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  1. Angelita stood in the Royal Exchange, watching the bankers as they moved back and forth between the mailbox and the Auction House. A smile formed on her lips as she looked down at the expensive dress she wore, and the Azerothian diamond adorning her finger. Moments later, a man on a white horse approached. He smiled at her, his handsome face standing out amongst the rest of the elves in the area as he extended a hand. "Are you ready, love?" Angelita nodded and took his hand, being lifted to mount the horse behind him as she sat side saddle. She slipped her arms around his waist and kissed the back of his neck. "Lets go." With that, the white horse rode forth, never to be seen in Silvermoon again.
  2. From the personal log of Angelita Windsong, a broker of monetary items and information in Silvermoon City. Subject: Malethia Lightshope. Was dead at some point. Has now returned in a different body and exhibits different abilities. Is this body completely tangible? My sources indicate she may be some type of spirit/undead. Will seek more information regarding this. She is a student at Silvermoon University. Bears close watching. Subject: Isendur "the Wolf". While appearing to be a ladies man to some, he is actually quite the opposite. I caught him having a fight with his "pet," a male mage (or priest) from the Grim. Has been linked to Bir and Kovan, and is the source of a possible fight between the two. Isendur is aware that I know "something," so it is best I keep my distance. Subject: Bir Romine. A nice enough man. He was instrumental in getting me out of the gutter. Yet I know from watching he has a dark side. Seems to be stricken with some sort of malady. I will keep my distance. Subject: Kovan Thornel Seems to be a decent man. Often led astray by his emotions. Has a strange love/hate relationship with Bir Romine. They are currently not talking/bickering as far as I know. Has a personal assistant that I am attracted to, and have had a romantic liason with. Bears close watching. Subject: Oze, engineer of the Cartel Enforcers. He doesn't seem too powerful compared to the rest, but he commands members of the organization more powerful than himself. Possible high connections. May be involved with Hellista Lok'Tharis. Subject: Hellista Lok'Tharis. Criminal who seems to be let back on the streets no matter what her crime. Has obvious connections with the leadership of the city. Very dangerous. Is a teaching assistant at Silvermoon University. Subject: Lovely Bloodstorm. Possible former human. Encountered her talking to someone where she admitted to being "grown" in a laboratory. Is currently dating a paladin named Cerryan Vyel. Not a threat, but bears close watching. Subject: Rosalynd Du Coudray. Paladin/Blood Knight working for The Grim. Has trouble with relationships, gathering from what I've seen. Possible weak link if manipulated, but very powerful. Seems friendly. I will not sell information about her unless the price is high. Subject: Aest Ressan. Blood Knight of the Grim. A bit of a ladies man. I even hit on him myself. Seems to have a tie to Carmensita, the wild drunkard from The Cartel Enforcers. As an experiment, I told Carmensita that Aest had called her a tease. Will see where that goes. Subject: Carmensita. Rogue working for the Cartel Enforcers. A bit wild. Loose cannon and drunkard. Seems to gather attention. She talks funny, but its cute in a way. Possible act? Do not underestimate. Will add more notes when time allows.
  3. Rumor has it that there is a girl working for the Royal Exchange....Angelita Windsong AKA Angelita Goldsinger, that has come from the streets and knows many things about many people. It is rumored that she has sold information in the past, and may still do so. Surely in her position, being around so many in Silvermoon, this can't be far from the truth.
  4. He seems to be a bit full of himself. This doesn't always make someone a bad person, but it is information I will keep tucked away for future reference. Not a bad man by any means...but he loves to impress the ladies.
  5. I've had my eye on her for quite a while. Unusual woman, with some unusual talents. Its a good thing she's on our side. I hope I didn't get her dirty last night when she was helping me. I need to learn to hold my ale.
  6. Emmons is a dear friend of mine. True, he poisoned me a few times when I was homeless, but I hold no ill will toward him, and I was able to recover nicely.
  7. ((Updated. She's no longer a homeless bum, but a clean high class banker!))
  8. ((Diomades, you can pull this off in two separate ways. Either make an alt that is your "Disguise" (because people sometimes keep talking if they don't recognize the person, especially if that person is level one), Or use the terrain to your advantage. I know I eavesdropped on you and Leoren several times last night just using LoS tricks. Not that I'm an information broker or anything.))
  9. Hey, Angel never told anyone in game! Then again, does Qabian really need an excuse to kill a homeless person? :rolleyes:
  10. She went for that pie like Sally Struthers attacking a food basket of rice in Ethiopia. And kept going back!
  11. Full Name: Angelita Windsong, A.K.A. Angelita Goldsinger Nicknames: Angel, "girl" Race: Sin'Dorei Gender: Female Hair: Strawberry blonde Skin: Tannish red Eyes: Green of course Height: 5'4" Weight: 120 lbs. Place of residence: Murder Row, Silvermoon City Place of Birth: Eversong Woods Known Relatives: None, although in the past she had made up several. Religion/Philosophy: She loves money Occupation:Former Beggar, now Banker/Personal Assistant Group/Guild affiliation: The Royal Exchange Guild Rank: Banker Enemies: People who spit on her, selfish people. Likes: When people are kind to her. Favorite Foods: Fillet Mignon Favorite Drinks: Fine Wine Favorite Colors: Blue Weapons of Choice: None Dislikes: People that hurt her. Hobbies: Staying alive and well, turning gold into MORE gold. Physical Features: Petite and well formed, and always tries to stay clean. Special Abilities: None Positive Personality Traits: Friendly Negative Personality Traits: She's a spy and information broker. Misc. Quirks: None yet discovered. Can't hold her liquor. Played by What Famous Person: Rachel Evan Wood Theme Songs: History: Angelita grew up homeless, and has used every trick in the world to keep herself alive. She has worked for several prominent people as an information broker, and currently has a job in the Royal Exchange of Silvermoon City. She is cunning and smart, and always keeps an ear open for useful (and valuable) information.
  12. But you were still nice before you did it. Thank you Qabian. Yes, I realize this should have gone in the Blackmail thread, but it was too precious not to share here.