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  1. OMG that last one really did make me LOL IRL Use the santa suit as pjs? >_>
  2. Demo is definitely where it's at to make it easier on yourself and not have as much of the clothie's burden on you. And at 70 it's really reaaaaaaally funny to run 3s with 3 SL warlocks, 2 with felguards. You can just hear the other team shitting themselves out of the gate.
  3. I miss Maelstrom too, except not. That place is a sewer. I've been out of the comm for a bit too, that helps, from back in the good old days of TTL vs TSW. ;;
  4. Mistress Nicoletta, please see that Dewce gets glasses. I had on a gnome disguise for our festive season, but I'd have thought he would have see all the shoddy goblin worksmanship of it when he got close enough to start stabbing. Thank you for this wonderful event! Is this a common custom for orcs? I like how the university has incorporated it into their extracurricular activities! All that drinking at the end though...I just don't understand it. Oktarg does that and, well, it just makes him sleep and grump. Sleep is supposed to be refreshing! ((OMG any chance to jump into the arena! ANY! I was laughing my ass off!))
  5. Yah, it was nice meeting you! ((Dibraji was with us too...it's really hard to tell who's the who right now without guild tags >_<))
  6. Hello, I'm Pyrivalia Moonsong. I'm the Sin-Dorei emissary to the Kor'Kron Vanguard and I hope to learn much from, well, everything! Last night I learned not to hug Alek. *cough*