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  1. ((This is my first time RPing, I just made this character on TN. Please read my history and let me know what you think. Please inform me of any flaws in my WoW history, I did my best to read some before writing)) Full Name: Keramoon Fayestrider Nicknames: Kerry, Kerrymoon, Shorty Date of Birth: Unknown Age: Unknown, Approximately 20-21 Race: Gnome Gender: Female Hair: Pink Skin: Fair Eyes: Blue Height: 3'1'' Weight: 65 lbs Place of residence: Formerly of Ashevale, now of Coldridge Valley Place of Birth: Unknown Known Relatives: None Religion/Philosophy: Sartrian Existentialism Occupation: Merchant Enemies: The Fayestrider Family and The Yu'Thold Clan Likes: Hiking, Traveling, Reading, Cooking, and Jewelry Favorite Foods: Apple pie, Apple Strudel, Apple anything! Favorite Drinks: Apple Juice, Apple Cider, Apple anything! Favorite Colors: Red Weapons of Choice: The shadow Dislikes: Pretentious gnomes, drunk dwarves, and her Parents Hobbies: Reading books by odd authors unknown to most of Azeroth. Physical Features: A scar on her wrists and ankles from being chain-bound for most of her childhood and teenage years. Special Abilities: Possesses an unusually adept knowledge of the Warrior class for a Warlock. Positive Personality Traits: Contemplative, Individualistic, and Calm in moments of trouble Negative Personality Traits: Some have called her pretentious, stubborn, and hateful of hyper-masculine males Misc. Quirks: Making obscure quotations Theme Songs: The Sign by Ace of Bace History: A great deal if unknown about Keramoon's origins, trauma has erased her memory of most of her childhood. She was discovered, named, and raised by Lt. Col. Eludias Fayestrider - a man she came to know as Grand-Father. Eludias was a warrior of the Third War, one of the first night elves to reveal themselves and fight alongside the Alliance. By his own account, he single handily turned the tide of many battles and shook the hand of Jaina Proudmoore herself. By the account of others, he was a superbly talented warrior but was psychologically scarred by the horrors of war. So much so that years after the war had ended he would lead single-man raids upon "enemy" encampments, often slaying innocent women and children and returning home covered in blood. On one of these occasions he returned with a young gnome in his arms, badly injured and severely malnourished. He claimed that he had discovered a secret den of the Yu'Thold clan, a evil syndicate he claimed to have discovered evidence of throughout his various raids. Eludias claimed that the den had contained many young girls of many different races, many of which he killed out of mercy, chained up and being used as sex slaves for the clan's high lords. Although to this day no hint that the Yu'Thold clan ever existed, it is believed by most Fayestrider family members that Eludias probably found Keramoon when he stumbled upon a encamped Slave trader's caravan. Although he is remembered as cruel, crazed murderer by most of his family Eludias is dearly remembered by Keramoon as her savior and her greatest teacher. Not long after Eludias' death, Keramoon was forced to live with Eludias' son Moonstraan Fayestrider and his wife Vira Highfist, a human mage. It was widely known that Eludias, in the the last months before his death, had arranged for Keramoon to begin taking lessons with Alia Kynfare a local Priest who had been outcast when she began delving into the shadow. Moonstraan and Virawind believed that Keramoon had been too heavily influenced by Eludias' cruel nature and Alia's teachings. Upon the first signs of Keramoon's magical talent her father, the local priest, began to try and sway her into the holy arts and her mother began to tutor her in the arcane sciences. Keramoon showed some ability to weave the holy and arcane magics but clearly excelled in her ability with fire and shadow. As she began to experiment and more with her own abilities her mother, a traditional mage who had not accepted the place of Warlocks in society, began to press Moonstraan to do something about his daughter. Moonstraan forbade Keramoon from seeing Alia and had the local Priestess of the Moon force Alia into further exile in the Outlands. Upon hearing of Alia's exile to the Outlands Keramoon turned upon her parents in anger. She ignited the Fayestrider home in flames and began casting bolts of shadow toward her mother, who she believed to be the source of all the troubles in her life. Although highly talented, Keramoon's shadow bolts were no match for her Mother's mana shield and arcane missles. Keramoon was badly injured in the bout. Upon her recovery she was brought before the Priestess of the Moon of their town and was exiled from Ashenvale for her actions. Having learned most of her world history from her Grandfather, a man who had not picked up a newspaper since before the Third War, she decided to head to Gnomergan to find her biological family. After weeks of hard traveling and begging for coppers - even having to sell her own body at one point for passage on a boat across the ocean to the Eastern Kingdoms - she discovered that Gnomergan had long since fallen to the Troggs. Completely consumed by her rage and hatred of the world and of her own existence she resolved to take her own life. She stood on a cliff near the gates of Gnomergan and screamed at the Troggs below in the hopes they would come and slay her. It was not long before she could her the stomping of Trogg feet comming up the hill behind her. She closed her eyes and waited her imminent death. As she waited she began to hear the wailing cries of Troggs. It was a whole minute before she realized the wailing cires were not cries of anger and war but of excruciating pain and death. She opened her eyes and turned around to see the charred bodies of Troggs surrounding her and a elderly gnome standing at her back throwing bolts of shadow at the dozens upon dozens of Troggs who were still rushing up the hill. 'Stupid girl, are you trying to get yourself killed?" She was hurried away from the cliff with the gnome's left hand while his right still cast shadow bolts toward the Troggs. He forced her to run for miles before stopping at a small castle in a valley surrounded with high cliffs. Keramoon learned that the gnome's name was Alamar Grimm and he had brought her to Anvilmar in Coldridge Valley. While being attended to by the Dwarven priests she told her whole story to Alamar. After hours of silent listening on his part, Alamar finally suggested that Keramoon stay in Anvilmar and begin her training to be a warlock. That he believed that she had the natural ability to be more than a simple warlock but one of the elite warlocks of Azeroth. For the time being Keramoon trains in Coldridge Valley with Alamar with the hopes that one day she can travel to Ironforge to learn from the Master Warlocks there.