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  1. Disagree. (And in case it adds legitimacy, I have my weapon.) For alts, new people, etc., they always should have had a weapon/off-hand/wand/shield/idol/etc. available for honor. It should have been a season or two old, but it should have been there. Having to shell out for a hilt, or worse, using a surgeon's needle or equivalent (MP5 Spriest, huzzah!) until you break the magical 1800 plateau was just nonsense. I do hope they make it harder to get points/honor though. Everyone running around in top of the line gear by Week 4 will suck.
  2. <p>I only lurk when no one is looking. Don't make me put out your eyes Sir.</p>

  3. <p>I see you lurkin' there.</p>

  4. I still find lots of people to kill. I don't die often. No problem! Serious answer: I can't offer solutions to a problem if I don't perceive it the same way. If you are a Democrat and I a Republican, we will forever be at loggerheads because we see the situation differently. I guess what I'm really trying to say is Hi Fynne, how's every little thing? Also, My lawyers will be sending you a "Cease and Desist" letter posthaste. Also Addendum, I came for the Tist/Kaldore posts in/and the FL thread, I stayed for the ambiance.
  5. I'm not 80 yet, but I have been thinking: What about ret/spriest? I mean I know rogue/spriest is fairly viable, but with BoF, BoP, Dispersion, PH, Fade, and to a lesser extent fear, I should be a lot harder to just roll over. And with silence, HoJ and repent, I would think we could lock down a healer to the point that something should die. I mean I can use PH offensively if we need a few more seconds too. Or am I way off the mark here Pals?
  6. Daly

    DK PVP

    I abolished disease against a Unholy DK last night AND I Silenced his AMS. He still killed me. Yet I still won't spec Disc. I'm starting to think I may have serious mental problems.
  7. I don't know if it's better, but even with aff, if you spec aff/demo, you can still get soul link, which will up your survivability more, in my not-so-humble opinion, than the tri-spec you started the thread with would. Without that, if you dot and run, Ill dispell everything you did to me, and watch you die to my dots. Because you can't heal and don't have the longevity a SL lock would. If you try to protect dots with UA, now you have a cast time and are standing there anyway. If you are talking about melee, they have better gap closers than you have openers. You need something to be able use as a crutch once the DK pulls you all the way back. I think that's all we are trying to say. But what the hell, respecs are cheap. Try it and if you find you are making a mockery of people, congrats on the new spec. If you end up as a bloody spot under someone's shoe, well, redemption is just a respec away.
  8. Pretty much this. I may dot up a pet to get double VE benefit, but that's about it. On topic, no soul link is going to make you a much squishier target. Once the silence/kick/cs/pummel/etc hit, you have nothing to fall back on.
  9. I invented Air Ganking in BC, with a shadow priest no less. And this is when the bodies stayed in the air. Months behind! Sorry, I just wanted to feel like I was part of the group. Slight deviation, but more serious, I like the Grizzly Hills mechanic where it tells you people are doing dailies on the other side. Admittedly only 75, but it's fun running from Venture Bay to the Logging Camp because you know the "bad guys" have started a daily run. I'm just disappointed more people aren't doing them. Good idea, but implemented in a zone that should be higher level, which would attract more 80's, which would make the entire system more self sustaining. Unless Storm Peaks is similarly setup, my argument would be null then. I haven't been because I'm a terrible leveler.
  10. Daly


    The only issue with spell-stealing against a buff heavy class like a Pally is, unless you have a dispeller with you, you are essentially rolling the dice when they pop wings, Freedom, etc. The effect is random and now they have 4 other garbage buffs up to try and protect the one they want. That isn't to say when you get the BoP off someone it isn't magical. Also, spellstealing a fear ward from a priest is money.
  11. I learned that "Target the Shadowpriest first" is a viable strategy ever since S2. Hell, even I did it, and I was one. WHAT MORE CAN YOU TEACH ME CODE-EYO?!?! On topic, I've said it before and I'll say it again: I expect S5 to be all about DPS/Melee teams. DKs have insane interrupts, Warriors have Execute-spam (90% health? LOL Sudden death!), rogues never had much problem with casters, Ret is bursting like mad at the moment, etc. I know mages can burst, but once a melee gets on top of them, things seem to go bad quickly. I suspect changes will be made, but healing currently seems marginal and slow-developing DPS (ala DOts) just can't survive burst trains. To be fair, I hated playing 3 hour games against warlock/druids too, but Blizzard, in my ever so humble opinion just turned the needle to far the other way.
  12. Re: Wintergrasp Nothing personal, it's just the whole "If it benefits our side, it's ok" mentality as it relates to obvious bugs, such as a un-clickable orb or a 4:1 battleground imbalance, bugs me.
  13. Sorry I'm late, traffic was rough. Disclaimer: While my "street cred" in PvP is generally not in question, I played a shadow priest most of the time. However, I have Arena'ed as Disc/Holy and I like to think I kept current with information on all three tress as it related to PvP. Therefore, my advice may need grains of salt. Like Thrysta, I have questions. The bracket and/or partners you plan on playing with will make significant differences. For instance if you plan on focusing on 5's I would suggest away from Imp:Shield. In 2's however, it's a near must. Assuming mostly 2's and 3's, my suggested spec would look something like this: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=bxhMuIgtMcsVbotfVzoZ0h Notice the 3 points in blackout? Yeah those are points you could put anywhere depending on playstyle, partner, etc. Want more Hps? Enlightment. Want more AC? Inner fire. Itching to smite someone? Divine fury. Playing with a caster? Imp DS. Also worth noting is that depending on the way that Mana burn scales makes these 2 points marginal. I'd say the same thing about absolution with dispell protection mechanics the way they are these days, but 0.5 MD is still too good to get away from. You WILL WILL WILL die to melee trains. DKs WILL WILL WILL kill you. Mage/Rogue combos will make you wonder what the hell just happened. Until S5 sets come more into play and resi is higher than it is now, I'd play shadow. Double and triple DPS are going to destroy people. Healing is marginal at the moment, in my ever so humble opinion. edit: My thoughts on previously linked builds: Mae: You and I agree on bubbles. But you have no dispell protection? So you are investing lots of points into something someone can strip/eat/purge/shieldbash/etc off? I'm also a big fan of martyrdom. Not a fan of Aegis unless you have off the chart crit chance, otherwise meh. Renewed Hope falls into the same category. Grace is meh also, but only because people will try and kill you first in 2's and 3's. It's great in 5's, world pvp and bgs I'd wager. As long as you can sit back and cast, it would be worthwhile. On the run, fake casting, etc, not so much. And for pure PvP Unbreakable will is just better than Twin Disc. Feorn: Holy intrigues me because you can become crit immune and with decent crit gear, holy's crit talents synergize nicely. In the end though, I think Disc could withstand a train slightly longer due to Shields/PS/Penance. I'm interested to watch Holy as it progresses though. Resinous: I'm a shadow priest at heart. I Love Silence! I would say that trading Penance for silence and even imp fear is a poor tradeoff. You lose some mana viability and shield become less viable. Losing Focused Will would hurt a lot too. Shadow damage REALLY suffers without Shadowform. Akuje: I would say this is a more DPS-centric holy/Disc build. Penance or Guardian Spirit are near musts for the PvP healing priest. Again, these are simply my opinions and I mean almost no disrespect. (The almost is a joke Pals)
  14. I LOVED that "truce!" I would roll into the Badlands and kill 4 people before they even knew what was happening. Then I'd get irate tells from people asking me if I was trying to start a war? I always said yes, congratulations, you've just been conscripted Pal.
  15. <p>I found this profile by searching for your name.</p>