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  1. Aceis had been patiently waiting outside of the courthouse for the entire event. She had been curious to see how this particular trial would play out, but her hate for crowds and had no desire to stable her animal companion. Every so often a shout or outburst would be heard clearly by her, and the transmissions made by her fellow Order of Eversong allies gave her an idea of what was going on. But then there was a long silence, and then what sounded like demons tearing into each other, various explosions and... arcane golems? Whatever regrets she may have been having instantly melted away and Aceis felt a little better that she had let the males of the Order make the first charge. Her communicator would speak to her again with words from her comrades "This is Cerryan. Leoren is safe in our hands, but we need to get out of the courthouse immediately. I am here with a Diomades Riverhorn and Xenaken. We will try to meet with you either on our way out, or outside if it is not safe." She'd take a long look at the city around her before muttering to herself, "I'm gonna miss this place." Then her composure would pick up a bit and she'd smile down at her wolf, "Well, I think it's about time we linked up with the others, are you ready?" The wolf would simply look up at her with a face that screamed Aceis was more trouble then she was worth. The two would begin slowly walking away from the courthouse with many of the civilians trying to escape. Her left hand would slowly move to the pendant around her neck and she's speak to the Order, "Aceis here, I'm waiting outside the courthouse ready to give support and covering fire. What's going on in there?"