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  1. <p>Not enough interest, no more adult forums. *shrugs*</p>

  2. ((This takes place a bit before the "Nameless Event" but after "Schnockered at Brewfest," "Same Old Story" and "Drunk Under The Table." It's good old Marowit-Banbuu gay!belf sap. *takes this moment to throw up* GOD this shhhhit is so sappy!!!!! If I were to remove every other word I bet I'd have Twilight!)) Ban hadn't seen a color other than green in a long time. It was a sick foggy green which seeped in from the corners of his eyes. It moved like some sort of swarm just out of his direct vision. It engulfed him... especially when he'd just eaten. He knew exactly what it was and he knew what it was doing to him... but how could he stop it? There were already large portions of his day lived without fully knowing what he was doing. He'd wake up with cuts and bruises he couldn't place, in strange places he didn't recognize, even odd tastes in his mouth. It was getting to a point where Banbuu barely even moved in his times of cognition. All he wanted to do was fade away. Marowit had gone. He'd promised to come back... but how long ago that was Ban couldn't tell. He could barely tell through the green haze if it was night or day. He didn't even know if Marowit knew where he was now... or if he himself knew where he was. Did he even care? He didn't care without Mar. Ban lay wherever it was that he was for an undetermined time and stared at the swirling ceiling. He was conscious now it would seem. What was the point? He barely saw the familiar face of a troll lean over him. "Aye... this no be good a'tall." she echoed gruffly. She snapped her fingers and Ban felt himself lifting into the air and heard the sound of a heartbeat close to his ear. The last thing he saw was the face of a darkly dressed and masked Blood Elf looking down at him before the haze took over his mind again. Not much went through his head while he was like this. There was the occasional hallucination, or dream... or perhaps it was real. Sometimes he'd think it was real and it wouldn't be... sometimes he'd think it was a dream and he'd wake to find himself covered in blood. For instance... currently he was being strapped down and set on fire. Green flames seared off his skin as he struggled against leather restraints, his long hair nothing but cinders now. He screamed and cried out as he watched flecks of his skin floating up and away from him, now only a glowing speck. He wailed and gritted his teeth and writhed to no avail. He stayed like this for hours, trying to break the buckles at his wrists, biting out at nothing, sobbing out smoke. Then a harsh slap to his face and the world broke like glass. The flames vanished in an instant. He was still tied down. That much had been real. Before him stood the troll. It was the Captain. "I tol' 'im I'd watch ye and ta' do i' secret like but this be too much fer Am. Fer yer own good we goin' ta be keepin ye 'ere li'l heart. I keep ma' cargo live." A hand pushed something into his mouth. Looking he saw the dark clad Elf from before. Odd... he hadn't seen him until just then. "Eat now." she said sternly. After a moment the Elf brought up a hand to his chin and moved his jaw for him a couple times as if reminding him how to chew. He chewed cautiously at first, then ravenously. It had been bread. After the silent elf had fed him the whole loaf, Am grabbed a stool and sat next to the bed Ban had been tied to. "Now ye be tellin' Am what your problem be. Maybe she can help. Why you be drinkin' an' screamin' and nearly killin' people? Am though' tha' was 'er job." Odd... the other Elf had seemingly vanished. When had he left the room? He opened his mouth to speak but only a dry crackle came out which sent Ban into a fit of coughing. Blood? The elf was suddenly at his side again with a cup to Ban's lips. Trustingly he drank, coughed, then drank some more. "I... I'm empty." he hoarsely whispered as the other elf wiped Ban's face with a damp cloth. "O' wha'?" "The energy... mana... life itself..." "How tha' be?" He tried to whisper a response but found it very difficult. The other elf now spoke for the first time. "The Sunwell." His voice was deep but soft at the same time, and very to the point. "Oh... aye... I 'eard lots 'o you li'l things where 'avin' trouble wit tha.' Turned a bunch o' ye into them Wretched, aye?" Ban nodded. "So's tha' whatch'u be fightin.'" He nodded again. "Hmmm... Am' see now. Well, ye gotta do what ye gotta do but this Cap'n's gotta keep ye physic'ly safe." She stood and leaned over, a hand out as if she were going to pat Ban on the shoulder. A darkly covered arm shot out and grabbed her hand roughly just a couple inches from Ban. After a moment of an uncomfortable stare between the two, the elf lightened his grip slightly and let her slip her hand out. "Mana addict." was all he said in the same voice as before. Am looked down at Ban and smiled. "Guess I'll leave tha' friendliness fer later then." She gave a low bow before turning and leaving. The elf never followed after her, but looking back over Ban suddenly could no longer find him. Maybe this really was a dream yet? That would certainly explain all those little green bearded sheep dancing around on the ceiling with their pitchforks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sea of green, washing away his soul. The waves sounded in his eardrums relentlessly. He was basically unaware of the troll's visits or the elf feeding him, forcing him to swallow water-soaked bread. Moments of thought became less and less, and in these moments he only felt a sense of dread that some day soon there would be no more. He hadn't even had a real hallucination for a long time... until the stream of blue crossed his vision. Just for a moment, but it was the only thing he'd really seen in months apart from the green eating away at his optic nerves. Ban had forgotten about the existence of things like color, but it had definitely just been there bright as the sky. Where did it go? He searched his immediate sight for the little swirl. For the first time in a very long time Ban felt hope. He hoped he'd be able to see it again. It flashed briefly again in the corner of his eye. Ban turned his head... at least he thought he was turning his head, he couldn't much tell... but there it was. To his left, just sitting there. Glorious and warm. He just stared at it, remembering how wonderful it had been to see the blue sky and water, the dark blue that Marowit's eyes had once been before it all changed. He wanted to remember it forever, fearing it would disappear any moment and leave him once again with this tide of nothing. But it didn't disappear, it grew bigger and closer. Like it was burning away the swarm of fel bees it grew and eventually took a form. It grew so close to Ban and then enveloped him. He was now in a sea of blue. He could feel it chasing away the buzzing wasps behind it, off somewhere distant now. He could feel it's warmth. He could hear it's heart beat. He could hear it calling his name. He could even feel it's tears on his face and it's lips pressed to his cheek. Large arms wrapped strongly around him, lifting him a good ways from the bed. It was hard to breath but Ban didn't struggle. He only weakly lifted his own arms to further pull himself into the blue. So much of it... he didn't have to eat it. It was all right there. He could just hold it like this. The arms only held him tighter. "Ban... I know you're still there... please still be there." The large elf that was as familiar as Ban was to himself was now rocking back and forth. "Mar..." he choked out, reaching up for the dark brown hair he knew would be there. It was there, coarse and brown. "Why.... so bright." "Oh Ban..." he was smothered in kisses. So busy kissing he could barely answer. "The sunwell... with the SSO... that girl... and Mu'ru... it's back now... I'm back..." Ban didn't have the strength to answer, so he just let himself be held and kissed and wept onto. He was starting to feel things both physically and mentally again as he realized what was happening. It was all almost as overwhelming as the waves of fel had been. It took him a long time to figure out what this major feeling was gnawing at him right at that moment. He was tired. He wanted to really sleep. So warm and safe in the blue he found it very easy. The world went black in the comfort of actual sleep. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Warm brown skin is what he woke to. The still partially armored Marowit must have fallen asleep holding him. Ban took this time to look him over. He was the same as Ban had remembered apart from his hair being put up a bit differently and his face being a bit worn and smudged with dirt. He also never remembered Marowit wearing armor for any reason other than ceremony... but this armor had definitely been used. Dented, ripped and cracked it looked like Marowit had been through a war. Looking about he noted the giant odd looking mace laying by the door. It looked the size of an anvil in itself and was also very dirtied and worn. Settling back into the bed he traced a hand over the cracks in the pieces of metal that had been carefully and intricately woven into bright blue cloth, and studied the golden insignia of a winged helmet stitched into the black tabard. He pushed his face into it, pressing against the warm chest and taking in Mar's sent once again but found it mixed with the smell of gun powder, and slipped an arm over Marowit's waist to rest a hand along his back. He definitely felt it. A new source. Something chasing away the hornets that had sent his mind running from reality. They were still there, he could hear them, but much further and getting further every moment. It must have found him when Marowit found him. Had it been looking for him as well? This small movement woke Marowit. Ban found this odd since Marowit had always been such a heavy sleeper... what had he been through? A large gloved hand lifted and settled at the back of Ban's head for a moment before wiping away a tear from his pale and sickly thin face. He hadn't even realized he'd been crying. Marowit smiled down at him before planting a gentle kiss on his forehead. "You look so small. The captain told me you would barely eat a thing." He was trying to speak as softly as he could. Ban was grateful for this. "Don't... really remember much..." he rasped, then after a moment he cleared his throat as best he could. "Where are we?" "One of Am's hideaways... Southern coast of Tanaris." Mar winced as he shift his position a bit, and Banbuu could hear a loud popping sound coming from his shoulder. "The Captain said she found you half buried in the Abyssal Sands. Good thing she'd been trailing you for a few months. Glad I enlisted her help now." "Where... you..." Marowit lifted Ban's head gently and placed another kiss on his lips to shut him up a bit. "Fighting... I joined up with the Shattered Sun and we took back Quel'Danas... then we killed that damned Kael'thas and the last of M'uru restored the Sunwell." Marowit lifted Ban up a bit in order to retrieve his arm from beneath him and moved to a sit. He reached to the stand next to the bed and lifted a large mug. He lifted Ban to a sit as well, leaning his thin frame against his chest, and brought the mug to Ban's dry mouth. Ban's hands instinctively moved to hold the mug, but he mostly ended up just hanging from it wearily while taking very deep and painful gulps. Mar eventually pulled the mug away, then placed a large loaf of bread into his hands. Ban bent his face down to it and he worked at ripping a piece off with his teeth and found himself having more difficulty than he'd expected. Mar took off the tattered gloves, then took over with the bread as well, pulling pieces off and placing them in Ban's mouth. "Guess you have a lot of recovery to do." Mar's warm breath tickled Ban's head as he said this. "Thought I'd lost you there. I guess you'd been kicking and screaming quite a bit too..." He swept a hand through the pale blond hair in front of him before wrapping his arms around Ban again and leaning forward to set his cheek alongside Ban's face. The two sat together in a pleasant silence as outside a small boat containing one troll and one elf left the shore. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It took a couple weeks for Ban to regain the strength to wander about, but once he did Marowit could barely get him to rest. He felt so restless. Things were so colorful and noisy he wanted to see it all again. The blue water, the green grass, the yellow sand, little purple flowers, and brown dirt. He loved them all. The captain stopped in every few days to drop off more provisions, but other than that time was theirs to control. Days spent walking and talking and eating and swimming, and nights spent in the arms of one another. "We could just stay here forever..." Ban said one afternoon while sitting on the shore, his head in Mar's lap, and sifting through the sand with his fingers. They'd just eaten and decided to watch the sun set. He knew they couldn't really... he just wanted to say it out loud. "Maybe one day." Marowit stared down at Ban who was looking much better as the days passed. His skin had regained much of it's color, though he still had many cuts and bruises which would probably take some time to vanish, if they did at all. His hair also seemed thicker and fuller than two weeks previously. "But there's too much to do yet. So many dangers and villains to stop." "Why can't someone else stop them?" He knew why someone else couldn't stop them. He mindlessly played with a pebble he'd found amongst the white fine sand. "Because we need everyone we can." Mar ran his fingers through Ban's hair which was stretched out on the ground. Ban gave a sigh and looked up at Mar. "I know..." They'd been spending most of their time outside not wearing much other than pants or even less on the hottest days, and while Ban regained just a bit of his color, Mar seemed to tan so easily. His face was beautifully dark now. Ban lifted his arms up to circle around Mar's neck and, using all the strength he'd collected during his recovery, pulled himself the long way up to Mar's mouth, placing his lips lightly onto the slightly chapped lips of the other Blood Elf. Luckily he didn't have to hang there long. He felt the two strong arms wrap beneath him and pull him up closer into a much stronger kiss. Fingers pressed his head upward as Mar wrestled his tongue. It felt so good to be able to feel again. (( NSFW parts edited out completely for the forums. )) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Am arrived for the final time not bearing food but with the intention of opening two portals. The first was for Ban. "You need to return to Mulgore and you need to stay there this time. The captain's going to send you to Thunder Bluff, and Maddy's Tauren family should be there to meet you on the other side. You stay in Mulgore and I'll find you there. Deal?" Ban nodded against the black and gold tabard, dreading the moment the large arms would drop and he'd be pushed through the glowing circle bearing the image of Thunder Bluff. Mar acknowledged his nod by cradling Ban's head heavily against him and dipping his head down to plant a kiss on the slightly sun burnt forehead. It was exactly like the first time he'd had to send Ban off for his own safety. He prayed it would work this time with the Sunwell restored and Ban not falling into fel-addicted insanity. No... only every other type of insanity. He still had to battle sex addiction, alcohol addiction, drug addiction... and he was betting Ban thought he'd been keeping all that secret from Mar. Nonetheless, he couldn't bring Ban with him, and Mulgore was the safest place away from everything and anything. He took hold of Banbuu's shoulders, pulled him away, and pulled him in for a long kiss. "Alright... see you in a bit. Right?" Ban nodded solemnly again and Marowit nudged him towards the portal. "Say hi to Maddy for me, yes?" He took a hold of Ban's hand as he moved towards it. Another watery-eyed nod and he walked into the bright sunshine and fresh grass of Thunder Bluff. He didn't let go of Mar's hand until the last possible second and he felt the gate close behind him. Back on the other side Am threw up the second gate. The other side of this one was fire and darkness. "Direct route ta Warsong Hold fer ye Ambassador. Am' hear they be 'avin' trouble." In the absence of Banbuu his demeanor had instantly changed to that of a soldier. The fire reflected in his eyes, he walked sternly through to war.
  3. I didn't think it would make things THIS much easier! Here's one I did before work today!
  4. So I celebrated by drawing smut... THEN I celebrated by drawing a 5 minute sketch of Rehdd.
  5. Thankye! ^ ^ <3 And thankye for the nice criticism. I've been looking for pictures involving the edges of fur with something patterned beneath it... but typing "fur" in Google image search gets a variety of disturbing results.
  6. Heh. Yeah, he's one of them sadomasochistic types... Booze, drugs, and whores himself out for both. X3
  7. Banbuu sleeping in his hut. Done in charcoal and pencils heavy on the base. Was very fun to do. I think PB made it a bit blurry. Ah well. To larger (less blurry) version: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y53/SuperDuckyWho/sc00016aed.png Constructive criticism welcome. Whatever doesn't kill me only makes me stronger. ^ ^ ... or incredibly incredibly weak.
  8. Well the good thing about art is you can always make more. ^ ^; So if you give some out for free you can make stuff for pay later. Also, most artists have to start out giving it away for free anyways. You could also make comics of some sort, or else look around and see if anyone needs something illustrated. You'd need to get a portfolio together for that last one probably and I have no idea how one would go about doing so but I can't imagine it would be too difficult if you have a few pieces around that you like. Heck, you could even come up with a real simple story and make a childrens book out of it if you wanted.
  9. I dunno. I liked the line work of the Draenai. While it's nice to vary lines like that sometimes, her Draenai works that way. Simple and bold. Made me want to print out a copy of the uncolored version and break out some crayons. X3 I might still do that. You should make a coloring book.
  10. <p>Aaaaah!!! *points* He's got two! He got twoooo!!!!</p>

  11. <p>XO</p>

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  12. I R <3 her. X3 Always felt a liiiiittle guilty for my love of Draenei ladies, and now I don't have to. Even when they pummel my face in while I'm questing... or rather especially. >_>
  13. You know if you buy a real one the guys have little peens.
  14. Decided to do the huggers back there, and the ship, in charcoal since oils om nom nom everything. I'll make the ice with that for that reason.