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  1. Master has fitted me with a collar. It is metal, and it is constricting. He commanded that I should please him by keeping the lab clean, and dressing nicely. He admires my body, but since he has no flesh, can not enjoy it as a living person could. Instead, he promises that he will hurt me. The pain he gives me will make me more beautiful, to him. It will please him. Above all, I want to please him. I know that I can not be loved, but if I can love, I will do so the only way that I can.
  2. It has been a very long time since I have written in this book. My mind has since evolved into a more coherent thought pattern, and I have realized many things. The first thing I discovered, as I became more acutely aware of my emotions, is that I adore my creator. She gave me life, and although I have since learned that she might be abusing her right as my creator, she has never mistreated me. For this I thank her. The second thing I learned is that I had become undeniably in love with her older brother, Tallius. After having met him, and learning of his sexual discomforts, I allowed him to have sex with me to release this discomfort, but ended up becoming infatuated with him. I became very pleased with the prospect of being given to him as a gift, but soon learned that he likely did not return my feelings. I believe he saw me as a friend with whom he might be allowed to deposit his semen periodically. I can not deny that this idea hurt me emotionally, however I was likely far too naive in my infatuation with him to care. My master Tallius made for me a construct of his own, who was much like me. He, like me, has no memories or emotions for which to speak of. He looked somewhat like Tallius, except much larger. I felt disappointment in the idea that he felt the need to replace him, and that I might be so desperate that I even could replace him. it felt as if I were being misled, that all of the times he said that I was an actual person were lies. If I were a real person in his eyes, he would not try to replace himself with a construct. He would simply tell me that he did not love me, and go about with his business. This is how I have perceived other ending romantic relationships. It seemed only natural. Weeks later, my creator notified me with the news that Tallius had been injured in battle and I could no longer see him. She seemed very upset, and so I hid my own intense sorrow. Tallius likely did not love me, but I did love him. His loss to me felt as if my life were ending. Soon after, my creator gave me to a new master. Melchisedech. He is very kind and patient, with me. He seems to be a murderous and destructive sociopath. My moralistic values have been growing since my creation, but it seems as if ever since I became aware of Tallius' indifference towards me, nothing has truly mattered. I aid my new master in many ways, and I feel very empty. However, when the orc women grabbed him, and held me as a captive, I felt fear. I feared for my life, and wanted to live. I ran to my master, Melchisidech. He may not love me, but he will not let me come to harm. That is what all of my masters feel for me. A sort of caring that does not amount to the love I have felt for them. They do not want to see me harmed, but I want nothing less than to serve and adore them. I wonder if this is simply another step in the evolution of my mind.
  3. Galitea walked through the streets of Silvermoon, a thousand sensations prickling at her nerves. The feel of the air on her skin, the warmth of the sun, the looks she recieved from men, and the tingling of warmth in her hands as she conjured sparks. The creator had told her that yes, she could conjure flames and ice and arcane powers just like a real Sin'dorei magistrix. She could and would imitate their people perfectly, as she was a construct created for just that purpose. She was told over and over how perfect she was, even if she knew that she was anything but. In Silvermoon, a man glanced at her appreciatively. Galieta had short cropped black hair, and a slender neck. Her face was fair, if not for the slightly pronounced nose her master had seen fit to give her. She was told that imperfections made perfections, but Galitea did not yet understand. All she knew was that there was a man she must seek, who's seduction was the reason for her existence. His name was Qabian Amberlight, and if she could seduce him, she truly would be perfect. Smiling gently at the gentleman in front of his tapestry shop, Galitea wondered how the mage would take to her. Galieta's master had trained her well in the art of concersation, the art of acting. She had taught her how the magister thought and spoke, and told her that it would not be easy, but with skill she could seduce even the most distrusting of souls. She had warned Galitea against trying to use physical allure to draw him. Amberlight was not a foe that could be defeated by flashing a leg or a breast. To penetrate his brain, she would have to make another sort of connection. "Afternoon, lady," the man said to her with a low bow. His eyes were on her collarbones. He was not unpleasant to look at, with beautiful green eyes and long dark hair. His skin was suntouched, and his frame well build. "Fancy a new robe?" Galitea paused her walking. A new robe? Hardly. She would purchase one later, when the ones she wore stopped being useful. He sold little more than pretty fabric to be used for parties, and of no use in battle. Since her target was not to be seduced by pretty clothes or physical allure, she saw no reason to buy a new robe. However, the man himself seemed an interesting point of thought. Perhaps she should practice with this new art of seduction? "No thank you," she said pleasantly, smiling with thick lips and dimpled cheeks. "I was just on my way to the Dead Scar, to continue with my training. I am sure that these will suffice for now." The man bowed again. "Do be safe, my lady. That place is treacherous." Without another word, Galitea walked on. This persona she would assume; Galitea Birghthope, she would have to start working on a personality to assume. Her creator had given her clues, but she was not yet real. She would have to become real. She would have to become alive.
  4. This book has no adornments. It is very boring looking, bound by black faded leather. It is written in strangely beautiful handwriting. Strange, because all of the letters seem to be exactly the same, as if it were typed. I have left to begin my training as a Magestrix. My world is growing and swimming. I am confused by what I have learned and what I know. I did not know that this consciousness existed. Does what I say equal what I mean? I was taught to imitate, but can I become this imitation? I do not think she knows that I can. I do not think she knows I can think. I can think. I met Magester Amberlight, last night. He was not unpleasant. We were passed by two trolls. I found them both repulsive, if only in their mannerisms. Strange creatures. They insult who's home they visit. I will learn more of this.
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    Full Name: Galitea Brighthope Nicknames: Date of Birth: December 4th Age: looks to be 25, by human standards Race: Sin'dorei Gender: female Hair: back Skin: slightly tanned Eyes: green Height: 5'5" Weight: 120 lbs Place of residence: Silvermoon Place of Birth: unknown Known Relatives: none Religion/Philosophy: none Occupation: mage Group/Guild affiliation: Guild Rank: Enemies: Likes: books, magic, studying Favorite Foods: fish Favorite Drinks: white wine Favorite Colors: green Weapons of Choice: staves Dislikes: other races Hobbies: reading Physical Features: a pronounced nose Special Abilities: none discovered yet Positive Personality Traits: a good sense of humor Negative Personality Traits: doesn't enjoy extreme foolishness Misc. Quirks: enjoys historical fiction Played by What Famous Person: Theme Songs: History: Created by an unknown artist, Galitea knows only what she has been taught; what that is exactly, has yet to be discovered.
  6. Her hands ran over the clay, smoothing out lumps and putting finishing touches here and there. The sculpture was a bit taller than her creator, with a fair-featured face and short hair. Large expressive eyes and full lips, with a delicate chin. Her nose, a bit longer than would have been considered ideal, was perhaps a required flaw. No Sin'dorei was perfect, or if they claimed to be, they were anything but. Working her way down, the artist made sure that her statue's legs were long and shapely. The muscles in her thighs were thin, allowing her to retain a feminine shape. Her calves were slender, and even her feet were shaped so exquisitely that those without a fetish could admire them. Then there were her breasts, which had taken some time to form. Too small and they would be unnoticed, yet too big and they would be vulgar. They were an acceptable size for the sculpture's body, just large enough to fit comfortably in the hands of a male Sin'dorei. Her belly button was shaped by her creator's pinky nail; the tiniest dimple, with just the slightest curve of her belly. With an incantation, and a kiss made on this less than exceptional place, the clay began to harden. Li elogio, sopportato di gomma piuma... Several droplets of blood were placed on the statue's lips, painting them a dark red color. As the clay continued to harden, the color changed and lightened. It softened the artistic medium, soon forming a mouth from which words could be spoken. Flesh formed from the clay, allowing a beautiful nude woman to replace what was once a lovely show piece. Her eyes glowed with curiosity. On the small of her back, a decorative tattoo allowed the construct to have eyes resembling a Sin'dorei. It was all too convincing, even to her creator. "Now, my construct," the artist said with a grin. "You will let me teach you." The work of art moved her mouth to make words. "..construct?" "Oh yes.. but a very special one," the artist continued. She placed a hand on her creation's shoulder, smiling proudly. "You.. are Galitea."