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  1. <p>Hi, I've been fairly busy lately. Just transferred for university this quarter. I moved from TN->ED->now sitting on MG, but I've been looking at getting back into RP on TN again at some point. Let me know what your battletag is if you are actively using that.</p>

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  2. As the Sha of Anger would say... YOUR RAGE SUSTAINS ME
  3. Vennathros rose, his work as complete as it would be. He stalked to the front of the ship, carrying a rough piece of flat metal, Kaz'anet crawling slowly by his side. Numerous wires crossed the plate, integrating a small arcane crystal at the center. As he spoke, Altherion would notice that the side of the Ranger's head was peeled open, with several wires still hanging from it. "It is... effectively a transmitter, Lord. The arcane crystal that my tracking systems used was still attuned to the magic of the Redblade's spell casters. When power is run through it, it should cause them to feel as if they had cast a spell at its location, or at the very least make them aware of a presence here." With some reluctance, he offered the device. "Either way, it would theoretically urge them to investigate." His eyes turned to the cube that Altherion held. "It seems you have a plan of your own..."
  4. The Ranger's eyes clicked a few times as he processed Altherion's words. His gaze latched on to the seeming weakness in the death knight's armor, but he was not stupid enough to attack in his own weakened state. Instead, he rose to his feet, bowing audibly. "May be able to salvage parts. Create distress beacon. Pretend to be friends, a portal spell malfunction. Use them to return when they come to save us." He stepped backward, turning to walk away from his Lord. He had a plan, a course of action. He knew what sacrifice it might entail, cannibalizing his own parts to create the beacon. But he had not revealed his full intent to the volatile death knight. Kaz'anet reached up to tap his passing leg with a single claw. A plan was forming in Vennathros' mind. He looked down at the now-undead spider, and blurted out a hash of sounds, briefly looking back toward Altherion. By this point, he would be honestly surprised if the death knight did not expect betrayal from him. That would not stop him from trying. With thoughts of vengeance in his mechanical mind, Vennathros sought out a suitable surface to begin his work, Kaz'anet watching over him protectively.
  5. Kaz'anet's legs twitched several times before the spider leveraged itself into a roll, bringing it upright. She seemed to pause for a moment before scuttling to her master's reaching hand, clicking her mandibles together in an oddly-excited greeting. The hand turned, two of the fingers barely reaching to scratch the underside of the spider's thorax. He remained lying down, but no longer struggled. Clearly damaged, but functional, Vennathros' voicebox crackled again, spitting out atonal words. "Most systems functional. Despite lack of gravity, we are slowing. No significant land masses are within detectable range. No objects of a similar size to use to change our velocity. No propulsion system inherit to this place. No means of creating a propulsion system available through technological means. No means of communication via technology..." He paused as Altherion attempted to open the Death Gate. "...No means of magical travel or communication available. Orders, Lord?"
  6. The words barely reached the Ranger's damaged ears. His head turned, bringing Altherion into his field of vision as the mechanisms about his throat wheezed and clicked. His voice box made a sound like a twig snapping before spewing out binary for a few seconds. The binary shifted into a low mechanic growl as he looked back toward Kaz'anet's corpse. His left arm, the only mostly-whole one left, reached out pitifully toward the spider, the charred fingers looking more claw-like than ever before. The growl stopped with a click, and the clawed hand closed, the arm relaxing. "Yes..."
  7. Vennathros had risen as Jitters disappeared from on top of him, trying and failing to rise and witness his Lord's Great Work. Instead, he saw only the grasping arm of the arcane monstrosity as it gripped the ship, sending Vennathros tumbling out of the fractured remnants of the crow's nest, and into a bed webs and splinters that had collapsed to the deck of the ship underneath and between the thing's crushing grip. The spider's threads entangled him as the ship was ripped through time and space, leaving Vennathros' mechanical sesnses overloaded and disrupted. He felt the shards of the ship pull at the webs as the ship slowed down, and his senses slowly righted themselves. Netherstorm? Floating. Spinning. Slowing. Eyes working. Webs. Many webs. Wood. The Lord is nearby. Contact closer. IFF fail to identify. Switching to direct view. Vennathros' eyes brightened as his mind observed the world through them. He began to struggle with his remaining limbs, in case an enemy had made it through the portal with him... No. Not an enemy. About five feet from the Ranger's head, tangled in the web, was the burned and still body of Kaz'anet, its legs curled in on itself. For a brief moment, Vennathros thought he might be alive again. His eyes felt like they burned, and he wanted to do nothing more than scream at everything. Himself, for not abandoning Altherion sooner, and at the world, for killing his one true friend and connection to sanity. But he couldn't. He no longer possessed the ability to scream, though his throat burned as if he had.
  8. Vennathros was tackled to the cramped floor by Jitters, the geist's flailing movements knocking Vennathros' remaining limbs every which way. The shock of the tackle re-focused Venn's mind, bringing him back into the moment of the geist's assault. But Jitters had paused her assault, and was staring at the Ranger with a lustful gaze, drool dripping from her gaping maw. It quickly became apparent what had captured the thing's interest, as it retched out the word "Shiiiiiiiinnnyyyyy...", before slapping her wet tongue against Vennathros, dragging it across his mechanical parts. With a mechanical growl, Vennathros twisted his neck, pinching the geist's tongue between the tubes the made up his throat. The geist moaned in surprise, jerking its head back in an attempt to backtrack from the position it found itself-- But not before Vennathros' remaining arm lashed out, slicing Jitters' vile tongue out of her mouth! ---- As the fires raged across the ship, different areas of the structure were rendered unstable. One misstep on Kaz'anet's part, and a section of flaming ceiling was brought down into the room that Cyllos and the behemoth were fighting in. The crash flared the flames that had come down, igniting the plague barrels! The blast would blow both the paladin and the construct far and clear of the boat, and possibly experiencing some issues regarding the plague that was within the barrels.
  9. Vennthros had shielded himself from the blast of the grenade with his rifle and his arms, and time seemed to slow as he saw the over-excited geist flying toward him. Any working muscles left around his ruined mouth would have twisted, giving a crude impersonation of a smile as the Ranger's mind flashed over his opinion of Jitters. He had always hated the geist, with its disgusting drool and absolutely stupid speech. Now he had the chance to enact all his vicious day dreams on the thing. Even if his gun had been useful at such close range, Vennathros already knew that the rifle was ruined. But that was irrelevant. He reached for a pair of curved knives at his waist, his hands flexing in anticipation at dismembering the geist. His mechanical eyes began to beep a harsh warning at him as they detected the power build-up from Tuuroto's spell, but Vennathros was distracted. When he had brought his knives up to counter the geist's leap, only one knife had entered his field of vision! Momentarily stunned by the loss of an arm, his distraction was only amplified by the now deafening warning of arcane power build-up nearby. All that protected the Ranger was a numbly-held knife, and a canopy of webs-- Neither would be terribly effective against the geist, or whatever the fel it was that the Draenei was planning.
  10. Vennathros smoothly retrieved a special capsule from the pouch of bullets at his waist, reloading his rifle with calm efficiency as he studied the mage's actions. This new round was a special-made shredder round, originally meant to be shot at sails in order to cripple enemy ships, but a flying carpet would make a good enough target. He began to track her movements again, pondering about Jitter's apparent betrayal as he waited for the pair to get closer so that his shot had increased chance of dealing maximum damage. He recognized the danger the grenades might pose, but he trusted in Kaz'anet's web, possibly too much. --- Down in the captain's cabin, a certain paladin would be in for a surprise. Despite being kept as a companion of the damned, Kaz'anet herself was far from undead, which might have been obvious to any who had seen the color of his webs--A lively white, rather than an ichorous yellow. The light of the hammer and the paladin's magics still blinded the spider, causing it to shriek in pain as it shut its eyes against the assault, but it did not feel compelled to flee. Not a fighter capable of going toe-to-toe between the might of a paladin and a Blackguard, Kaz'anet instead returned to the growing darkness as the paladin's magical assault began to fade. The tips of its clawed legs allowed the spider to easily scale the walls of the cabin, giving it a position on the ceiling to wait for a chance to strike as the two heavier fighters began to collide...
  11. Vennathros was distracted from confirming his shot at the shaman by a carpet zooming across his field of vision. The sheer amount of movement began to overwork his mechanical parts as they attempted to lock too many targets at once, both in the air and in between the two ships. A brief slap against the side of his head and the twist of a dial later, and his target-finding was choked down to a more reasonable number. His gun came back up in time to see the paladin swing onto his Lord's ship, and he clicked a few guttural commands to Kaz'anet before returning his attention to the flying mage. His gun came up, but the mage's movement prevented him from getting a hard lock. Snarling in frustration, he fired anyway. The shot would have missed, at best catching the goblin's attention from the whizzing of a round passing near her. ---- Down came the spider, scuttling down the mast. Operating on the command of "Deal with the borders," Kaz'anet chose her target based on what might prove the easiest kill. Spying the construct entering the bowels of the ship, the spider skittered in after it, deciding to help the massive thing against the paladin...
  12. The crow's nest would have been shattered, if not for the natural instinct's of Vennathros' spider. The spider was a native to the harsh climate of Northrend, and as such its web was resistant to much of the weather of the killer continent. Sensing the tension in the air as Altherion viciously executed Reroma, Kaz'anet had spun a protective web above the crow's nest to protect both it, and its master, from danger. Lightning struck the web, but was diffused into the already flaming sails. Momentarily shaken by the onset of the shamanistic storm, Vennathros quickly regained his overwatch position as his mechanical eyes scanned the crew of the enemy ship for the source of the storm. In the span of a second it isolated the magical focal points before locking on to the one whose will guided the storm: A pandaren shaman. His rifle already in position, the Dark Ranger locked his sights on the target designated by the heads-up display of his mechanical eyes. Another second to ensure proper compensation for the shaking of the ship, and Vennathros' clawed finger pulled on his trigger. A single round flew directly at the shaman, likely to hit anywhere from its chest, to its shoulders or legs. Anything to break its focus on the storm.
  13. Atop the Crow’s Nest of the Undead ship, a lanky figure watched the others through a thick scope. Vennathros form was dominated by the machinery that covered the lower half of his face, breathing apparatus and tubes extending down about his body. His hands bore a powerful rifle, and his armor was fitted with various weapons should the enemy rise to his location. A large pet spider skittered beside him, leaning off the railing of his perch. The Undead marksman began to search for targets, initially taking aim at a certain Pandaren, but holding his fire until commanded.