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  1. and by delaying instant gratification he meant delaying this several times because life, boredom, mood swings, and friends happen too so like september 11th or 12th now oh and ew gross i had to change my signature
  2. OPPORTUNITY ABOUNDS! [I also just like delaying instant gratification] If you've already transferred to WRA (and forgot some item stack on Twisting Nether), or would like to soon but don't want to transfer a high level character - I'm transferring my Orc Hunter from WoD days (which I sadly barely played) to Wyrmrest Accord. I'm not going to get into my reasons for most of my activity being on WRA now, suffice to say - that it's just that way. Likely, Jaymahsun may even get a faction switch - but because it's not cheaper or more expensive to do this with the character transfer, obviously the limited opportunity here is most convenient for those who are Hordeside on WRA (though, I played 95% Alliance side since BFA launch, further incentivizing me to slow down on my faction switch). Okay, so I think I've basically explained the opportunity here pretty well. I'm transferring no later than the 10th of September. You can have me transfer up to ten items slots worth of things, for free, if you're a member of the TNG community. Anymore than ten items [though this could easily be 10 x 200q (stacks) of say .. gold ore .. if you wanted to, as an example;] anymore - and yeah, like, I'm going to ask for either a little gold on Twisting Nether's side, or WRA side. The gold you pay for this is up to you, unless you start to burden another player's requests, and then I might ask for more than, "tip," level gold. That said, less than ten items, per TNG user - is free. Obviously, this is just a little boost if you're on WRA, provided it's something from TNG that could give you a boost - it's likely to be something like say .. my [staff of Hale Magefire] that I plan on trying to sell on a larger population server - with the assumption that a larger population might increase the odds of me selling it for north of 200,000g. It's a bet, it might take me 30+ days to do it, but I might end up paying for my character transfer with that profit from such a bet, should I manage to do it, in gold. More likely, it might just be that you have a few recipes that you want to save gold on WRA side. Swiftness potions? Growth Potions? Invisibility potions? I get it. That's part of why I'm doing this. Jaymahsun is not likely to be my Hordeside main on WRA - and in the longest run, it'll might be an undead hunter that is my Hordeside main-hunter. I wish I could say I'm as serious about roleplay as I once attempted to be - but I'm doing a lot of writing for comedy and for creative things in my personal life right now, so in a way, even what writing I do and what roleplaying I do - that's an attempt to keep building my creative muscles for nonWarcraft related art. My roots are, "fanfiction," Warcraft - as it were, in about 45% of my original like .. pre-2008 writing. So. I don't want to, however uhh voodoo superstitious as this might sound, upset that balance and end up with too much Warcraft influence in my, "magnum opus[?]." So - being that we know who I am, I'm going to end the personal extra goodie info there, and in conclusion, I want to welcome people to give this some thought, over seven days, as I give it zero thought, and continue to level my WRA demon hunter and farm gold Alliance side. Oh, yeah, so, that's basically my WoW hobby lately. I'm into farming enough gold before 8.1 that I can essentially pay for a year of WoW for free. It's a pride thing. I'm silly. I'm probably also not unique in this sense. Alright, love you all, stay wicked and rest well. You're all champions to me. If this doesn't end up helping anyone, it was at the very least, a lovely exercise in delayed gratification for me. Because as much as I love Jaina, and reliving the WC3 days from that angle I'M ZUSTEAKAI so my real deep creative warcraft writing roots ARE ZANDALARI in nature ... and YOU BETTER NOT SPOI- ... have a good week everyone. Seriously, I love you people, even after all these years. I hope you're all kicking ass and taking names. [Did he really just end that with a reference to Nintendo? Did he really just let Nintendo have that?] ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ OPPORTUNITY DEADLINE: September 10th -Alliance on TN can transfer upto 10 items for free too, but you know how much harder this is, so .. jokingly, I will wish death upon you. ❤️ (Please don't try to pay for my faction change or my character transfer. Gold is the only payment I'll take if any, as to encourage me not benefiting too much from this) (Like, I literally already have $ in blizzard balance waiting to apply it to my character transfer. the gold tip is just how much of a pain it is to organize my inventory for my than like 30 items. but i'd do it, and I'm willing, because community and love)
  3. Oh dude, how embarrassing that I left a picture up here with my ..
    .. you know what, nevermind.  It was three years ago, who cares.

  4. There are not many things in the lore that would have my brain exploding this much; from the perspective of someone who knew the Grim best in 2007 and 2005, this is absolutely shocking and sad news. It'll take a few days to process, I think, but that's okay. I look forward to seeing your continued prosperity, even if it's not on Twisting Nether. [I poured a glass of wine for the first time in weeks to and for this.] Peace through [Cheers and] Annihilation, - Alekander
  5. (( Bumping as Alekander has returned. Not only myself, but the character himself has been revived as well and shall shortly find a new defined character role through this thread. I'm hoping to get some people with any interest together for both a story-line organization chat and a general Alekander story line/Death Knight lore discussion as well. Two separate discussions, the one more about Alek and less about the events and storyline I hope to host in the future will happen first, of course. You can contact me In-Game on on TNG; via Jaymahsun or Alekander, or the "horde," channel or the "Sanctuaryooc" channels))
  6. <p>Hi, I've been fairly busy lately. Just transferred for university this quarter. I moved from TN->ED->now sitting on MG, but I've been looking at getting back into RP on TN again at some point. Let me know what your battletag is if you are actively using that.</p>

    1. Alekander



      I'm so bad at this.  Hahahahah.  I added you, right?

  7. You and my girlfriend Lauren need to talk more. Before we .. ehem, spilt water on her Mac .. her and I were designing an 8-bit RPG together. F-ing Macs. She was doing much of the character pixel art, though.
  8. Oh, the cortisol. Something.. an under-current, if you will; something.. is exciting in this air. I don't know if it is the merger of Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether. I don't know if it is that I'm turning a quarter-century old on January, 31st, 2015; and I likely feel it mostly has to do with the fact that Warlord of Draenor is coming out soon and my nostalgic dreams are being realized in a way I couldn't image myself or couldn't improve beyond adding Emerald Dream story-line, rather haphazardly, to this expansion. Maybe the first of my best friends got married a month ago. Maybe I feel, well, terribly old; despite how terribly young I still am. That's enough personal business, though, and I rather not bring up anymore period because, well - that's wasn't my intent here. I want to know if you are all as subtly (or not so subtly) excited for the incoming and certainly ONGOING revival of the Twisting Nether roleplaying community as I am; no one can argue that we didn't suffer during the Mists of Pandaria. Something about such a .. more Easter egg root going - well, entirely serious may have disturbed those of us who are long time Warcraft fans - but Blizzard, whether we like it or not, certainly pulled it off. I'm busy, in my real life, otherwise you'd already see some kind of guild project coming from myself - whether I admitted it was me; or not. It turns out, as you get older, doing the ambitious, cantankerous things you did growing up .. well, it doesn't fit as well as your old shoes. You start to get back pains (maybe that's more because I'm 6'2 and my living genetics don't at all resemble that, but that is CERTAINLY another subject) .. I'm stoked. I'd like to know if anyone is, metaphorically, or literally (sigh, the traditional definition) as I am .. about either 6.02, Warlords, or both. In the last three weeks I've gone from a level 48/49 orc hunter on my current account to a level 90, ilevel 525 Orc Hunter, named Jaymahsun. I also have a twenty something, heirloomed, Dwarf that I've been playing. Though, if you'll consider for a moment, you can't blame me for keeping his name and class a momentary secret for now. Let us know your level of excitement for Warlords, and if you've gone as cross-faction as I plan too, now that such a feat is no longer, at least Out of Character .. challenging to do. Thank you, and I appreciate your viewing and potential responses; -Z/A/J, whatever
  9. I've made sure I'm in /salty on all my characters, especially Jaymahsun. I'll be filling it with old man orc nonsense of Jay reminiscing on successes, "past," of the few weeks I've been back .. soloing silly Cata dungeons and catching up on content I've missed, or he has missed. Good to see this community revitalizing before our eyes.
  10. <p>Trouble? Why don't we make it double?</p>

    <p>Wait, did this just turn into some weird reference to Team Rocket?</p>

    <p>I'm sorry.</p>

  11. <p>Hah! I was gonna PM you as soon as I saw your name popping up again.</p>

    <p>Let's make some trouble on TN again, eh?</p>

  12. <p>::AIMEDSHOT::</p>

  13. <p>Yo dawg. Do you still play WoW off and on?(Enough to justify being RealID friends)</p>