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  1. <p>What are they saying in your avatar? It's too small for me to make out.</p>

  2. <p>I sense a pattern to your thread titles.</p>

  3. http://www.wowinsider.com/2008/12/11/fcc-comissioner-world-of-warcraft-causes-college-dropouts/ Deborah Tate is an FCC Commissioner (and will be for another three years at least -- she was appointed for another five year term in 2007), and claimed in a speech about telecom policy and regulation last week that "one of the top reasons for college drop-outs in the U.S. is online gaming addiction -- such as World of Warcraft -- which is played by 11 million individuals worldwide." Seriously... this kind of baseless stuff drives me crazier every time I hear it. You take someone that has zero experience with WoW, give them conjecture or some anecdotal "evidence", and they have to make a name for themselves by trying to blame Blizz for shoddy school habits or uninvolved parenting.
  4. So Tak... what you're suggesting is that by taking Kings, one can make a stronger case for getting into a raid than someone else of comparable skill/gear/etc that lacks it? Weaseling always wins the debate! EDIT: and even if "scheming" the raid into entry didn't work, I'm probably still going with Ker's 51/5/15 spec. The palindrome is too priceless to pass up. (yay quasi-alliteration!)
  5. <p>Infection does not raid as a guild, we're PvP oriented. Most of the people interested in raiding in Infection are members of Treasureseekers.</p>

    <p>And no, just undead isn't good enough for Infection. The lesser races are still lesser, be they living, undead, or (preferably) dead ^^</p>

  6. <p>How does Infection raid with no pallies or huntard members?</p>

    <p>Also, do DKs of any race apply if they swear allegiance to the Dark Lady? I mean, they are technically re-born/undead/etc like the Forsaken.</p>

  7. Perhaps, perhaps. I suppose it all depends on whether there's a Ret pally in your raids regularly. If not, Imp Might is worth it. If so, make sure that bum trains it. Though since JotP lasts a minute, you could judge every 50 seconds or so, to allow for the miss chance.
  8. That's where I was going with it, without revealing too much. I mean, it's far too convenient that he shows up when the Scarlets land in Northrend. But now I fear I'm treading into spoiler territory...
  9. Why blame? They can have full Reckoning and full Kings. The real question could/should be, what reason would they have to not take BoK?
  10. First off, you win a brazillion awesome geek points for an anagram'd talent spec. Plus, it's reasonable/viable. I tend to use LoH more often that most, it seems, which is why I spec'd into it for the example. As a Ret build I used it in a group in CoS last night and the rogue was baffled how his health instantly regen'd after being rez'd by the shammy. I said "Lay on Hands?" and he simply said "oh", like he wasn't aware pallies had that ability. And I only took Purifying because there were two "free" points laying around after I got all the talents I wanted. On the blessings topic, it's a tough choice. Casters and healers love Imp Wisdom, and it's pointless for Prot or Ret pallies to go into Holy to take it... much better things to take. We'd have to take Imp Might to get to that 5% crit talent anyway, so that's moot. Grr. It's irritating that with so many Holy talents betrothed to helping only in raid/PvP healing situations, we have to sacrifice 3% crit that could help a ton when doing dailies/quests/etc since 1H maces aren't high DPS.
  11. I think it was... that certain someone in Icecrown... whispering to her. I mean, if the Lich King has the ability to do it over great distances, why wouldn't a... you know... have similar (if not possibly greater) ability? Granted, it would have been cool if Yog-Saron had been behind it. But he seems to have plenty of "willing" servants these days, from Loken on down to furbolgs.
  12. I'm trying to spark a discussion (and change misconception) on another website, and so I thought I'd bring my theory crafting here, to see what you all think. Here's my position: ------------------------------ I know, pre-WotLK it was easy for Holy to take Kings. Sure, you'd have "wasted" points in Devo Aura (since I ran Imp Conc most of the time), but it was worth it to buff the raid by 10%. But given the change to five talent points for BoK and the ability for healers to go a little farther into the Ret tree and get an extra 3% crit (which helps in longer fights, for the mana regen chance of Illumination), it seems like a bigger negative for Holy pallies to pony up the five points. Ret pallies can easily take full Kings (example), and it seems Prot can too (example) without missing anything that's make-or-break. Mind you, I'm not preaching that people should change their specs at what I deem is the "correct" spec; I'm merely theorycrafting/playing Devil's Advocate. I know I'd rather go all-or-nothing when it comes to BoK, because 4% doesn't seem like much of a buff versus Imp Wisdom and Imp Might. ----------------- I think the problem with that is perception. Pre-WotLK, it fell to most Holy pallies to take Kings. We had the talent points "leftover" for it and it made sense for raids. Sure, Prot could take it too, but they preferred to use Sanc on themselves anyway, so why "waste" the point on something they wouldn't use and the Holys were going to provide? Now, with the way the trees are set up, it makes for a tough call on Holy pallies (example). Notice no Imp Conc Aura for the caster group, no Aura Mastery to extend to 40 yards, no Kings, but you are getting an extra 8% crit. And that's nothing to sneeze at, given the Illumination talent that refunds 60% of the mana cost when our healing spells crit. Plus, I could still grant Imp Wisdom and Imp Might to the raid... and it's clear that Holy spec is all about raiding (and PvP healing), when so many talents are practically worthless in solo PvE. As I said here, it's far easier for Prot and Ret to get Kings. But it all comes back to perception. "Do I use it? No? Then why spend the five points?" ------------- So what say you, TNG? Am I barking up the crazy tree? Am I missing something? Should it fall to Holy pallies to take Kings, since so many of their other talent choices are worthless in PvE questing and they should be used to taking it on the chin and "sacrificing" talent points? Or should Prot and Ret pallies accept the new world order and start thinking outside their personal threat generation and DPS boxes?
  13. http://treasureseekers.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=269367&TabID=2261686&ForumID=1263005&TopicID=7733345 http://treasureseekers.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=269367&TabID=2261686&ForumID=1263005&TopicID=7733345 http://treasureseekers.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=269367&TabID=2261686&ForumID=1263005&TopicID=7733345 Please to be checking the TS site for (hopefully soon) Naxx signups?
  14. http://www.geekologie.com/2008/12/post_60.php Link to a site linking to some pretty darn good digital art. Makes me sad to know I'll never be that good.
  15. I think Touch of the Banshee wins imo. You?