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  1. Her curses faded off grdually into mild muttering after the pain subsisded. Stubbed toes were never pleasant but when that toe belonged to a troll things became complicated. The intesity of her sweeping however never dipped an iota. The wooded floor boards were fairly coated with a good layer of acient dust. Lupa half suspected it was that dust alone that had managed to preserve the state of the place in relative funstuionality. Still there would be lots of elbow grease needed to get the place ready for opening night (Loa's! Was it really only a day away?) The stock room was well laden with a good supply of beverage to get them off the ground. Nothing too fancy, that was not what was wanted. Not out here in the frontier. Those wishing high quality wine could always have Dalaran. This was not some fine lounge, it was a mead hall plain and simple. The central bar dominated the main floor, ringed with a good assembly of stools and chairs. Tables dotted the floor around the bar leading to the wide doorway to the games room, which held the dart and dagger board, the Draenei and Tauren ball table and biliards. The rooms upstairs would not be available for another week or so, once they were properly cleaned, floors lined with straw and doors outfitted with locks. Thus far the owners were well accomodating with any supplies and furnituire Lupa requisitioned, so long as it was RUSTIC. Their only request. Still no sign of her co manager, the toll Jenjay. Sooner or later they would have to meet. The sound of a clearing throat brought her around to face the front enterance. The diminuative siloutte of a goblin filled the lower half of the doorway. "We ain't open yet dere misser. Come back t'morra." she said with a flick of the broom. The goblin nodded his head, ears bobbiing with the motion. "Oh I know that toots. I just have a proposition for ya and this fine establishment. " He swept his hand around to include the tavern. "Oh ya? An what be that yer tinkin of?" Lupa asked, setting the broom aside for a moment. "glad you asked," he said with a grin. "Im Klef Kalvin, senior mail carrier for the Golbin Polstal service here in Northrend, South Western qaudrant, Borean Tundra. I can't help but notice you have no mailbox out front of your enterpreneurship here. That just wont do at all." Lupa raised her hand to cut him off. "Not my place, I'm jus a manager here. You be wantin ta talk to tha owners I 'spect. " "Ah well you probably have a point there toots. Here, I'll leave my card then. You will make sure they get it of course right? Lots of advantages to having your own terminal of the Goblin Postal Service right here at your doorstep, as we say. " Klef scanned the room as he spoke paying particular attention to the bar area. Lupa sighed."'C'mon in, I may have a flagon of mead hangin aroun here somewhere." "Oh I coul'dnt impose on your hospitality. You are obviously busy and it isn't opening day after all." He said as he waddled into the bar and took the nearest stool, grin from ear to ear. "Welcome to Golf Claps. "
  2. She looks older. A simple and one would think expected observation but to Lupa , who always thought of her mother as ageless and immortal, it stirred up thoughts she didn’t wish to dwell upon. They had their differences over the years as any mother and daughter would and invariably did, but in the end she knew that the woman before her was the most important influence on her life. She was her one and true mentor, her bastion of confidence, her voice of wisdom and her conscience. She regarded Yayo as the older woman went about pouring the herbal tea into two wooden bowls. The scent of the infused herbs wafted through the hut with a stark familiarity. There were memories carried in that scent, many years of upbringing in their little sea side village. Yayo’s eyes still held their piercing quality, a gaze that would cut through kodo shit and peer unerringly at the truth of the matter. Lupa could never lie to her mother despite her valiant efforts, she invariable saw through them all with maddening ease. Those eyes however were now lines with the creases of her labors. Her emerald hair was braided in the tight corded style she had always adopted, however close inspection at the roots revealed much of the dark emerald color was pigment. Despite all the signs of her age, Yayo Jin still carried herself with the same grace and easy flow of form that conveyed at once her personal sense of authority and inner power. She had been the chief mystic of Revantusk Village since before Lupa was born and had fulfilled that role her entire life since. That status was not an easy image for a young trolless to emulate. There had been so much pressure on young Lupa to follow in her mother’s footsteps as she was expected to. On the fateful day of their most volatile argument, the one that resulted in Lupa’s leaving home to train abroad as a huntress of the Horde, she had expected Yayo would disown her own daughter and take up an outsider as apprentice. She never did. Sitting now across from her mother Lupa began to harbor suspicions Yayo Jin had known that her daughter would tread the path she chose. Perhaps not specific details of the how and why but the decisions her daughter made, the experiences, the mistakes and hard lessons learned. All predicted and just maybe were they anticipated, hoped for? The tea poured Yayo Jin knelt down before her daughter and took up the bowl. She regarded her daughter over the brim as she drank. Lupa fell back into old habit and filled the silence with her voice. Yayo was very good at getting people to talk by simply listening in silence. “I just don’t know mère, picking up the bow just don’t seem right anymore. He was always there at my side when hunting and it feels wrong inside carrying on without him. I know others do, that I could always get another hunting pet. But something is telling me that would be a mistake. Something deep inside and private. I think my days as a hunter are over.” Yayo nodded, her eyes never leaving her daughter. “Chile, you done already had a full life and seen things that most would need many lifetimes for. You still young yet and lots of life ahead, or are you done living? Is that all you are, huntress, tinkerer? You always did have a good talent with your hands.” Yayo set her bowl down on the reed mat. “So you done hunting. What now? Maybe you want to stay here and be a fisher? Always need more fishers.” Lupa made a face at the suggestion. Yayo chuckled, having expected the reaction. “Ah you don’t like the life of a fisher is that it? Too mundane for you eh? Some of the most noble folk I know are simple fishers. These people, your people are fishers. Remember that when you take over for me.” Lupa nearly choked on her tea. “T… take over for you! Mère, what’s wrong? You alright? You aren’t sick are you?” Yayo shook her head. “No chile, I’m fine as a filbert. Lots of vinegar left in this old body for sure. But still, its going to take some time and training for you to become mystic after me. I’m fine but I ain’t getting any younger. Lupa chile, you been touched by the Loas. You know this. You always were. Spirit runs strong in you, strong enough that the Great Wolf done recognized it long ago and been following you. It was no accident you left to hunt, that you drew your Tempest to you and how devoted a companion he became.” Lupa didn’t know what to say. This was the most she had ever heard Yayo Jin speak of these matters so personally. “Now, you say you can’t hunt any more. If you are saying it I have to believe that it’s fact. So, you have some choices to make chile. You have this restless spirit that will not be letting you rest still for long. So what you gonna do with it? What do you want to do with it?” Yayo Jin rose and replaced the tea kettle on the coals to warm the contents once more. “I can tell you this if you do nothing, that spirit is gonna burn you up from inside in time and leave you an empty husk. I know you too well to think that’s what you want for your future. So, I’m offering what I offered you long ago but you were too young and impatient to accept at the time. You are a shaman born Lupa, maybe you have learned enough to recognize that inside yourself.”
  3. She placed the last handful of dirt on the mound, patting it down with her large fingered hand. Satisfied she sat up straight and rested her dirty hands on her drawn up knees, gazing at the grave and listening to the wind whistle through the Hinterland trees. Somewhere in the distance a pack of wolves began to howl as if in mourning for the loss of a brother, a packmate. How long had it been since she had rescued the brute from the clutches of that mad mage in Silverpine? Two years? Four? Lupa had lost track. She had no idea how old the beast was but certainly he was no pup. She had suspected he was of middle age for his kind, which would have placed him at around four to six years. She hadn't really thought of him as getting old and leaving the world someday, yet over the past month his degeneration was swift. The once mighty beast who struck such an imposing silhouette on the battlefield was reduced to limping along with arthritic discomfort and slurping his pre mashed food through his yellowed, cracked tusks. It was with more heartache than she anticipated that the fateful morning came when he heaved his large frame over to Lupa, lay his massive head in her lap and regarded her with such love and adoration that her heart nearly split in its agony. He sighed in that way only his kind can, an exhale that carried with it all of the loyalty, trust and devotion to his mistress. He then closed his eyes and passed to the great fields where his kind hunted for eternity. Lupa knew this was the place he needed to be laid to rest. Hinterlands, the land of her birth where troll and wolf shared the same soil, the same prey, the same destiny. Tempest was gone, the great worg having lived his life free from bondage and in the company of his beloved Lupa. She was now alone. She lifted her eyes from the mound and cast her gaze down over the crest of the high bluffs that towered over the low lying escarpment of the western sea. There the fires of Revantusk Village twinkled in the dusk. No, she was not alone. She always had mother. Somewhere in the distance the pack of wolves continued to howl.
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  5. I say we ban the female troll "pretty face" .
  6. Lupa glared back at Vhakti as she wrapped the red cloak around herself and gingerly stood up. She limped akwardly after the two, holding herself as upright as she could in order to try to look as dignified as her disheveled appearance would allow. The crowd let out a collective groan of dissapointment as it was apparent the fight was over.
  7. The sudden pain in her ear was too much and she let go of Vhakti's toe. She flailed at the gauntleted hand that gripped her ear so tightly in vain. " Ahh! Al'raht! al'raht! I don' let go."
  8. (( Oh I think it will be much worse than that. ))
  9. Through her pain she saw him approach, all decked out in his armor, that fiery sword at his back. Lupa tried to grunt out a response. " Ah'll let go iffen she does firs'. She..AHHHH!!... she don gone and com intah mah shop, tinkin she all det. Ah nevah did nuttin ta ya, tell her. Ya'll ...OWWWWW! .. ya'll nevah tode meh joo was mated. Ah was suppos' ta know det? " Lupa twisted the toe again for emphasis after each sentence. She could barely feel her own lower extremities anymore and her spine cried out in agony.
  10. Lupa was slowly starting to black out from the pressure against her head and her legs started tingling at the lack of circulation. Her stomach muscles were stretched as tight as a drumskin and yet she bit down on her lip to keep herself focussed. She gave the toe a little jiggle, threatening to snap it out of its socket. " Ah'l let go once dis hag done apologize foe dissin meh in mah shop! " She was acutely aware of the bomb that was set down nearby.
  11. Lupa felt her abdominal muscles scream in protest at the stretching they were enduring. The wounds from Vhakti's tusks in her belly reopened and her semi bare chest thrust out to face the crowd of onlookers, resulting in a fair share of bawdy comments. Her ears were being crushed against the side of her head by the woman's knees. " Ah.. ain'.. redeh... ta.. give up.. raht nah!" she manage to wheeze out of her tight neck. She clawed and scraped with her two thick fingers at the legs that had her head in such a tight grip. She managed to hook one of Vhakti's large toes in her hand and pulled it back against itself with all her remaining strength. " Let go are else ah snap dis toe off! "
  12. Lupa staggered under the sudden weight of Vhakti on her back. Continuing up the ramp she slammed her body into the sides of the tunnel, sandwiching the raging troll woman between herself and the stone of the wall. The pair burst out from the tunnel ramp onto the Terrace of Light just beside the Skyguard post and the flight master, the crowd of ever growing spectators following in their wake. Master Nuttral was just about to fasten the safety harness on a tauren who was perched atop a wyvern when the troll women plowed into him from behind, knocking him off his feet. " Hey! Watch it! You'll spook the mounts! " he cried out. Too late. The Wyvern let out a panicked shriek and took to the air. The tauren let out a cry of surprise and alarm, which soon turned into a long wail of terror as the wyvern did a summersault in the air, dumping him from the saddle. He plummetted downward towards the open chasm of Lower City like a bovine bomb, tearing through the awnings of the trades alley leaviing a tauren shaped hole in the fabric behind him. His distant cry coming to a sad, sudden stop as the sound of heavy impact, a woman's scream and shattered pottery drifted up from the depths. The embattled troll women never noticed. Lupa managed to reach up over her head to grasp Vhakti by her hair. Bending forward swiftly she hauled down with all her might, flipping Vhakti over her head and letting her fall onto her back. With a cry of rage she jumped into the air overtop of the prone woman, elbow of her right arm extend to deliver an elbow drop to her bread basket.
  13. Lupa howled in pain and released her grip with her legs. She brought her leg up and delivered a sharp kick to Vhakti's head, then rolled over onto all fours. She was covered in slick mud, which glistened off her chest and stained her green bikini top brown. Her pants were torn where Vhakti had clawed at her legs in trying to get free. Pulling herself up she started to stagger away in a semi daze, heading towards the ramp leading up to the Upper tier of Shattrath. (( to be continued.. go ahead and post a reply, but I have to go for now.. ))
  14. Suddenly feeling her leg being grabbed Lupa wrapped her other leg around Vhakti and locked her feet together. Propping herself up with her elbow she squeezed her legs together, catching Vhakti in a scissor hold between her thighs. Panting with the exertion she spat out a curse. " Joo... tink.. you all ..det? Ah been .. fightin since you wus a .. drinkin,, yo mama's sour milk!" She tightened her grip, grunting with the effort.