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    Full Name:Ryenn Nicknames: Date of Birth: Age:Human age...16 Race:Blood Elf Gender:Female Hair:Fiery Red Skin:Pale Eyes:Green, with a slight blue tint Height:5'2 Weight:110 lbs Place of residence: She doesn't really have one, but she likes to spend her time in Silvermoon Place of Birth: Unknown to her Known Relatives: Veleash (adoptive father) Selash (birth father) Religion/Philosophy: Believes there is something out there...just doesn't know what Occupation: Skinning Group/Guild affiliation: The Remorseless Enemies: Doesn't have any...yet Likes: Animals, wandering the world, being with people Favorite Foods: She likes anything sweet and tiger meat Favorite Drinks: She likes sweet alcoholic beverages (still not use to the alcohol) but other then that, just water Favorite Colors: Green or red Weapons of Choice: Daggers Dislikes: Rude people Physical Features: She rather likes her hair... Positive Personality Traits: She is nice and easy to talk to... Negative Personality Traits:...but she is stubborn and sometimes has a bad temper History: She grew up with Veleash, calling him "daddy" ever since she was little. She was adopted but she never question (out loud anyway) about her real parents. She left home at 16 to become a better rogue and to have adventures. She ran into a man named Selash and Ryenn immediately disliked him because he would pick on her. It wasn't long after that when she found out that Selash was her real father. Ever since, she builds a relationship with her father and is now learning about her past...
  2. Places a hand on her head, groaning a bit from the pain and fatigue. "Ah yes...I remember this man...or I think I remember him...Fluffy, was it?" Smirks slightly. "Thank you for the drinks...though I think I might of over did it..." Winces and groans. "I need a glass of water..."
  3. Nods her head slightly. "Yes I know Videlle, not very well but she seems nice enough, even though she doesn't talk much."
  4. *frowns at all of them* .......... ...anyway all I have to say is that I'm thankful for Alivanth for saving my life... *blushes*
  5. Charria


    *hides a smile from Marowit...then looks wide-eyed where Maddyson was at* O-ok...yeh we should do that sometime...
  6. Charria


    Full Name: Charria Nicknames: Char Date of Birth: Age: 19 (54 in human years) Race:Blood elf Gender: Female Hair: Long, white hair Skin: Light tan Eyes: Green Height: 5'6 Weight: 126 pounds Place of residence: Anywhere and everywhere Place of Birth: Unknown Known Relatives: Unknown Occupation: mining/blacksmith Group/Guild affiliation: Cartal Enforcers Enemies: There was someone she met who was hired to hunt her and doesn't remember what she did...and she hadn't heard from him in a while Likes: Chocolate, small dragons, adventures... Favorite Foods: Chocolate, Pie, Just about anything Alivanth cooks for her...she's not picky! Favorite Drinks: Water, an occasional glass of wine Favorite Colors: red Weapons of Choice: Sword Dislikes: Arrogant people, spiders Hobbies: When she has the time, she likes to tell stories and enjoys blacksmithing Physical Features: Long white hair down to mid back, green eyes. She has a pretty, mature face but still has a look of youth especially when she goofs around. She has an athletic build, her arms toned from swinging her sword around. She also has a scar on her back from when the attack happened at the Sunwell Special Abilities: Still trying to rediscover Positive Personality Traits: She can be kind, caring, and fun-loving Negative Personality Traits: When she looses her temper she can get sarcastic.. Misc. Quirks: History: She woke up after the attack of the Sunwell not remembering anything, except her name. A mage by the name of Alivanth came and rescued her before she became the undead's next meal. A romance sparked between Alivanth and Charria throughout the years, but Charria is still discovering how much Alivanth really cares for her. Lately images have been haunting her, she believes it has something to do with her pass. [/img]
  7. *frowns at the both of them...clears throat* Well I met Marowit the same time Alivanth met him...I think I made Marowit a bit angry, though he was angry with something to begin with. I have him a piece of chocolate, trying to make ends neat, but I don't know if it worked.... *....hands him another piece of chocolate then runs off*