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  1. Want to make a trade?
  2. I wish Trevyn Conley wasn't in stasis. So I could keep on RPing with you! She reminds me of Audry Hepburn. Someone really dear to me always told me I looked like her. I looked at her and thought she was an elf!
  3. It's been a long time since I've had any time to write! So many lawyers! I'm going to get a little more than half of everything that bastard had. He really was a fox, I almost feel bad for swindling him but it's his own fault for being so darn stupid. With all the gold I'm going to get out of this deal I could buy myself a nice house out in the country. I think I just might do that. But then again, the country isn't a safe place for just one little woman. Then again, it might be more safe than the city.
  4. (( <3 I need to level her ;o; )) I hadn't been doing anything worthwhile. I didn't even get the troll I wanted. Once I got back, I caught a cold and ended up staying in bed. While I was there I went to the auction and bought a beautiful new bow, arrows as well. Now I need a new quiver. Nothing my bank accounts can't handle.
  5. That dress is finally repaired, it looks very nice. Pink has always been my favorite color. I think tonight I shall go to Silvermoon to show it off for a time. There is always people to meet in that bloody shit hole of a city. Perhaps I feel like something more exotic. A troll?
  6. A swashbuckler got up my skirt today. He didn't get far before I had my blunderbuss between his eyes. Perhaps I should gave given him a little bit of fun. Then again, I'm not sure on the Crew's affiliation with the bloodsail. Maybe it was expected of me. Also, Rumsey Rum Black Label and Volatile Rum. I don't think either of those are rare.
  7. I hate the jungle, my hair isn't nearly as nice. All this humidity makes it curl more than usual. Oh, not to mention all the alliance around here. I can get a man to deal with that though.
  8. I couldn't resist buying this pretty little book to go with Nobby's new pretty little bow. Braell would wretch if he saw it, since the pig is supposed to be some sort of strong animal. Which he is, but I think he likes to be cleaned and babied. All pigs do. This quest for rare liquor is much harder than I thought it would be. I don't think Cherry Grog is very rare, but it sure hits the spot! Now let's see what there is for me to do today: Mend Elegant Dress. Buy Another Dress. Lead Stupid Men On. (because no matter what they say, it's much easier than doing things yourself) Steal Stupid Men's Gold. Look into 'horse shoes' for Nobby. Pink, if possible. Collect 20 troll tusks. (Hah not likely.)
  9. Qyu


    I think there is a lot we could both learn from one another. Miss Nawe is quite the woman!
  10. Qyu


    I'm a little curious about what would have happened if I lead him to a more private location..
  11. Qyu

    "Qyu Te'Pie"

  12. This is exactly how she pictured it to be when she was a little girl. A long flowing white gown, lace from neck to toe, a plush private church, her light curls braided and a halo of sheer fabric with white flowers. Her knight was covered from neck to toe in ornate silver armor, a decorative sword on his hip. It was every little girl's fantasy to marry a knight, but every woman's dread to marry a passive lifeless man. The morning sun flooded the room, just like in her dreams. Everything else besides the groom was perfect. The entire ceremony was private, almost secretive in nature. Even the women who prepared the bride were silent, offering only smiles as their blessings. Exactly the way she wanted it, no small talk. He was good. This was her day and he knew that. She was so grateful for him, endlessly so. Over the years when it seemed there was no one to turn to, there was him. When it all fell apart, he was there. Their bond was nothing new, nevertheless unspoken. The silence they both appreciated and kept. All the awful betrayals they committed to others pushed into the backs of their minds. The years took a toll on him, but left her nearly unscathed. She glanced down, away from his eyes while the priest spoke in a hushed tone. There was a lot to look at on her, so much intricate lace, so much ribbon, so much white. That was the one thing she allowed him on her day, white. White was not the most honest color for a woman with a past like hers. She requested blue. He refused and insisted white became her as well as any color, if not better. There were no vows, no questions asked, she didn't want them. She didn't want a reason to back out of a perfect opportunity. What's more odd, he understood when she told him that. He understood everything. It felt like the two of them were young again, having a very particular and discreet wedding that their parents would never approve of. She knew who wouldn't approve, not that it mattered in the least. This wasn't for him, this was for her. He slipped the largest diamond she had ever seen onto her finger just days before. Not weeks earlier he interrogated her of every detail she wanted for her day and he made it all happen. Every other man who had that conversation with her made promises they never kept. It was all a dream come true, minus the lack of passion. For now, it was back to reality. He gracefully raised the sheer material shielding her face, cupping her chin between two metallic fingers. His light green eyes locked hers with the first smile he's given in weeks. She stood tall on her feet to reach his level, taking his last name with the most prudish kiss she had ever given in her life.
  13. Qyu

    "Qyu Te'Pie"

    Full Name: "None of your damn business." Nicknames: "Qyu Te'Pie" "Princess" Date of Birth: Sometime in the early winter a long, long time ago. Age: Old Enough. Race: Sin'dorei. Gender: Female. Hair: Blonde with carefully hidden streaks of silver. Skin: Light pink. Eyes: Pale Green. Height: 5'6" Weight: 98lbs Place of residence: Shattrath Place of Birth: Quel'Thalas Known Relatives: None she would speak of. Religion/Philosophy: Looking out for number one. Occupation: Herb collector. Group/Guild affiliation: None. Guild Rank: None. Enemies: The Alliance. Likes: Intelligent company. Favorite Foods: Fried strider meat sprinkled with spices and herbs. Favorite Drinks: Melon Juice. Favorite Colors: Pink and orange. Weapons of Choice: Bows, guns and two handed axes, whichever is more easily at hand. Dislikes: Ignorance. Hobbies: Sketching, hiking and spending time with her consort. Physical Features: She's adorable, just like everyone else. With dark brown eyebrows, light pink skin, flawless features and curled blonde hair. Special Abilities: Does archery count?