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  1. Who shall be my Alliance side general? Skadd? You just volunteer?
  2. The leaders of both sides would have to suffer pugs yes. In fact I imagine many being surprised when they dont see honor scrolling past As for Old AV, I doubt that. The one we did against PG certainly took forever. Perhaps what we'll do first are the 15 mans. Then graduate up to the 40 mans. Once we spark more interest I'll set a date. Sundays are likley to be the days.
  3. Im wondering if there is any interest in giant battle royale in the Valley? At the beginning of Cat, the Grim faced off against PG in a 20 v 20 AV using the new War Games feature. The problem with that map is that one really needs 40 players to break a turtle, which is what PG ended up doing, and they won. Im wondering if there are any intrepid Alliance side generals willing to try and put togther raid to match up against ours. Perhaps what we could do is organize a best of three in all the various BGs over a series of days and weeks. Make a neat rp storyline behind the engagemants. Contact Grendze or Zangar in game on the horde side if you have thoughts or reply here (please leave a name that can be contacted that doesn't have odd symbols in it). I'd say this would be in the brainstorm phase, so ideas are welcome! Getting 80 ppl together is no small feat...
  4. Hello my fellow RPEers! Anyone interested in blowing the dust off this project? Reply here and maybe pm me with your in game name(s). Im thinking a real simple kick off to resurrect things. Beggars? Maybe we can run a dice game? My mains are now Grendze and Zangar, both Grim. Contact me in game or on here and we'll see what we can get going. Will need at least 5 folks for anything cool. ALSO! If your guild or event needs something let me know!
  5. Anyone recall this event we hosted back in das day? [video=youtube;ly8i2Kqo8Cg] There were more guilds around back then but if you guys watch till the end of the video the 'War' rules are spelled out. We could do that one again, which I'd be happy to help execute.
  6. *A flyer is posted with the picture of a Goblin giving a big thumbs up in big letters it read VOTE GRENDZE FOR COLONIAL CAPTAIN then just under that a bit smaller I Got What You Need! It goes on to read...* There are a number of loyal Horde out in the world and even beyond that contribute to the Horde, yet receive little to no representation or justice. We can't even provide safety from Alliance attacks during peacetime! How do we protect them once the war begins? As your Colonial Captain I would ensure the powers that be know the real concerns for the wide world out there. Our vigilance and supply of the forts and outposts of the realm are vital to the long term health of the Horde. The great cities of our races have plenty of forces and Ogrimmar in particular houses more troops than the rest combined. The Goblins know well the dangers of finding a new home and settling among enemies. I would ensure that all colonial peoples are well represented by one of their own. -Grendze of the Grim
  7. Electoral enrolment form Name: Grendze the Gobo Guild: The Grim Location of residence Azshara *Grendze seems to have recently moved to the area after getting in the race. Reports indicate he maintains his original home in Orgrimar*
  8. Ole Grendze of the Grim would like to be a candidate for the Colonies! Vote for Grendze and you can do whatever you want out there! *In very small print there seem to be a number of tax levies for doing just about anything*
  9. I have a PC and when I right click it doesn't offer me an option to 'view image' Am I hitting buttons wrong?
  10. I love it. Not sure if im to sign on but I certainly love it.
  11. Cristok of the Mistrunners, Hand of the Grim A Tauren Druid " This one can most likely be found on the battlefield helping one of the most notorious Horde guilds known. For years he led the Grim's war against the Alliance and is responsible for many large scale attacks. Latley he seems very conflicted however. His faith is wavering in that Grim mandate and he has displayed the potential to be a valued asset.
  12. Cristok sat heaving with exhaustion at the foot a tree in the Moonglade. A few of the Grim sat nearby also weary from a recent trip to the battlegrounds. "We are too few...we simply cannot keep fighting over the same spot of land year after year without gaining ANY ground against the enemy!" says one of the Grim. "We need more Horde at our side is all! The Alliance will certainly fall now that the Lich King is dead!" "What of this Clanmoot they speak of?" Cristok turns to the minion who last spoke and tilted his head. He had long fought to end the war. He was wild with zealotry and had not been a diplomat in many moons. He smiled slightly " Perhaps others could hear of our mission again..." (( Date and time and I'd love to send some Grims! ))
  13. <p>I am only logging on to do the occassional battleground in my epic quest for Battlemaster.</p>

  14. <p>Hey! Long time no see yesterday in Dalaran! <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  15. Small bar? Maybe they have cameras rolling there again.