavia
  10. ((I second that! Also, waiting for the story about how Vam lost her clothes.))
  11. Mavia


    Full Name: Mavia (Pronounced MAY-vee-uh) Evermorne Nicknames: Mav or Mave Date of Birth: May 25 Age: 33 Race: Sin’dorei Gender: Female Hair: Long red hair with bangs, like a school girl. Skin: Peach Eyes: Very light fel green, sometimes they turn golden Height: 5’6” Weight: 115 Place of residence: Prefers life on the road, throwing away her extra gold on inns Place of Birth: Dalaran Known Relatives: Maternal Grandparents: Anubris and Malinche Sunstorm. (both deceased) Mother & Father: Mora & Mirauv Evermorne (both presumed deceased) Religion/Philosophy: Kill 'em all, let the Dark Lady sort 'em out. Occupation: Paladin Group/Guild affiliation: Scorn Guild Rank: Arbitrator Enemies: First the alliance, then all who oppose Scorn Likes: Battle, first and foremost. Also, gadgets and toys, pets and bombs. Favorite Foods: Golden Fish Sticks Favorite Drinks: Beer Favorite Colors: Red Weapons of Choice: Mace, the occasional Wet Towel. Dislikes: Doesn't care for her own people much, and hates Silvermoon City. Frequently wishes she was another race. Hobbies: Making useless and usually worthless gadgets Special Abilities: Special aura that allows her steed to gallop faster than nearly all others! Able to suck mana out of victims. Finds that the occasional mana tap unclouds the mind. Personality Traits: Brash, blunt, sarcastic. Rebellious, but willing to follow orders as a means to an end. Extremely loyal to those she trusts. Misc. Quirks: The worst sense of direction in Azeroth. She is not the person you want to follow when in a confusing area. Played by What Famous Person: Emily Watson Theme Songs: Search and Destroy by Iggy Pop and the Stooges; Ride Sally Ride by Lou Reed; Let's Have a War by Fear; Killing for Company by the Swans History: Mavia's mother, Mora, was a talented priestess from Quel'thalas who had moved to Dalaran to teach in their schools of magic. There she met and married Mavia's father, Mirauv Evermorne. At the age of 4, just before the Second War broke out, her mother sent her up to Quel'thalas to stay with her grandparents for safekeeping. Her parents remained behind and fought the Horde, but the city was ravaged. For reasons unknown to Mavia, her grandparents had always disapproved of her parents' marriage and told Mavia that her father had been a no-good coward who had not taken responsibility for her. After the Second War, they told Mavia that both her parents had died, although in reality her parents were missing. Her mother had tried to send Mavia letters, but the grandparents never showed them to Mavia. Wanting Mavia to be "normal" and fit in with the quel'dorei, her grandparents enrolled her in a school of arcane magic. While she learned quickly, she did not seem to grasp the importance of it beyond practical jokes. After a few too many polymorphs of magisters and a couple of really large, "accidental" explosions in the school, the magisters informed her grandparents that she would be better suited to another class. She was then enrolled to become a priest. She took to this class much more, and found healing to be pleasurable. However, she was often seen in her spare time practicing combat on the warrior trainee's target dummies, and engaging in duels. But, when the clerics asked her if she would prefer to be a warrior, she declined. During the terrible Third War, her grandparents were killed, along with nearly everyone she knew. Not knowing what else to do, she followed Kael'thas and became sin'dorei. After Lady Liadrin founded the Blood Knights, Mavia finally found what she was looking for. She could now use her talent for holy magics, her healing arts, and yet also engage in armed combat at times. A perfect blend. She took to the roads and did other's dirty work here and there. Not much interested her other than total annihilation of the Alliance. She killed and killed and killed. Then she heard of a group who followed a certain Mandate, and fell in with the Grim. She found that most of them were focused on certain important targets, or delving for treasure. Only one seemed to have the constant hunger for blood that she had...Drinn. When Drinn left the Grim, there was no question that Mavia would follow her. Now she is creating a new destiny in Scorn.