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  1. Keraph


    Keraph Xalascent shook the blood from his blade as the portal before him closed. The elf had escaped, albeit with a mortal wound, but she was not the target of the operation and her life, whether it persisted or ended shortly in miserable pain, was inconsequential. The Warlord of Infection turned his attention to his party's prey, pressing a plated boot on the rogue Forsaken's back to keep him in place while he silently gestured for one of the other Forsaken to approach. "Resistance only heightens the charges against you, Mister Steinburg. Charges that include treason, aiding and abetting
  2. Cerryan Vyel is a devout Sin'dorei Paladin of the Holy Light. In the time since the Scourge's assault on Quel'thalas and the slow rebuilding of Silvermoon, Cerryan has played the role of Blood Knight, freedom fighter, anarchist, exile, crusader, hero, and more. Above all things he is dedicated to the pursuit of peace, not for any faction but for the whole of Azeroth, and to standing for those who cannot fight for themselves. This is not his story. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Another wave! Form up and brace for impact!” Cerrian Vayelle hadn’t heard the order. The Kal’dorei’s
  3. The Shadowblade tore through the darkness towards her prey, but her poisoned blades never found their mark. Through the murky shadows outside of the room they were in came a searing ray of energy, illuminating the keep's derelict stones as it arced a path directly towards the Forsaken attacker. The beam pierced Syreena, slowing her momentum as Cerryan spun on his heel in anticipation, swinging his glowing golden greatsword at the off-guard rogue. It pressed into her flesh, further pressing her at the wall away from him, and while the cut was not deep the wound burned with brilliant holy energy
  4. Cerryan was himself on the way back from aiding Orgrimmar's latest defense against the Burning Legion. The golden-haired paladin was weary from hours uninterrupted on the front lines, keeping as many fighters as he could alive and able to keep swinging. The constant fighting was wearing the defenders down, and it was all Cerryan could do to keep morale high and casualties low. He was increasingly struggling to succeed at either, and it was having a frustrating effect on his already strained psyche. Finally, he acquiesced to withdraw from the battle lines long enough to recover himself, physica
  5. A heavy blade sinks with a thunk into the wall, far from the first embedded in the dark stone of Infection's derelict hall. A skeletal hand sheathed in black plate wrenches it free, only to throw it forcefully against the opposite wall, shattering a weathered bookshelf as it sinks deeply into solid stone. The hand curls into a fist and slams into a desk of darkened wood, the battered but sturdy piece of furniture weathering the blow impressively well. A dour, raspy voice fills the room, first in a growl but escalating quickly into a full-on tirade. "How DARE those wretches presume to lay cl
  6. I've been pretty close to this as a vested interest, so I can kinda speak to it. In World PvP, Honor Talents will immediately activate so you'll never be without those in PvP situations. However, the gear scaling / stat templates thing that normalizes classes is for INSTANCED PVP ONLY, as is all of the "trinkets disabled, enchants suppressed" etcetera stuff. So gear level and stats will matter in world pvp, and players with higher item levels will have an advantage. EDIT: As Rik says above, the gear advantage is still less than it has been in previous expansions, and differences in item l
  7. I got really mad at first because the first picture is BC Nagrand and I thought you were trolling, but then I remembered things like "reading" and "establishing context" and I actually really like this!
  8. We chatted a bit in-game, but welcome back! Always psyched to see old community members returning!
  9. I haven't seen the sun in years! I make The Pale look....less pale!
  10. I am on the very definitely down list, as has been discussed. Whenever this is and wherever we land for a hotel, Keraph will be there in force ready to MODERATE ANY UNTOWARD BEHAVIOR. No JK go crazy, that's what Vegas is about.
  11. Jamaryste! Welcome back! And what timing too, we're just beginning to pull a lot of old Infection faces together for a reunion in light of some story advances coming into Legion. We'll have to conspire to get you back in the guild (If you aren't for any reason) and get you back up to speed! For the Dark Lady!
  12. For reasons, hearing this song made me think of Ayther/Hy.
  13. I legiterally care about this community like a second family, and will always do whatever I can to support its members. I'm so heartened to see that this is the case for so many people here.
  14. "Ugh, Neroxian is such an asshole!" The golden-haired paladin pouts, his face reddening a bit in anger at the thought of the black drake. "I know that I made a grave mistake in foolishly aligning myself with that wretched dragon, Serinar, and have since tried to do whatever I could to make amends for that terrible decision. But this Light-blasted whelpling will not let the matter go, and takes any opportunity to call me names and bully me. I don't know what I can do to get him off my back and I don't know that I'd even want to." Cerryan turns on his heel and storms off in a huff, but not be
  15. You didn't actually join the Sanctuary group scrub