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  1. The drakonids charged Naheal. Strike after strike landed against his armor, leaving dents and cuts throughout his body, but they didn't seem to faze him. As one struck him in the gut with a massive blade, he just looked to the drakonid and laughed. Naheal set his spear and lunged into the creature's throat. Color and light faded from the creature's eyes as a white mist flowed from it into his spear and, with that, he felt himself become empowerd. His skin hardened and his wounds healed. And with that, he felt a heavy strike in his lower back from another blade. Spinning to fight what he assumed was another drakonid, he raised his spear against.... Nothing. Nothing was there. No drakonids in range. No enemies that could've hit him like that. He glanced around. Where... Flank! He heard the male voice that was Ironbones, one of the souls housed in his runespear. Left side! Kallavan! Naheal spun and struck at the charging worgen with the haft of his spear only to have the man flip around to the knight's back. Speed against tenacity. Wolf against knight. Each struck against one another, though there was a definite lack of any killing intent in their actions. Strikes to disable, to maim, but not to kill were common. Elementium sang against Saronite as spear and blade clashed, punctuated by blasts of flame and necromancy. Neither man made any progress against one-another as the ferocity of the battle reached a crescendo before, suddenly, it stopped. So focused on Kallavan was Naheal that he had nearly forgotten the battle around him, only to be reminded by a blade that sunk in his back. A strike that had shattered the armor he had built up during the fight against against Kallavan and had sunk into flesh, leaving him in a bleeding gash over his flank and down over his leg. Immediately after that, Kallavan struck again at Naheal, more striking into a killing blow. From there, the chess board became apparent between the two. As it stood now, Naheal would lose this fight, but he had an idea. A means to turn this around and Serinar had provided the means for him. Naheal dodged one incoming strike and assessed the situation. Five drakonids and then Kallavan. Each drakonid could be used to provide further power to him and to reinforce his strength, which would then be used to eliminate each one at a time. Calling upon necrotic magic, he strengthened his skin, creating a carapace underneath his armor, as he threw necrotic magic, a plague, at a drakonid, and then spread that around. A crafted disease, one which let his runespear – Ironbones and Jehosephine – draw power from the victims. All he had to do was outlast them. I outlast them and then, maybe, I can break him free. A crucible. That's what it was. Flame and steel bared down upon the death knight, who only occasionally used his runespear to defend. His body became the shield for his soul and cause - a scarred, battered vessel – while his spear drank from his enemies and mended the wounds that he gained then reinforced his skin. With each strike against him, his mind sharpened. Determination kept him aloft even as he placed his body upon the altar of victory. As the battle raged, the drakonids slowly began to fall and, as they did, Naheal transferred the strength of their bonds to him. Once again, he severed the chains of Serinar's subjugated soldiers as he turned to Kallavan, who had only barely taken part in the meat grinder that their skirmish had become. The worgen stared Naheal down, but neither spoke a word. Their body language and their eyes were all that they needed. Naheal's eyes, a fire, met Kallavan's, a chained hunter. Both fathers raised their blades, though the elf watched the worgen's daughter now. Less a prisoner of war, but another liberated subject from Serinar's claws. It was apparent that neither wanted to continue, but Kallavan felt the whiplash from his master, which forced him into the fray once again. As their weapons began to ring against one-another, Kallavan gave Naheal a look of shock as his own greatsword buried itself in the elf's chest. Already battered and beaten, Naheal had used his body as a shield and dropped his spear to close within arm's reach of the worgen. Hand outstretched, Naheal grasped at the worgen's head. “Your family still needs you, Kallavan.” The wolfman – dogman, really – only stared back at Naheal, unable to move as the elf probed the worgen's mind. He'll kill you all. he heard Kallavan say through the bond as Naheal grasped at it. I've withstood demons, old gods and enraged ancients. My body may be dead and rejected by the light, but I don't reject the tenants of the Light. If we should lose even one, Azeroth will be lessened because of it. You would spare everyone? I'm not so foolish as that. Sometimes, the few must be sacrificed for the many to live. There was a dead silence between them. That is the calculus of war. That's it? Calculating? Math? Nothing else? Naheal paused, finding the words, but eventually just stopped. * * * * * The worgen and elf found themselves in a dreamscape. Nagrand, from what the worgen saw. As he looked to the sky, he could feel the warmth of the place, but something didn't seem right. Despite the stars around them, he could not feel the sort of “dead world” that he had felt when he was there last. Then, there was an explosion. A single, loud “bang.” Kallavan jumped and looked to the bang, which was then followed by several crackles... and that's when he realized it. Fireworks. Not explosives used in war, but in celebration. The worgen stepped toward the horizon, looking to find the source before coming across a city on the horizon. Suddenly, the dream shifted and he was in the middle of it. All around him were people. No soldiers. Merchants, gem cutters, farmers, engineers... but no soldiers. Maybe a guard here or there, but it was apparent to the seasoned killer that the guards hadn't seen war in decades, if ever. A place outside of the war. It was then that he began to recognize a peculiarity. Races. All races were here. Orc and human were dealing with one-another without a blade. Without a blade. * * * * * Kallavan blinked, stumbling to the ground. It was then that he recognized it. The cage had opened, though he still felt a leash. It was one to another master. One whom was staring back at him. “I'm not so blind to think that we can achieve that kind of a world without bloodshed. There will always be warmongers, but that's what we're for. We kill those warmongers. We prepare for threats like the Legion and Serinar.” The elf extended his hand to the worgen. “You're free, Kallavan. You can go your own way, or you can build a world like that for your daughter to live in. Which will it be?” After a moment, the worgen took the elf's hand.
  2. ((Posted with Rik's permission.)) RiktheRed21 2:57 PM Brinnea is seated facing the door, hood cloaking her face in shadow. Her blades rest against the table beside her, and she appears to be in some form of meditative state. Naheal 2:58 PM Naheal eyes Brinnea. His stance is cold and neutral, but seems completely comfortable in this town. Several of his spear's runes have faded to inactive. "Are you the one who sent that letter?" RiktheRed21 2:59 PM Upon hearing Naheal's voice, Brinnea's icy blue eyes crack open, and she rises to her feet, folding back her hood. All her movements are slow and methodical. "Indeed I am." Naheal 3:00 PM "I assume you understand the weight of your crime, correct?" Naheal folds his hands behind his back. "We have to hold ourselves to a higher standard than that, else we become no better than Arthas." RiktheRed21 3:02 PM Brinnea does not respond at first, instead holding out her hand, gesturing to the floor opposite her side of the table. "Perhaps you would be more comfortable if you sat?" Her voice is flat and without a hint of emotion. Naheal 3:02 PM Naheal nods to her. "So, what sparked this action that you took?" RiktheRed21 3:03 PM Brinnea takes a seat as he does, and replies, "As you know, I was a member of the Twilight Empire for several years. A Keeper, meant to uphold the peace and protect our members from harm." Naheal 3:04 PM "So the Empire claims. Many such groups claim such to mask brutality and genocide." He leans forward as he speaks. RiktheRed21 3:05 PM "When Ambassador Skylah was taken by the Grim, I was rattled and angry, as were the rest of the Empire's members. However, my personal condition put me in a less than stable state of mind." Naheal 3:05 PM Naheal sighs. "So you retaliated in whatever way you thought would work." He shakes his head. RiktheRed21 3:06 PM "Rage pushed me to disobey orders, because the thought of failing Skylah brought back memories of my own family. I was powerless to save them, but now I have the strength to fight back. So as you say, I did what I had to." Naheal 3:06 PM "Why a runeblade?" RiktheRed21 3:07 PM "My runeblades were my most effective weapons. I had to be prepared, as my plan was to endure until the Grim came to deal with me. Then, I would do what needed to be done to find my friend." Naheal 3:08 PM "But surely you realize that by turning your runeblades upon innucents, you damned innocent souls." He pauses for a moment. "Don't mistake my issue with condoning the Grim's actions." innocents*)) "We are simply not in a position to oppose large companies without endangering our capacity to handle larger threats such as the Legion." RiktheRed21 3:10 PM Brin shakes her head. "I understand your concerns. As I said, I was not in an entirely stable state of mind. My thoughts were on the mission, not the harm I did. However, I can assure you that no civilian was subjected to death by my runeblades." Naheal 3:12 PM Naheal cocks a brow. "Then our intelligence was incorrect. Yet one more instance of the Grim lying to us." He sighs. "We recieved information as part of a contract for the Grim that said that a tauren village was slaughtered to a man by someone using a - - greatweapon. Single blademaster." He leans back. "It wasn't until we found out that the Grim had taken a prisoner that we decided to back out of that contract." RiktheRed21 3:13 PM Brinnea seems unperturbed by this news. "Then allow me to set events straight. I did kill the village's protectors, and I raised them as thralls so I may keep an eye on the rest of the villagers. However, I did not cause harm to any of them <c> "except the elder, who attempted to kill me to escape." "He, however, was not killed by my blades." Naheal 3:15 PM Naheal frowns. "Wars often involve slaughtering innocents and I've seen enough of that from the Alliance to make it believable." He meets Brinnea's eyes. "Remember that justice will come for us both eventually, though." RiktheRed21 3:16 PM "Justice can wait, there is still more I need to do before I depart from this world. To start, I need to find my runeblades and release the spirits trapped within." Naheal 3:17 PM "Those spirits are damned regardless of whether you release them or not. That's part of what it means to die to a runeblade." RiktheRed21 3:18 PM "There is a ritual of purification that may work. I've heard rumors that damned souls were cleansed by it in the past. I would need the assistance of a master paladin or priest, however. And there are no assurances it would work." Naheal 3:20 PM "I have never heard of a means to cleanse a damned soul," he frowns, "but I'll not dismiss it as impossible. If it works, then I'd be eager to hear it." RiktheRed21 3:21 PM Brin nods appreciatively. "Then I will need your help finding them. There are few within the Horde I can trust, and fewer still with knowledge of rune weapons. The blades would have been claimed just outside the village, likely taken to Thunder Bluff." Naheal 3:22 PM "If I do find those blades, they'd be turned in to the Highlord." RiktheRed21 3:23 PM "If you do that, their souls will have no chance of release. The Highlord would just as soon have the blades broken down for the saronite." Naheal 3:24 PM "And I am to turn those blades over to you?" He gives Brinnea a sidelong look. "We're not exactly on good terms, sister. We may have fought side-by-side against Accalia, but actions since have placed you under heavy suspicion." RiktheRed21 3:26 PM "I am well aware. However, we agree that those souls should have a chance at redemption. Do you, by chance, know any holy men or women that might be willing to try the ritual themselves?" Naheal 3:27 PM "A couple within my ranks. Perhaps we can come to an arrangement, though I will need to know more about you before we continue down this path. What is it that you're looking for in this world?" RiktheRed21 3:28 PM Brin takes up a mug sitting beside her blades on the table, and gives it a slow sip. "A chance to protect the people I care for." Naheal 3:30 PM "Protection, huh." He sighs. "And how do you plan to achieve that?" RiktheRed21 3:31 PM She takes another sip before answering, "I don't know if I believe in fate, but I know an opportunity when I see one. I died young, my whole life ahead of me, but now I have a new purpose. A chance to bloody myself so the innocent don't have to." Naheal 3:33 PM Naheal's expression changes from suspicion to surprise as he looks to Brinnea. "A sort of sacrifice, then?" RiktheRed21 3:34 PM "A death knight is a killer. We were hand-crafted to slaughter the living for the Scourge. Those of us who remain wander, seeking purpose in our new lives. I found mine in seeing those who deserve life prosper, and those who threaten life suffer." Naheal 3:35 PM "Then, perhaps, we are more kindred spirits than I initially thought." He leans forward. "How do you intend to pursue this path?" RiktheRed21 3:36 PM With each sip of her drink, whatever it is, Brin's aura grows a bit stronger, and the room gets perhaps a little colder. "Only yesterday I fled to preserve my life. I intend to make the best of the time I have by hunting the great threats to Azeroth." Naheal 3:38 PM "I would like to make a proposal. There is a worgen rune knight by the name of Kallavan that has secretly joined my ranks. I would like to send him to work beside your for the time being to determine if what you're saying is true. Likewise, I would > invite you to send someone to Borrowed Time to see what it is that we work toward and how we work toward it. I believe that we may find ourselves working well together, even if only below the surface." RiktheRed21 3:41 PM Brin swirls her mug under her chin thoughtfully. "This is a fascinating proposal." She places the drink on the table. "I would have to discuss the matter with my family. If I were to send someone, it would be one of them." Naheal 3:42 PM "It's true that Borrowed Time functions as a mercenary company on the surface, but the funds and resources we take in from the Horde are often redirected to face down large threats to Azeroth. In fact, we recently saw the end of one by the name of Serinar "In fact, we have many civilians now within our walls. Former Iron Horde, ex slaves from either side of this stupid war, and all manner of people who need a place to belong. We give that to them and a purpose." RiktheRed21 3:44 PM "A noble effort, and one that I would certainly like to emulate." Naheal 3:44 PM "It's my intention that we push toward a singular goal." He taps the table. "Unity. A united front against the Legion and the old gods." "Whether through conquest or negotiation matters little, though I would prefer negotiation. Less animosity to spawn later wars." RiktheRed21 3:45 PM Brinnea nods along, in complete agreement with Naheal's words. Naheal 3:46 PM "For now, I will not be presenting this idea to the majority of my company. Too much bad blood for now. When we work together more often, then we can discuss the future." RiktheRed21 3:48 PM "I would appreciate that very much. I will be in contact through the connections I have with Horde members." Naheal 3:48 PM Naheal slowly stands. "Then I have preparations to make. When the knight shows upon your doorstep, ask how the Reborn Black fare. "If he responds 'weak, but they're gaining strength,' then that will be my agent." RiktheRed21 3:50 PM "I shall keep that in mind. Oh, and sir, how does the name 'Beryl Falconia' sound to you? Just curious." Naheal 3:50 PM "'Emerald Falcon?' Emulating a Flight?" He grins at Brinnea. RiktheRed21 3:51 PM "Not exactly. Just a name of a band of Lordaeronian knights from long ago. I thank you again for meeting me here." She offers her hand to shake. Naheal 3:52 PM "Then do them proud, Brinnea. And remember the land and people that they guard." He shakes her hand. "Farewell." He turns to leave.
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  6. Borrowed Time's garrison, Frostfire Serinar is defeated, but not dead. Death came to those that deserved rest, but he didn't. Instead, he will remain a slave for Borrowed Time until such a time comes when he is both dead and lost his usefulness. (Margin note: When did I become so cold?) Between that and the new recruits that are flooding in, it's long since time that Sanctuary move on, which is something that Lady Liene agrees on. On her: She is no longer a friend of mine. Between her almost fanatical dedication to inaction and her own warped sense of justice, I cannot bring myself to respect her any longer and you can't truly call someone you don't respect a friend. The call to spare Cerryan is an outright stupid one. He should be executed for his incompetence before he endangers more lives. But that's not an act of "justice." Neither is letting him continue to live. Countless lives were cut short due to his actions, not the least of which being one of the Grim's own. Liene doesn't understand that we got lucky - extremely so - with how few casualties that we got out of this with. "Mind control" doesn't excuse him any more than possession excuses Konro. Much like Konro, Cerryan's actions invited Serinar into his head. His blindness cost lives. Instead, though, we're to help him toward redemption. As if that's not just one more lie to keep us from preventing the next wrong. Did an attempt to allow Jinsai to redeem himself work? No. Instead, he destroyed yet one more world and betrayed Lady Liene. This is beyond common stupidity. This is utterly insane. If we're to believe that Cerryan learned his lesson now, rather than at all the countless opportunities leading up to now, then that's an optimistic view that just isn't rooted in reality. I may have voiced my support for keeping him alive for pragmatic purposes, but I do not believe that his continued existence serves the Horde. I wonder if he understands the irony that he has more innocent blood on his hands than the Grim ever will. Sinlanna's returned, though I wish it was a happy one. Our son was born, though immensely premature. From what she had said, the research center she works at helped build an iron womb of sorts to help him continue to develop and live, but something that keeps coming up is bothering me. For every time that I attempt to help someone, or save a group of people, or anything along those lines, people close to me leave. Why is that? Is there something so wrong in trying to help as many people as you can? Sin, apparently, didn't feel useful. Dora, apparently, doesn't feel like I listen if Saelyx is to be believed. Sin's leaving again to the research center and said that I should "come see our son," though she continued to "slip" and call him "her" son. I don't know what to make of that. Either she doesn't believe I'm part of this family... or I'm not actually part of this family. Was that the price of victory this time around?
  7. As the battle continued to rage on, Naheal's small squad of turncoats continued to grow. One squad became two, which became four, then eight. As they continued to challenge each new squad, the lieutenants in charge of Serinar's squads were put down... and each had their subjects freed. Like wildfire, word spread through enemy lines: Borrowed Time and Sanctuary were here and they were here in force. Initially, it wasn't a large deal, but, as word spread, momentum quickly built. The tide that was against the fighters initially was quickly turning upon itself and gaining momentum. A small wave barely lapping at the toes had become a proper ocean tide. And with that, word finally came back to the main command structure with Serinar's forces, a few were dispatched to deal with the “leaders”. With the armies being comparable now, though not quite even, Naheal charged into the heart of Serinar's forces, searching for their captains. As he did, though, time started to slow around him, though it wasn't one of his own spells. As he started to turn to meet his enemy, a runeblade caught him upside the head. Bloody and battered, Naheal slowly tried to stand, but could barely catch the view of a weapon – a greatsword glowing with arcane light – as it clocked him in the face again. Dragonsworn. Bronze? No. Wouldn't attack me. Infinite. Arcane power. Great weapon... As Naheal slowly took to his feet, he caught the view of glowing facial tattoos, but couldn't recognize the face. Not initially anyway. Iron armor. Dark grey. Engineering gear, though mostly mods to the gear itself. Something seemed familiar about his enemy... Suddenly, though, there was a blast from behind Naheal's assailant. Fire and shards of iron flew everywhere and time quickly reverted to the normal speed. As his vision cleared from the blast, the first assailant was gone. Not quite vaporized, but turned into little more than a smoking meat pile. As he started to put together the pieces, though, he looked around – his squad was dead. He was isolated, in the middle of the enemy. Dragonspawn, all of them. This wasn't going to be an easy fight. And, just before he set to charge a spawn, he heard a familiar whistle on the air.
  8. "Were it not for the fact that she turned her runeblades upon innocents, I could see the logic in her actions. However, damning innocent souls like that is a crime that cannot be forgiven." Naheal pauses. "Justice will come to all of the Knights of the Ebon Blade, I suppose."
  9. Naheal landed suddenly in the midst of the chaos of their new invasion. The plan was already under way – Serinar's forces were on alert to face down the assaulting “mercenary” group and their supporters. While Borrowed Time had been arriving slowly, Sanctuary's forces were both already there and would be continuing to act as the current main body of the strike forces. The death knight surveyed the battlefield. Carnage was beginning to unfold – blade against blade as newly subjugated troops faced down Sanctuary's rank and file – but that wasn't what he was looking for. Serinar controlled his forces through life bonds, filtering out as a means to continue to expand his army infinitely, but each had a juncture that could be exploited and taken over. What the elf needed was a lieutenant. Finally, his eyes rested on one, an ashen scaled, four legged drakonid wielding a massive greatsword in the midst of a small squad. He grinned and charged it. “Blades,” he called back to his support, “guard my approach! Their squad commander's our target! Move now! Carve a path!” As they moved forward, Naheal called out to the field. “I am Naheal Malastar, Chief of Borrowed Time, Knight of the Ebon Blade and sworn to the Keepers of Time! I hereby claim this land for Borrowed Time and Sanctuary! Any who would oppose us, raise your blades for us! Any against, may your ancestors show mercy upon you!” There was a wave of pause through the enemy. Orcs, trolls, tauren... most of Serinar's forces hesistated – enough for Naheal's support – former members of the Burning Blade Clan – to carve the path he needed to get to the drakonid. As the drakonid turned to him, it hissed, blade in the air. Naheal just smirked, though. He raised a hand and, with a touch of dark magic, crushed the creature's throat, holding it in place as he charged it. Iroh! Get ready! Without a moment's hesitation, the elf blasted a rocket from his boots, sending him flying into the drakonid and burying his spear, a newly crafted runeblade, into the creature's gut. NOW! With a flash of necrotic magic, the creature's life drained from it's body... and with it, the forced life bonds it had with it's subordinates, but the bond itself wasn't destroyed. Naheal looked to the soldiers as the drakonid died. Weapons down, the small squad that Borrowed Time's forces faced had surrendered. “You're really Borrowed Time?” One orc finally asked. “That's us, yes.” Naheal responded to the orc. There was a murmer from the group. “Follow us. We could use your blades. We'll bring Serinar's army to it's knees. They'll serve in life,” he turned to the corpse of the drakonid, then fired a bit of necromancy into it, “or they'll serve in death. But they will serve.” The drakonid slowly rose again to it's feet, now fully under Naheal's control as an undead creature. There was a grin from a few, but something else he saw. A sort of light in their eyes. “Will you join us?” The new soldiers nodded. “Then welcome to Borrowed Time. Prove your strength to us and free your captive kin.”
  10. Borrowed Time's garrison, Frostfire It's strange. I embrace the Light, only to find that it burns and cripples those it deems unworthy. Perhaps it deemed me unworthy. Perhaps I wasn't strong enough to use it. Regardless, there will be no more running from what I am. I am a Death Knight. A knight of Acherus. I am not living, though neither am I truly dead. The living have a heartbeat and still fear their own mortality, whether consciously or unconsciously. The dead remain static - unchanged. I am neither. I will not allow stagnation in myself now or in the future. On the other side of that coin, where I see myself as an outsider to the world, few seem to believe that, at least superficially. While Borrowed Time continues to follow my commands as we approach breaking, and conquering, Serinar's forces, I cannot help but notice the aversion to the undead that I summon. The drakes, and their sworn, seem to find it offensive. Why? What substantial difference is there between me raising and controlling undead compared to the spores of Gorgrond raising and controlling corpses? Are spores "good"? Is necromancy truly "evil"? It's true that both can be used for evil, but so can so many other things. Feeding a soul to a runeblade is, fundamentally, no different from feeding a corpse to a carnivore. That energy is going nowhere and it's not as if souls can't be created. (there is a note in the margin: "No means is known right now but that does not mean that the means does not exist") The true irony comes from a member of the Grim, who shall remain nameless in this text, who greets me as "brother" and treats me as a sort of kin. Forsaken. I think I'm starting to understand what they meant by taking the name. "We are the Forsaken" is a way of saying that the world, the Light, and the living reject the existence of the undead. "Loyalty is very fluid," he said to me. I wonder if he's suggesting that I side with Sylvanas. Truthfully, not a bad idea. Of the rulers in the Horde, she maintains my respect, even after the incident at Wrathgate. Extreme at times, yes, but usually it seems necessary. Highlord Mograine continues to hold my loyalty as a Knight of the Ebon Blade, but how long will it be before the Horde decides that the Forsaken, and, by extension, the Knights of the Ebon Blade, need to be annihilated? I pray that they'd wait until our other enemies are eliminated, but that is quickly showing itself to be an inevitability. An example of this comes from a recent action from Escala, a former spymaster of mine, who had decided that she would trick members of Borrowed Time to switch a normally fatal life bond to me from Aaren. The details are rather convoluted, but suffice to say that, should Serinar die, my life would also be forfeit. Prior to this betrayal, I would have embraced oblivion. No more. I continue to fight for the world because it happens to be the one I live in, but I will no longer give everything I have for people who would spit in my face. I've sacrificed far too much to simply roll over because some living bitch decides that I'm to die. When I find said bitch, I'm going to gut her and enslave her soul. The life bond has proven to give us another angle of attack against Serinar. Should the plan work, we will be able to use it to change the bonds from his Sworn to me. Borrowed Time will gain numerous soldiers, not the least of which being a broken, mindwiped Serinar. The Legion may be coming, but we will not go quietly. Final note: We have a member of each of the five Flights in Borrowed Time. I fear for what comes if fate requires that the Accord returns.
  11. I think that was when we ended up crashing the Kalimdor world server back in Wrath.
  12. Varies from person to person. I try to go between the lyrics and general tone of the song itself going between either the character's view and their past. An example from what Xara put forth for Naheal: Dream - Imagine Dragons That's a lyric video, but here's the lyrics for reference: Those lyrics combined with the pleading tone from the music itself makes for a good way to show off the tone of said character.
  13. Color can be used to make something that's being said subtle and actually fairly creepy. For instance, if you're writing a character who's hearing whispers from the old gods, but you don't want it obvious, choose a color that's similar enough to the default color scheme to hide it, but different enough for the reader to tell that something's up. Then, when they realize what's going on and highlight said posts...
  14. I actually disagree with limiting yourself to Forsaken, as Death Knights have many an undead "skin" that they have available for any race that can be a death knight. Play with the faces and skin colors and you'll have a proper one for you. That being said, taking another idea from within WoW lore, a Draenei Shadow Priest may be another good idea, though shadow magic is rather closely tied to the old gods so that may not be the best fit. Hell, were it possible, I would suggest a draenei warlock, seeing as the transition into the demonic wasn't necessarily something that they had any real choice about. Since you're leaning toward melee, my recommendation is actually a draenei death knight with one of the more undead looking skins. Edit: fixed a mistake
  15. Naheal Malastar, Boss of <Borrowed Time> Last seen in Acherus, forging a set of runeblades after passing orders to various members of Borrowed Time to prepare to force the remaining Iron Horde villages to bend knee. He has also been seen accompanying a druidess by the name of Theira Oaksong for unknown reasons. Escala Cindercaller, Capo of <Borrowed Time> and assassin MIA after assisting with transferring a life bond from Aaren to an unknown person. Vipra Deadeye, Capo of <Borrowed Time> Studying... something in her labs in Borrowed Time's garrison. Naheal Torin MIA Soliin of the Auchenai Returned to Auchindoun to assist in rebuilding after Soulbinder Nyami's betrayal and Teron'gor's assault. Ashanti Oaksong of <Rutilus Luna> Last seen in Ashran fighting for the Horde. Reports from spies indicate that the Alliance is dealing with a "bear being dropped from the sky onto isolated scouts."